Style — 24 February, 2020

Editor’s Pick (Plus): Sportswear and Sustainability

Does recycled polyester make a sustainable workout wardrobe? We share some thoughts…

Style — 20 February, 2020

Textile Innovation: Soon You Can Be the First to Wear Circulose

With Re:newcell’s Circulose fiber, fashion recycling has taken a giant leap forward.…

Style — 5 February, 2020

Weekday Glitters With Two New Releases

Weekday celebrates reaching their goal of only using organic and recycled cotton…

Style — 10 January, 2020

Make It Mainstream: Recycled Jewelry

Big and small brands have started to take notice: Making jewelry from…

Style — 30 August, 2019

ReDown Proves That Circularity in the Textile Industry Can Be a Reality

Need a new winter jacket? Read our interview with Re:Down co-founder Eric…

Style — 27 August, 2019

Fresh Co-Lab: Ganni x Swedish Stockings

When Ganni teams up with Swedish Stockings, the result is some very…

Beauty — 12 August, 2019

Cleaning Out Your Bathroom Cabinet? Here’s The Ultimate Guide!

Back to routines after the summer? Emphasize the feeling of a new beginning…

Beauty — 28 June, 2019

Are You Among The 20 Percent Who Recycle Their Cosmetic Waste?

Or are you unsure of what it is and where to take…

Style — 21 May, 2019

Nhu Duong Made a Collection Out of Upcycled Workwear

Have you heard about Swedish designer Nhu Duong's latest project?

Beauty — 10 May, 2019

Do You Know How to Recycle Your Cosmetic Waste? If Not, Here’s An Option For You

Did you know only 22 percent of KICKS' costumers recycle their cosmetic…

Style — 16 February, 2019

Fashion News: Weekday Launches 100% Recycled Denim Collection

Weekday's low-impact denim collection is made from 100% recycled cotton and polyester.…

Style — 18 January, 2019

Swedish Stockings Push Innovation Further With New, Fully Recycled Products

The new ‘Innovations by Swedish Stockings’ line includes the first nylon tights…

Style — 13 November, 2018

Ecoalf Boycotts Black Friday to Promote Recycling and Repairs

Ecoalf takes a stand against Black Friday by launching a campaign that…

Style — 27 September, 2018


Totême Does Recycled Down – Here’s Why Everyone Should

If going for a down jacket, feeling it’s the only thing that…

Style — 5 May, 2018


What We Know About COS’ Repurposed Cotton Project

This week, COS is launching their new Repurposed Cotton Project, reminding us…

Style — 2 May, 2018

Rave Review on Their Aim to Place Remake in a High Fashion Context

Launching at Paris Fashion Week last year, new fashion brand Rave Review…

Style — 9 April, 2018


GANT Is the Next Brant to Make Garments From Upcycled Ocean Plastics

GANT is looking to make a change and manifest their sustainable commitment…

Style — 4 March, 2018

Why Recycled Polyester Is a Tough Nut to Crack

It’s not an easy thing, wrapping one’s head around the issue of…

Style — 24 February, 2018


H&M’s Garment Collecting Program Is Still Going Strong

Just a quick note on textile recycling and H&M's Garment Collecting Program.

Style — 5 December, 2017

Deadwood’s Recycled Leather Jackets Celebrate 5 Years

We talk to Deadwood co-founder Carl Ollson about sustainability, design processes and…

Style — 23 November, 2017

Design Student Patricio Alarcón Proves There’s Still Hope for Old Clothes

See Patricio Alarcón's upcycled garments captured in a photo series by Rikard…

Style — 17 October, 2017

Old Fishing Nets and Carpet Fluff Becomes High Quality Hosiery

We talk to Linn and Nadja of Swedish Stockings about their new…

Style — 30 September, 2017


Rugger Upcycled – No Fabric Left Behind

Meet designers Alina Brane and Daniel Perlinger, discussing the idea behind the…

Style — 26 September, 2017

H&M Launches a ‘Closed Loop’ Denim Collection

On October 5th, H&M launches a collection with 6 denim styles made…

Style — 20 September, 2017


Method Found for Recycling Blend Textiles Into New Fibers

Emma's excited about the groundbreaking research results.

Style — 4 May, 2017

Weekday’s Creative Director On Their Recycled Swimwear Collection

We asked creative director Louie Lasson to tell us more about the…

Style — 18 April, 2017

Recycled Swimwear

Are you in search of some new swimwear for the summer holidays?…

Style — 22 March, 2017

Recycled Bag

For this summer's holiday in France, Emma's found her perfect bag companion—and…

Style — 20 December, 2016

Brand directory picks: Swedish Stockings x Filippa K

Swedish Stockings and Filippa K's sleek, sustainable underpinnings in this week's Brand…

Life — 1 December, 2016


Emma revamps an old IKEA sofa with the help of a sustainable…

Style — 8 August, 2016

Recycling Made Easy

Monki launches in-store recycling in all stores.

Life — 17 June, 2016

Eco stone

Emma found a ceramic floor made of recycled materials.

Life — 11 April, 2016


Editor’s letter by Lisa: Buy less, discuss more

With Fashion Revolution week and Fashion Transformation Week coming up, Lisa thinks…

Style — 11 March, 2016


Fabric made out of textile spillage

Thinking about buying a new sofa? Read this before you do!

Style — 28 October, 2015

On our minds: clothes made of recycled PET bottles

The world’s first ever “maker community for clothing" according to themselves. What…

Style — 30 August, 2015

Under the same sun

Emma Elwin is loves her eco-friendly bikini made by 86% REPREVE polyester and recycled…

Life — 29 June, 2015

How they make it last: Alice Lancaster

The artist reveals she recycles compulsively.

Style — 1 June, 2015

Ask the expert: What is “circular fashion”?

What is a "circular fashion consumer"? Make it last's sustainability expert Anna…

Style — 17 April, 2015

Shorts weather

Knee high boots and a big knit

Style — 13 March, 2015

Ask the expert: What is a “closed loop” – and does the approach work?

There's a lot of talk about “closed loops” for the fashion industry.…

Style — 10 October, 2014

Ask the expert: Which sweater to choose?

Make it last's sustainability expert tells us how to choose a warm…