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Style — 27 June, 2019

Check Out Our Portfolio At Our Agency’s New Website

When we do commissioned work, we work with Link Details, a Stockholm…

Style — 24 April, 2017

Make it last’s Fashion Flea Market—Save the Date!

Here's all you need to know about the spring edition of our…

Style — 2 October, 2016

Thanks for coming to our flea market!

The fall edition of our flea market with Tradera took place in…

Style — 28 September, 2016

See you on Saturday!

Our biannual flea market is three days away. Here are all the…

Style — 16 September, 2016

Make it last presents: Tradera Trend Flea Market

Save the date – our fall flea market takes place on Saturday 1…

Style — 23 May, 2016

Thanks for coming to our flea market!

Thanks Tradera for co-hosting – and thanks to all the sellers and guests…

Style — 22 May, 2016

The Make it last flea market

Come and join us to day at the annual Make it last…

Life — 16 May, 2016

See you on Sunday!

The fifth edition of Make it last's popular fashion flea market takes…

Style — 3 May, 2016

Make it last fashion flea

It's finally time for the spring edition of our popular flea market.

Style — 15 April, 2016

No plans for the weekend? Tomorrow is Nordic Swap Day!

A bunch of local swap meets will be arranged throughout Sweden, Norway…

Style — 15 April, 2016

Here’s the new Make it last

We've updated the site! Here's what to expect.

Style — 15 April, 2016

Current mood

Emma Elwin is curious as to what you all think about the…

Style — 14 April, 2016

Hi, it’s the new Make it last!

Make it last has a new look. Emma shares our upcoming plans!

Style — 27 March, 2016


The White Shirt -online campaign

Style — 22 February, 2016

Join us Thursday at Gina Tricot on Götgatan!

Join the Make it last team for an evening dedicated to sustainable…

Style — 16 February, 2016

For the future

To make the world a better place

Style — 4 October, 2015

Thanks for making the flea market a success!

Thanks for coming to our flea market yesterday!

Style — 16 September, 2015

Save the date

Join us!

Life — 4 August, 2015

Editor’s letter: Six favorites

Shopping whatever whenever is not a universal right

Style — 27 July, 2015


Creative direction, store event & advertorial.

Style — 27 July, 2015

Filippa K

Consulting, copywriting & social media content.

Style — 27 July, 2015


Effortless -online campaign

Style — 9 July, 2015

Anine Bing: “I keep my wardrobe tight”

From Los Angeles to Antwerp.

Style — 28 June, 2015

Gina Tricot

Styling, modeling and hosting store event.

Style — 27 June, 2015

Sony Mobile


Style — 27 June, 2015


Media partnership.

Style — 27 June, 2015



Style — 27 June, 2015

Tradera Trend

Ongoing campaign site

Style — 15 June, 2015

Make it last flea market spring 2015 – thanks for coming!

Thanks everyone for showing up at our flea market at Musikaliska this…

Style — 28 May, 2015

Fashion insiders’ flea market on 14 June in Stockholm!

Make it last’s flea market is back and some thirty fashion insider…

Style — 23 May, 2015

“We wanted to create the defining watch brand of our generation”

TID wants their watches to be hard to date.

Style — 21 May, 2015

Share your greatest adventure – win a Frank jacket!

We want to be conscious adventurers!

Style — 20 May, 2015

A night with Make it last and Peak Performance

Yesterday Make it last teamed up with Peak Performance for a night…

Style — 29 April, 2015

Thanks for coming (and congrats, Filippa K)

Yesterday, we teamed up with Filippa K to celebrate the newly launched…

Style — 29 April, 2015

Other events

Life — 24 April, 2015

Ask the expert: 11 recommendations

How can sustainability principles be applied to the fashion industry?

Style — 10 April, 2015

Ask the expert: New business models

Providing new services such as second hand, rent and repair makes sense…

Style — 6 March, 2015

Make it last has a new look

Today the updated Make it last sees the light of day! We…

Style — 28 January, 2015

Odd Molly

Part of online campaign

Style — 7 January, 2015

How they make it last: Greta Eagan

Some is better than none

Life — 12 December, 2014

Make it last on the radio

I’m so happy to share this with you guys! The subject of…

Style — 9 December, 2014

The winners!

Look around and let the things find you

Style — 3 December, 2014

Swopping finds

Do I have to tell you that I’m SUPER happy with the…

Style — 1 December, 2014

Thanks for coming to the Make it last flea market

With the support of Philips and Myrorna, Make it last arranged the…

Life — 27 November, 2014

Make it last loppis

On Sunday the 30th of Novemer Make it last & friends are having a…

Style — 25 November, 2014

Fashion insiders’ flea market on Sunday in Stockholm!

Make it last's flea market is back!

Style — 24 November, 2014

Give us your best thrift shopping tip!

Win a gift voucher at Myrorna!

Beauty — 31 October, 2014

The perfect make up brushes

The perfect make up brushes

Style — 27 September, 2014


Det har blivit många timmar på kontoret den senaste tiden. Just idag…

Style — 25 September, 2014


Nu börjar jag nästa skämmas över hur dålig jag varit på uppdateringen…

Style — 18 September, 2014


Tittar ni förbi på lördag?

Style — 9 September, 2014


Nu är vi ett steg närmare tills vår nya sajt lanseras. Namnet…