Style — 21 January, 2017

Ready for summer

Holiday dreaming, a glimmer of sun in the winter months

Style — 5 January, 2017

Top to toe

Hello new year, goodbye sweatpants!

Style — 9 December, 2016

A moment with Alyson Walsh

Make it last talks to Alyson Walsh about women who refuse to…

Style — 25 September, 2016

Cloak coat

Emma is looking forward to fall and winter coats.

Style — 24 July, 2016

On our minds: Itchy Scratchy Patchy

Itchy Scratchy Patchy is the new DIY-prone brand from British it-girls Edie…

Style — 26 May, 2016

On our minds: Levi’s x Evrnu create first jeans made from regenerated post-consumer cotton

Levi Strauss has teamed up with Evrnu, a Seattle-based startup that reconstitutes…

Style — 18 May, 2016

The rest is noise

Emma in her favorite organic cotton knitted sweater and vintage Levis.

Style — 9 May, 2016

On our minds: Luxury fashion lacks transparency

It shows some key high street retailers rank better on the transparency…

Style — 4 May, 2016


The Lennon t-shirt

Emma Elwin is showing her favorit look att the moment.

Style — 20 April, 2016

The Edit: Casual Chic

Our favorite conscious comfy pieces right now.

Style — 19 April, 2016

Ask the brands this week: Who made my clothes?

The Transparency Index shows Chanel and Hermès have a lot of work…

Style — 31 March, 2016

On our minds: How much water does it take to produce a pair of Levi’s?

A pair of 501s requires 3,781 litres of water to make – Levi's…

Style — 25 January, 2016

The Edit: Denim

Our favorite denim pieces right now.

Style — 10 January, 2016

This old shirt

To a pale powder blue.

Style — 8 January, 2016

Powder blue

Powder blue and washed out jeans

Style — 26 November, 2015

On our minds: get rid of your clothes for good

Levi's hands out free shipping labels for unwanted clothes and shoes to…

Style — 14 October, 2015

The Edit: Patchwork

Our best patchwork picks right now.

Style — 7 September, 2015


A piece of art

Style — 19 August, 2015

Tradera TREND week 35: Lisa’s picks

Is it summer? Is it fall?

Style — 3 August, 2015

Back in town

My roadtrip trough France and Spain

Style — 8 July, 2015

The perfect jacket

Even though it was on sale...

Style — 6 July, 2015

Conscious lace

Made with sustainable materials

Style — 20 April, 2015

GAP and Levi’s take a stand for equality

GAP and Levi’s fresh dismissal of Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act suggests…

Style — 4 April, 2015

New shirt

I spent a day embroidering a new shirt, soon up for purchase…

Life — 27 March, 2015

Ask the expert: the water issues

These are the most pressing water-related challenges facing the fashion and textile…

Style — 19 March, 2015

Time to ditch the jacket

I'm so lazy when it comes to innovative dressing

Style — 27 February, 2015

Ask the expert: Can I follow trends and be sustainable?

A more sustainable wardrobe means mixing your favorites, may they be rented,…

Style — 4 February, 2015


Sometimes you are lucky enough to find the perfect vintage 501’s in…

Style — 24 October, 2014

Fake fur hat and a lot of fringe

It's out of control.

Life — 1 October, 2014

Borrowed Balenciaga

The other day at the office I finally got to try Lisas…

Style — 4 August, 2014

N° 501

Tröja, H&M. Shorts, Levi’s. Har blivit kompis med mina gamla jeansshorts från…

Style — 5 September, 2011



Har haft två saker som jag har gått och trånat efter. Det…