Style — 11 July, 2016


Summer days

That is all for today!

Style — 6 June, 2016


Autumn news

Emma is longing for the perfect white knitted sweater.

Style — 6 April, 2016

Pick’s of the day

My dream coats

Style — 16 November, 2015


Timeless classics

One material at a time

Style — 3 September, 2015

Five iconic ladies in white shirts

They changed the world. Not the shirt.

Style — 2 September, 2015


The style of: Charlotte Gainsbourg

Simple but beautiful

Style — 2 September, 2015

Gucci bamboo

Bamboo backpack

Style — 8 April, 2015

Dealing with details

You know how the details lift an outfit?

Beauty — 8 April, 2015

How they make it last: Linda Rodin

Don’t accept every plastic bag at every stop, says Linda Rodin about…

Style — 19 March, 2015

What’s the thing about shoes?

My boots from Céline, bought in New York three years ago, are…

Style — 2 March, 2015

On our minds: Timeless MaxMara

MaxMara works with the slogan "Timeless is now" – and the AW15…

Life — 19 January, 2015

True classics

Emma did get some nice Christmas gifts.

Style — 14 January, 2015

How they make it last: Carin Rodebjer

I want to own things that make my life easier

Style — 7 November, 2014


Best of basics: The perfect white shirt

Three things to look for in a shirt

Style — 5 November, 2014

Back to basic: The wool coat

Keeping warm is easy

Style — 1 November, 2014


Knits obsessions

I don’t think any of you guys missed the big knit-feast that’s…

Style — 13 October, 2014


Pick of the day

Bag, Okapi. The other week I got a tip about this South…

Beauty — 30 September, 2014

Timeless looks with Elsa

Elsa models some classic fall looks – with all organic and natural products.

Style — 17 December, 2013



Skor, CC skor. Är så nöjd när jag hittade det här skorna…