No Plastic

Life — 14 August, 2019

Are You Ready to Take the Plastic Detox to the Next Level?

Storing food with ZERO plastic is not only possible, but easy. Here’s…

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No Plastic Straws All Summer. Are You Up for the Challenge?

Let's save the environment – one plastic straw at the time. Here's…

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Editor’s Pick: 14 Things to Replace the Plastic Products In Your Kitchen

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Easy Solutions for a Zero-Plastic Bath and Beauty Routine

There are lots of things you can do to make your bath…

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Old Fishing Nets and Carpet Fluff Becomes High Quality Hosiery

We talk to Linn and Nadja of Swedish Stockings about their new…

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One Small Person Can Do a Lot

Hanging out at the beach means being in the immediate presence of…

Life — 23 July, 2017

No More Plastic

Emma loves her new reusable bottle!

Life — 12 June, 2017

Our Top Pick for Summer? A Reusable Water Bottle!

We browsed the online stores and found 9 great and toxic-free reusables!

Life — 8 June, 2017

A Plastic Bottle Is Not an Accessory You Want to Sport this Summer

It's time we stopped wasting money on throwaway plastic bottles and started…

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10 Shopping Bags to Use Instead of Ordinary Plastic

Wondering how to cope in these new times of no plastic bags?…

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“One Bag Habit” Is the Latest Addition to the Anti Plastic Bag Movement

H&M, Lindex and KappAhl are making a joint contribution: One Bag Habit…

Style — 10 May, 2017

11 Plastic Bottles Times One Million—Here are the New Parley x Adidas Sneakers

Parlay for the Oceans x Adidas release three new sneakers made from…

Style — 10 May, 2017

Why Buy a Plastic Bag When You Can Borrow a Better One For Free?

Indiska, the Swedish fashion and interior retailer, askes this as they launch…

Style — 3 August, 2016

Eleven plastic bottles makes…

A backpack spun from one single tread.

Life — 14 February, 2016

Kitchen Detox

Emma Elwin is continuing her home detox, this weekend it was the…

Life — 29 December, 2015

Boxed Water is Better

Emma Elwin is looking for a good alternative to bottled water in…