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Beauty — 30 November, 2016

In a perfect world

A little tube of hope

Style — 29 December, 2015

On our minds: & Other Stories tribute to natural beauty

&Other Stories' lingerie campaign features women with flaws.

Style — 4 November, 2015

On our minds: more recycling on the high street

& Other Stories is the latest high street retailer to encourage their…

Style — 20 August, 2015

& Other Stories unveils all transgender campaign

& Other Stories' autumn campaign is shot, styled and modelled by an…

Style — 18 May, 2015

How they make it last: Anna Teurnell

I ask my colleagues to tell me if I start to smell…

Style — 7 October, 2014

Rustling trousers and comfy shoes

When I’m working comfy goes before being well dressed. Sometimes I feel…

Style — 1 October, 2014

Anna-Sara Dåvik: “Now, I’m ready”

I needed my work to serve a purpose, and now I have…

Life — 29 September, 2014

How they make it last: Behnaz Aram

Reflect, eat healthy/organic and mix secondhand with new

Style — 30 July, 2014


Klänning, &Other stories.

Style — 3 March, 2014


foto: IDA BORG Måste bara visa de här bilderna som min fantastisk…