Style — 18 August, 2020

Scan Your Garment And Find Out All Of Its History

This month, Swedish womenswear brand Residus introduces products that are 100% traceable…

Style — 20 May, 2020

Everything You Need To Know When Choosing Your Cashmere Knit

Do you know your cashmere, we mean, really? It’s time that we…

Style — 15 April, 2020

Brand to Watch: Mozh Mozh

The founder of Mozh Mozh places emotional value on her designs, and…

Style — 6 April, 2020

Brand to Watch: Another Tomorrow

Recently launched New York label Another Tomorrow combines everything we love: sustainability,…

Style — 23 March, 2020

RUS Summer Knits On Our Minds

Fight the quarantine boredom by reading our interview with RUS sisters Pati…

Style — 17 March, 2020

Conscious Collab: Wood Wood x Katharine Hamnett London

Thanks Wood Wood for making this collab, giving us a chance to…

Style — 5 March, 2020

Leather, vegan leather, no leather?

We're scratching the surface of this hot topic and interview Sandqvist’s sustainability…

Style — 18 November, 2019

Filippa K Co-Creates Sweater Made From 100% Swedish Wool That Probably Would Have Been Discarded

Filippa K is launching an exclusive sweater made from 100% Swedish wool.…

Style — 19 September, 2019

Get Your Pair Of Sustainable Running Shoes Now

There are more sustainable options than ever - check out these three!

Style — 2 September, 2019

3 Top Reads This Week

What's new in the field of sustainable fashion? We've got you covered.

Style — 27 August, 2019

Fresh Co-Lab: Ganni x Swedish Stockings

When Ganni teams up with Swedish Stockings, the result is some very…

Style — 27 June, 2019

Check Out Our Portfolio At Our Agency’s New Website

When we do commissioned work, we work with Link Details, a Stockholm…

Style — 27 June, 2019

Discover Ballo, an Eyewear Brand Doing Things Differently

We got an email from an ethical eyewear brand in Cape Town.

Style — 19 June, 2019

Lemlem Is All We Want for Summer (and Beyond)

What is sustainability to Liya Kebede? You'll know through learning about her…

Style — 21 May, 2019

Nhu Duong Made a Collection Out of Upcycled Workwear

Have you heard about Swedish designer Nhu Duong's latest project?

Style — 25 March, 2019

”Commercial success and sustainability can definitely co-exist”

Make it last meets Kristina Seidler-Lynders, Manager Social & Environmental Sustainability at…

Life — 8 March, 2019

Celebrating the Women Who Make it Last

In honor of International Women’s Day, we pay tribute to some of…

Style — 12 February, 2019

All Eyes On Sandqvist’s Yoga Focused ‘Fusion’ Collection

Sandqvist designer Johanna Spansk on the sustainable 'Fusion' bag launch, also including…

Life — 5 January, 2019

Kick Off This Year With Some New Green Habits

Is your New Year’s resolution to live clean and green in 2019?…

Style — 3 January, 2019

It’s Re|Leased Aims to Be ‘the Extra’ in Your Wardrobe

New clothing rental service It’s Re:Leased hopes to change your shopping pattern…

Style — 20 November, 2018

House of Dagmar on the Benefits of Animal-Friendly Fur

Can there be fur that is actually animal-friendly? The answer is yes,…

Style — 13 November, 2018

Ecoalf Boycotts Black Friday to Promote Recycling and Repairs

Ecoalf takes a stand against Black Friday by launching a campaign that…

Life — 23 October, 2018

Meet Kanishtha Dhankhar – Model and Advocate for Sustainability and Human Rights in India

We had the pleasure of working with and talking to Indian model…

Style — 16 October, 2018

Mango Follows Up Last Year’s Launch With Another ‘Committed Collection’

In March 2017, Mango launched their first 'Committed Collection'. Now they’re releasing…

Life — 24 September, 2018

A Visit to the Algae Lab at Atelier Luma in Arles

The Algae Lab designs ecological objects using natural resources from the Camargue…

Style — 24 August, 2018

Micro-Influencers Sharing Their Thoughts on Sustainability is the Cutest Thing

Mother of Pearl has made the cutest films with Britain’s leading ‘micro-influencers’…

Style — 22 June, 2018

Sustainability At the Core of Swedish Jewelry Brand Baumgarten Di Marco

Baumgarten Di Marco offers timeless and sustainable diamond jewelry that celebrates the…

Style — 5 June, 2018

A Quick Note On Today’s Fashion Tech Talks in Stockholm

Fashion Tech Talks is gathering experts and industry profiles for a day…

Style — 23 March, 2018

All About the Global Change Award and Why It’s a Game Changer

Global Change Award winner Crop-A-Porter wants to help the fashion industry get…

Style — 1 January, 2018

Don’t Buy, Rent!

Emma didn't buy her New Year's outfit, but she totally owned it!

Style — 5 October, 2017

Cheap Monday Is the Next H&M Brand Committing to Sustainability

We've got the latest update on Cheap Monday's new sustainable initiatives.

Style — 22 September, 2017

How Do We Grow?

Emma is thinking about what it takes to expand as a company.

Style — 24 August, 2017

Anne Therese Bengtsson: “I believe that every person has the power to make a difference”

We’ve asked some of our favorite people to answer 10 questions on…

Beauty — 8 June, 2017

See You Saturday at Yves Rocher

Come hang out with me this weekend!

Style — 28 May, 2017

Are Design Students Our Best Hope For a Sustainable Fashion Future?

Yooxygen and Parsons School of Design have made a joint decision to…

Life — 4 May, 2017

GodEL—For a Good Cause!

Come see GodEl at our flea market on Sunday and have a…

Style — 30 April, 2017

Darja Barannik: “I think we’re heading to a more eco-friendly environment in the fashion industry”

Filippa K Circle invites inspiring people to share their current mindsets. This…

Style — 21 April, 2017

Philip Warkander: “To think that fashion would lose its allure if it were also sustainable is a complete misunderstanding”

Every week, Filippa K Circle invites experts in the interface between innovation…

Life — 20 April, 2017

When Did We Start Taking Nature for Granted?

Emma is traveling up north and the landscape passing by is giving…

Style — 6 April, 2017

Annie Gullingsrud: “Achieving sustainable fashion means a full-on system change”

Filippa K Circle invites experts in the interface between innovation and sustainability…

Style — 1 April, 2017

Rachel Van Metre Kibbe: “I’ve been waving the flag to mainstream media since 2012”

Filippa K Circle invites experts in the interface between innovation and sustainability…

Beauty — 21 March, 2017

The Beauty of Sans Ceuticals

Sans [Ceuticals], the natural, sustainable, active and seasonal skin and hair brand…

Beauty — 13 March, 2017

“It’s not only about efficiency and profitability but also about the contribution to sustainable development”

PR & Corporate Communications Manager Susanne Carpenter shares L’Oréal’s sustainability vision.

Beauty — 10 February, 2017

Sharing Beauty With All—The L’Oréal Sustainability Program

Sharing Beauty with all is L’Oréal's sustainability program to explore their 2020…

Style — 19 January, 2017

A moment with Maggie Davis

Londoner, editor and mother, Maggie Davis tells us how she stays sustainable…

Style — 22 November, 2016

Richard Quinn: “I don’t know how anyone can not work sustainably these days!”

Make it last took a trip to London to see what went…

Style — 9 November, 2016

Caring for wool

Emma feels your shrunken jumper pain, and has a solution!

Style — 3 November, 2016

A moment with Lucianne Tonti

We speak to writer Lucianne Tonti about style and sustainability in Paris

Life — 12 October, 2016

Editor’s letter by Lisa: Resource or waste?

Make it last co-founder Lisa Corneliusson shares her thoughts on the current…

Style — 3 October, 2016

Preparing for Winter

Learn how to prepare your garment for winter!

Life — 2 September, 2016

Anita Falkenek, Åhléns: Sustainability makes good business sense

Make it last talks to Åhléns' sustainability manager about why companies that…

Style — 17 August, 2016

Sustainable inspiration

This is where Emma turns for sustainable inspiration.

Life — 11 August, 2016

Toxic Free Stroller

Emma reviews her toxic free stroller!

Style — 3 August, 2016

Meet Maiken Winther

"We need more transparency to make it easier for people to make…

Style — 3 May, 2016

Four gorgeous sustainable dresses at the Met Gala

Make it last scans the star-studded Met Gala for some sustainable success.

Style — 2 April, 2016

Time to Care

Care and repair

Style — 3 March, 2016

Shoe care

Shoe shine box

Style — 21 February, 2016

Minna Palmqvist: “The new force is unstoppable”

Make it last talks to Minna Palmqvist about changing our perceptions of…

Style — 11 February, 2016

How to approach style and sustainability – with Gina Tricot

Make it last teams up with Gina Tricot to chat about ways…

Style — 11 February, 2016

The future

Emma Elwin is think about the future and the responsibility we have…

Style — 20 January, 2016

Clothing Care

We stopped caring

Style — 30 December, 2015

How to

Like new!

Style — 27 December, 2015

Make your clothes last

All you need sewing kit

Style — 9 December, 2015

Choose well

Happy holidays!

Life — 26 November, 2015

Editor’s letter by Lisa: we simply must

In this week's editor's letter, Lisa Corneliusson wonders why COP21 is virtually…

Life — 19 November, 2015

Editor’s letter by Lisa: climate summit as peace summit

Two of the world’s leading thinkers on climate change shared the stage…

Style — 12 November, 2015

Hope x AGONIST: The invisible fashion of scent

Swedish fashion brand Hope teams up with perfume brand AGOINST to create…

Life — 3 November, 2015

The future of paper

Serla resets for a greener future–and wants to know how you do…

Beauty — 29 October, 2015


Emma Elwin loves the brands that have refill.

Style — 27 October, 2015

Sustainability and profitability are not opposites

Luxury producer Kering shows that profitability and sustainability is a match made…

Style — 22 October, 2015

How creativity can revolutionize the fashion industry

Utopian Bodies: How technology and human creativity can revolutionize fashion

Life — 14 October, 2015

Editor’s letter by Lisa: Thoughts from Paris

Lisa Corneliusson wanders the parks of Paris and thinks about the coming…

Style — 30 September, 2015

Resole shoes

Give your shoes some lovin'

Style — 25 September, 2015

MFW: Four sustainable labels

If you dig a bit deeper, you'll find Milan Fashion Week showcases…

Life — 25 September, 2015

Editor’s letter by Lisa: Making it matter

"It is as if the rich part of the world is washing…

Style — 12 September, 2015

DARE: one garment, several styles

DARE is the fashion project that enables consumers to change the style…

Style — 8 September, 2015

Five DIY-Instagrammers to keep track of

Make it last lists five inspiring DIY-accounts on Instagram.

Life — 28 August, 2015

Editor’s letter by Lisa: Fashion Week and World Water Week

How to dress for Fashion Week – and why more people should…

Style — 28 August, 2015

Four things you can do in the name of water

How to decrease the water usage

Style — 24 August, 2015

Elin Alemdar: “Stylein Classics is growing each season”

Inspirations and fashion predictions with Elin Almedar

Style — 18 August, 2015

Ask the expert: How to get a more sustainable style

"Sustainable fashion” is a lot of things. How would you guide our…

Style — 11 August, 2015

How they make it last: Liza Laserow

Whats the worst thing that can happen?

Style — 3 August, 2015

Ask the expert: what can designers do?

What choices can designers make to contribute to a more sustainable fashion…

Style — 27 July, 2015

Filippa K

Consulting, copywriting & social media content.

Style — 8 July, 2015

Adidas turns illegal deep sea gillnets into sneakers

On our minds is Adidas’ latest sneaker model with an upper made…

Life — 23 June, 2015

Ask the expert: Design that is deliberately made not to last

Brands that deliberately design and manufacture products with shortened lifespans are not…

Style — 11 June, 2015

How they make it last: Martine Langatta

The artist tells Make it last about her style and sense of…

Style — 20 May, 2015

Ask the expert: H&M and sustainability

H&M recently launched its Conscious Actions. Make it last reads it.

Life — 24 April, 2015

Ask the expert: 11 recommendations

How can sustainability principles be applied to the fashion industry?

Style — 21 April, 2015

Mary McCartney: “I try to do it but I know I’m not perfect”

The more you learn, the more you like the good feeling about…

Style — 18 April, 2015

Ann-Sofie Johansson, H&M: “I think genderless fashion could be the future”

More and more fashion is getting timeless, says H&M Creative Advisor Ann-Sofie…

Style — 16 April, 2015

Pharrell Williams to ”make sustainability cool”

We think this could be a good strategy to make sustainability more…

Style — 10 April, 2015

Ask the expert: New business models

Providing new services such as second hand, rent and repair makes sense…

Life — 27 March, 2015

Ask the expert: the water issues

These are the most pressing water-related challenges facing the fashion and textile…

Style — 5 March, 2015

Celia Pym gives you: the world’s best mending tips

While invisible mending is keeping tailors and seamstresses busy around the world,…

Style — 3 March, 2015

On our minds: Sustainability on the agenda at Burberry

We are pleased to hear about Burberry's latest moves towards becoming a…

Style — 27 February, 2015

Ask the expert: Can I follow trends and be sustainable?

A more sustainable wardrobe means mixing your favorites, may they be rented,…

Style — 23 February, 2015

On our minds: mental sustainability in fashion

We cheer Dazed’s recent article highlighting the psychological pressures suffered by fashion…

Style — 18 February, 2015

The Sustainable Style Icon: Neil Young

The emperor of effortless swag.

Style — 16 February, 2015

How they make it last: Cora Hilts & Natasha Tucker

Founders of sustainable style online store rêve en vert reveals their inspirations.

Style — 29 January, 2015

How they make it last: Rose-Marie Swift

She always called me 'the elegant one' and that she must have…

Style — 7 January, 2015

How they make it last: Greta Eagan

Some is better than none

Style — 21 December, 2014

The innovators: Here Today Here Tomorrow

What can only be described as Britain's best bobble hats

Style — 19 December, 2014

The master of the white shirt

Jane Birkin is my number one source of inspiration this holiday! She…

Life — 16 December, 2014

The Innovators: Lucy Shea

Brands are like people; each is unique

Style — 5 December, 2014

The sustainable style icon: Alicia Silverstone

Alicia is using her stardom to highlight the health issues of our…

Style — 4 December, 2014

Helena Helmersson: “We should try to be good citizens”

We need to make it easier for customers to grasp what is…

Life — 3 December, 2014

How they make it last: Ebba Lugani

It's less stressful to buy nicer and fewer things of higher quality

Style — 28 November, 2014

Ask the expert: Colors and prints

What should one avoid when it comes to coloring and prints on…

Style — 27 November, 2014

A very powerful message

Aesthetics don’t come second to ethics.

Style — 25 November, 2014

The innovators: Kate Fletcher

Sustainability is actually an issue of the human heart.

Style — 19 November, 2014

How they make it last: Carin Wester

This week, Swedish designer Carin Wester shares thoughts on sustainability within the…

Style — 14 November, 2014

Ask the expert: Leather or what?

Is it ok to use leather or not?

Style — 10 November, 2014

The Style Cycle

I’m really exited about the Vestiaire Collective’s launch of StyleCycle. It’s a…

Style — 7 November, 2014

The Sustainable Style Icon: Meryl Streep

We vote daily with our credit cards.

Style — 7 November, 2014

Ask the expert: are there any guarantees for sustainability?

Companies with more transparent supply chains can normally provide better guarantees.

Style — 4 November, 2014

On our minds : Kering + London College of Fashion

We are happy to learn about luxury fashion family Kering’s sustainability project…

Life — 31 October, 2014

Ask the expert: How to Avoid Toxics in Clothes?

Go for clothes marked with an eco-label – and avoid clothes with uncertain…

Life — 21 October, 2014

The basics

Soft cashmere sweaters and a pair of corduroy trousers.

Life — 17 October, 2014

Ask the expert: no-no materials

Conventional polyester, nylon and acrylic cannot successfully decompose in landfills.

Style — 13 October, 2014

Emma Elwin: The weekly list

Recycled denim and sustainable luxury handbags

Style — 30 September, 2014

Ask the expert: three steps before purchase

Three steps that should, at best, be taken before making a purchase…

Style — 30 September, 2014

Ask the expert: “ecological”, “organic” and “natural”

What is the difference between ecological, organic and natural?

Beauty — 26 September, 2014

Green beauty moments with: Linda Öhrström

When make-up artist Linda Öhrström discovered that there is mercury in mascara,…

Style — 26 September, 2014


Min favorittröja just nu kommer från Pharells kollektion för G-star raw. RAW for…

Life — 7 August, 2014


Nu är jag äntligen på plats i fin Göteborg! Inför Way out…