Style — 31 August, 2017

Why Second Hand Is Perfect for On-Trend Style Updates

During Stockholm Fashion Week, Make it last teams up with Tradera for…

Style — 31 March, 2017

Swedish Auction Houses Stepping Up Their Fashion Game

We find ourselves browsing the Swedish auction houses' fashion- and accessories catalogues…

Style — 22 February, 2017

Tradera Trend: Top 6 Accessories Picks

This week's favorite auctions from Tradera Trend.

Style — 6 February, 2017

July she will fly

Teething, crawling, sneezing and dreaming of summer.

Style — 1 February, 2017

Tradera Trend: 5 auctions you don’t want to miss

This week's favorite auctions from Tradera Trend.

Style — 28 January, 2017

Tradera Trend: 5 auctions you don’t want to miss

This week's favorite auctions from Tradera Trend.

Style — 28 December, 2016

Tradera Trend: Charcoal

This week's favorite picks from Tradera Trend.

Style — 29 November, 2016

Tradera Trend: Lisa’s favorite auctions this week

Make it last editor Lisa Corneliusson can't resist Tradera this week

Life — 18 November, 2016

My little teddy

The phenomenon of motherhood?

Style — 14 November, 2016

Tradera Trend: Our dream outfit

Our top picks from Tradera this week.

Style — 8 August, 2016

Best of minimalism from Tradera

Today we had minimalism on our minds.

Style — 25 July, 2016

Best of Tradera week 30

This week we had pre-autumn in mind when we searched through Tradera.

Style — 5 July, 2016

Tradera Trend this week: Picnic inspiration

Enjoy the lovely summer weather with a cozy picnic!

Style — 27 June, 2016

Tradera Trend this week: Summer essentials

Summer has finally arrived and we have picked the best summer essentials…

Style — 14 June, 2016

Baby preparations with Emma and Tradera

Today our latest collaboration launches and it's one we're really excited about!

Style — 14 June, 2016

Tradera Trend featuring Emma Andersson

This week's Tradera Trend guest seller is one of our avid readers…

Life — 14 June, 2016


Preparing for a baby

Emma Elwin invites you to her world – preparing for a baby with…

Style — 8 June, 2016

Tradera Trend featuring Nina Campioni

It's Nina Campioni's last week as Tradera Trend's guest seller of the…

Style — 23 May, 2016

For a good cause

Emma Elwin shares her favorites from this weeks Tradera auctions.

Style — 19 May, 2016

Shop designer clothes, support Welcome!

Check out Make it last's finest selection of garments and accessories –…

Style — 9 May, 2016

Tradera bargain hunt: For the balcony

Make it last suggests you get your balcony ready for cozy summer…

Style — 18 March, 2016


Best design classics from Tradera right now

This week Make it last picks a selection of design classics from…

Style — 15 March, 2016

Best bags of Tradera right now

Best of bags

Life — 10 March, 2016

Buy Buy Baby

Emma Elwin had a quest to buy the whole baby wardrobe second…

Style — 9 March, 2016

Best shoes of Tradera right now

This week, Make it last picks the best shoes from Tradera right…

Style — 29 February, 2016

Best of Tradera right now

This week's Tradera picks are inspired by spring – think perfect denim, comfy…

Life — 23 February, 2016



Emma Elwin is busy as a bee preparing for the baby.

Style — 19 February, 2016

Best of Tradera right now

Don't forget to check out our best picks from Tradera this week…

Style — 28 December, 2015

The Edit: New Year’s Eve Party Outfits

Happy New Year!

Style — 4 November, 2015


Tradera family

Today launching Tradera Family

Style — 9 September, 2015

Tradera Trend: the oversized jacket as outerwear

Dare beige or greige!

Style — 11 June, 2015

Secondhand find

I love a good bamboo heel

Style — 26 May, 2015

Tradera Trend: Lisa’s weekly favorites

Not a week without a Chloé banana!

Style — 29 April, 2015

Tradera Trend – Sweden’s best destination for pre-owned fashion

Because style isn't about money and buying pre-owned adds personality!