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Life — 9 March, 2020

Emma Olbers on Sustainability In the Furniture Design Industry — Is There Any?

Giving fashion a break to investigate sustainability in the booming business of…

Life — 3 February, 2020

When All You Want to Do Is Hide Under a Pihl Strehl Throw

Winter is dragging on, and all we can think of is cuddling…

Life — 31 October, 2019

Cappelen Dimyr – A New Contemporary Rug Brand

This weekend the first drop from the new rug brand Cappelen Dimyr will…

Life — 23 October, 2019

She’s the Creative Force Behind Poppykalas

Copenhagen Fashion Week was outshined by her brilliant work: meet floral artist…

Life — 23 September, 2019

SËBOU Tells Untold Stories Through Carpets and Ceramics

Lately, dreamy imagery of handcrafted carpets in beautiful settings has caught our…

Life — 23 July, 2019

Private Wegner Collection Soon Up For Grabs

Robbing a bank for this one - check out this upcoming Wegner…

Life — 18 June, 2019

No Plastic Straws All Summer. Are You Up for the Challenge?

Let's save the environment – one plastic straw at the time. Here's…

Life — 24 May, 2019

Learning Scandinavian Minimalism From Interior Designer Elisabeth Heier

Norwegian interior designer Elisabeth Heier is one of our biggest inspirations when…

Life — 2 May, 2019

Get to Know Iris Hantverk – A Local Business With a Global Buzz

With their hand made brushes, Iris Hantverk proves that a hundred year…

Life — 25 April, 2019

Wondered What a Tekla Beach Towel Would Look Like? This Is It!

Take the conscious lifestyle to the beach with Tekla’s new organic and…

Life — 1 April, 2019

All Eyes On Ceramic Artist Jessica Hans

You might say that our infatuation with contemporary ceramicists is at its…

Life — 29 March, 2019

Interior Design to Feed Your Inspiration

Inspired by Benjamin Curtis' brilliant set design in our latest Edit, we've…

Life — 28 March, 2019

On Our Radar: Tekla’s Organic Terry Towels

The latest addition to Tekla's homeware collection does not disappoint – a…

Life — 24 March, 2019

Contemporary Design and Japanese Tradition Makes Perfect Tableware

We’re currently lusting over the Hasami Porcelain collection of minimalist tableware that…

Life — 7 March, 2019

Altered’s Design Innovation Helps You Reduce Water Consumption by 98%

The Altered:Nozzle has the potential of saving billions of liters of water…

Life — 5 March, 2019

Ocean Plastics to Bring Classic Danish Design Back to Life

Copenhagen-based design studio Mater introduces the Ocean Collection with original ‘50s designs…

Life — 28 February, 2019

Editor’s Pick: Spring Cleaning Made Chic and Sustainable

We’ve gathered some green and gorgeous cleaning products that both look and…

Life — 26 February, 2019

Have You Made the Switch to a More Eco-Friendly Lunchbox?

The plastic detox continues! Are you ready to trade plastic containers and…

Life — 21 February, 2019

We’ve Got the Details on Granit’s First Furniture Collection

Granit’s multifunctional furniture series "Modulär" aims to bring simplicity and functionalism into…

Life — 15 February, 2019

Sleeping Well With Arles Studio

Arles Studio offers simple pleasures in bed and by the sea with…

Life — 10 February, 2019

Editor’s Pick: 14 Things to Replace the Plastic Products In Your Kitchen

Begin your plastic detox by investing in high-quality kitchenware that is not…

Life — 5 February, 2019

Contemporary Coffee Explained by Ally and Casey of Canyon Coffee

We talk pour overs, passions and morning rituals with the L.A. based…

Style — 26 January, 2019

Fantastic Four: Let There Be Light

While the days are still short and dark, Emma finds a way…

Style — 20 January, 2019

Editor’s Pick: 9 Luxe Bedroom Essentials Combining Style and Sustainability

We're picked out some of the most beautiful bedding and nightwear right…

Life — 17 January, 2019

Sustainable Bedding Perfected by New Swedish Brand Read the Label

Read the Label just launched their first collection of minimalist bed linen…

Life — 16 January, 2019

The Quod Founders on Their Newly Launched Organic Scented Candles

We’ve definitely had to realize the importance of choosing candles well and…

Life — 14 January, 2019

Cocooned in Maltese Culture at Valletta Vintage

Valletta Vintage offer five studios perfect for soaking up sun and Malta’s…

Life — 12 January, 2019

Hope in the Woods Awakes the Dream of a Simpler, Slower Life

Londoner Luke Hope spent 20 years by an office desk before pursuing…

Life — 7 January, 2019

Master Cabinetmaker and Designer Antrei Hartikainen Exhibits at Institut finlandais

Designer Antrei Hartikainen shares his sensitive, sculptural approach to working with wood.

Life — 5 January, 2019

Kick Off This Year With Some New Green Habits

Is your New Year’s resolution to live clean and green in 2019?…

Life — 25 December, 2018

In Conversation With Ceramicist Olivia Fiddes

Olivia Fiddes on making bespoke pieces, the potters’ struggle when it comes…

Life — 21 December, 2018

Current Obsession: The Artful Works of Marrakesh-Based Label LRNCE

Marrakesh label LRNCE's hand made collection of home decor and accessories is…

Life — 18 December, 2018

New Art for My Walls

Emma is leveling up the girl power at home with work by…

Life — 10 December, 2018

Apis Cera Sheds Light Upon Beeswax

Apis Cera founder Charles van Valkenburg shares his bright approach to candlemaking.

Style — 5 December, 2018

Garnet in Residence at Gentlewench

Garnet, a new platform for makers transforming the traditional, collaborates with Gentlewench…

Life — 10 November, 2018

Editor’s Pick: Coffee or Tea?

Have you given any thought to how you make your coffee and…

Life — 25 October, 2018

Sustainable Designs in Careful Curation by Copenhagen Concept Store Yume

In conversation with Marie Engberg, co-founder of Copenhagen concept store Yume, on…

Life — 19 October, 2018

Layered Founder Malin Glemme on Recycled Carpet Collection ‘Fallingwater’

Swedish interior design company Layered has chosen a material made from recycled…

Life — 12 October, 2018

Conscious and Ethical Design Brand Mater is Our Latest Copenhagen Crush

Mater is a contemporary design brand with a 360 vision, consciously incorporating…

Life — 4 October, 2018

Current Obsession: Midnatt’s Organic Cotton Bedding

Swedish label Midnatt makes beautiful bedding in full and kids' sizes from…

Life — 2 October, 2018

Editor’s Pick: Unique Wooden Objects

Our current obsession is different expressions of wood, which all bring a…

Life — 11 September, 2018

Never Thought We’d Feel Excitement Over a Terry Bathrobe, But Here We Are

With the risk of over-hyping everything coming out of Copenhagen at the…

Life — 4 September, 2018

Editor’s Pick: Colored Glass

Hale the pre-owned and let’s indulge in one-of-a-kind tableware, vases and bowls…

Life — 19 August, 2018

Arket Launches Care and Cleaning Products With Renewable and Biodegradable Ingredients

Arket just launched three new care and cleaning products, all made in…

Life — 9 July, 2018

Nordic Happiness at Institut finlandais in Paris

Studio Joanna Laajisto and Made by Choice help create a fresh look…

Life — 2 July, 2018

Current Obsession: Kovac Family’s Reclaimed Wood Chair

We're currently obsessing over Kovac Family’s latest release: a minimalist lounge chair…

Life — 30 June, 2018

Cold Picnic’s Dreamy Rugs Offer a Cinematic Experience in Miniature

Cold Picnic’s diorama house features their latest collection of artful rugs inspired…

Life — 10 June, 2018

Bukowskis Now Offers a Curated Selection of Vintage Objects at Fixed Prices

Swedish auction house Bukowskis is launching a direct buy category with a…

Life — 30 April, 2018

Interior Dreams: Turquoise Details

Interior dreams for a house in the archipelago.

Life — 27 April, 2018

Soft Yet Durable Mango Wood

Looking for interior inspiration? We've got you.

Life — 25 April, 2018

A Tidy Mind

Check out Granit's newest Care products made of recycled materials.

Life — 28 March, 2018

Three Things I’ve Learned About Decorating

Emma shares three things to look for when decorating your hallway.

Life — 19 February, 2018

Meet the Ceramic Artists That Keep Us Obsessing Over Clay

We've listed five female, Scandinavian ceramicists whose artful pieces we pine for…

Life — 18 February, 2018

Tencel Carpets Is the New Stylish Addition to the ASPLUND Collection

Swedish furniture company ASPLUND launches a collection of high-quality Tencel carpets made…

Style — 30 January, 2018

A Conversation About Minimalism With Designer Daniela Jacobs

We invited New York based designer Daniela Jacobs to participate in a…

Life — 20 January, 2018

Handmade Paper Weight and French Furniture

Emma is nesting and spends a lot of time on auction sites…

Life — 18 January, 2018

The Bedroom Detox

Read Emma's guide to how you get a toxic-free bedroom!

Beauty — 16 January, 2018

Scent and Memory

When Emma got this new scented candle, it was instant love!

Life — 8 January, 2018

Kitchen Remodeling

Emma is redoing her kitchen and therefore researching new and better solutions.

Life — 6 January, 2018

One Home Project Down

Emma's homemade bookshelf is finally done. Here's the result!

Life — 4 January, 2018

Home Details

After spending time away, Emma can't wait to get back home to…

Life — 2 January, 2018

DIY Coffee Table

Emma shows off another great piece of furniture made by her husband…

Life — 29 December, 2017


These three items are all new additions to Emma's home.

Life — 27 December, 2017

Inspiration Wall

Emma is looking for new paintings and pictures to decorate her walls…

Life — 26 December, 2017

Florals For The Long Haul

Floral designer Siri Thorson on how to make the most of indoor…

Life — 24 December, 2017

Mindful Christmas Buys

This year, Emma got a Christmas tree in a pot.

Life — 23 December, 2017

Armchair Made from Reclaimed Wood

Emma's husband just built another armchair and it's amazing!

Life — 11 December, 2017

Customized Office Table Made by Hand in Malmö, Sweden

Jerker Inredning & Form realized our dream of a one-of-a-kind office table.

Life — 28 November, 2017

Kovac Family Is Illuminating the World With Sustainable Innovation

We talk to Camilla Kovac of the Kovac Family about the sustainable/creative…

Life — 18 November, 2017

Organic Paint

Here's what Emma found when looking for eco-friendly paint for the office.

Life — 16 November, 2017

Three Things On My Mind

Curious to know what's on Emma's mind? Hint: It has something to…

Life — 8 November, 2017


Emma has filled her home with great second hand finds. Now there's…

Life — 4 November, 2017

The Ceramic Obsession Is Real

We've picked out 6 beautiful vintage ceramics to get online now.

Life — 28 October, 2017

The Ultimate Guide to Eco-Friendly and Toxic-Free Candles

How bad is the conventional candles and what are the better options?…

Style — 26 October, 2017

The Croco Map

Today, Mini Rodini launches new, sustainable home collection.

Life — 16 October, 2017

12 Steps Towards a Beautiful, Plastic-Free and On-Trend Kitchen

We’ve picked out our favorite kitchen essentials made from wood.

Life — 14 October, 2017

The Art of Making Macramé

Emma's going to try her DIY skills with macramé.

Life — 5 October, 2017

Homemade Bookshelf

Lately, Emma's been able to tick some to-dos off her house-fixing list.

Life — 3 October, 2017

The Best Birthday Gift

For her birthday, Emma's hubby made her a very special gift.

Life — 24 September, 2017

6 Good Reasons to Redecorate the Office

We're dreaming about giving our beloved workspace a well deserved face lift.

Life — 13 September, 2017

Warm Yellow and Beige

Emma's scouting for vintage furniture for her living room.

Life — 9 September, 2017

Velvet Interior Dreams – Pre-owned and Perfect

Decorate your home with on-trend intrior sourced on the second hand market.

Life — 8 July, 2017

The Thrill of Vintage Furniture

Emma's house is finally starting to come together!

Life — 20 June, 2017

The Perfect Grey Wall Color

In need of some interior inspiration? Check this out!

Life — 5 June, 2017

How to Get Whiter Whites With Natural Bleach

Emma is looking for a non-chemical way to make her whites look…

Life — 29 May, 2017

6 Loungeable Vintage Finds To Get Online Now

Obsessed with vintage seating? So are we!

Style — 18 May, 2017

Timeless Fashion and Furniture at Tôteme

After a visit at the Tôteme HQ, Emma is definitely feeling inspired.…

Life — 16 May, 2017

Ask Me Anything!

It's time for a new Q&A with Emma. Go ahead and ask…

Life — 11 May, 2017

New Day Bed For the Downstairs Living Room

Emma has made an amazing vintage furniture find for her home!

Life — 9 May, 2017

I’ve Found the Sustainable House of My Dreams!

Emma has found a Swan branded house and interviews Pernilla Enkler, durability…

Life — 27 April, 2017

7 Vintage Interior Finds to Buy Online, Now!

We've lost time browsing the online auction and resale sites for vintage…

Life — 15 April, 2017

Making Flowers Last

Emma has the best tip for how to make flowers last longer!

Life — 9 April, 2017

Weekend Inspiration

Emma was browsing the internet for vintage fashion and furniture and picked…

Life — 6 April, 2017

5 Vintage Furniture Finds We Would Love to Put in Our Homes

We got lost in the furniture jungle and came back with a…

Life — 25 March, 2017

Happy Cleaning

In her search for natural cleaning products for her home, Emma is…

Style — 23 March, 2017

Spring Inspiration

At this moment, gold, hemp and beige cotton are some of the…

Life — 18 March, 2017

Organic Candle

A good organic scented candle is hard to come by, but Emma…

Life — 4 March, 2017

Kitchen Re-Make

Emma paints her kitchen cabinets doors.

Life — 1 March, 2017

Weekend Finds

The thing with linseed oil paint is that it takes 2 days…

Life — 22 February, 2017

The Silent Blender

I found this recipe for millet porridge! It's very simple, healthy, and…

Life — 27 January, 2017

Interior inspiration

Emma's on a search for interior inspiration.

Life — 25 January, 2017

Wooden vase

Emma has fallen in love with a vase.

Life — 24 January, 2017

Kitchen tools

Why rely on plastic when you can get beautiful kitchen utensils like…

Life — 22 January, 2017

Painted black

A new lick of paint for an old chair

Life — 19 January, 2017

Kitchen details

A no-hassle DIY project.

Life — 16 January, 2017

Cream white

Taking the patch-it-up approach to the kitchen

Life — 13 January, 2017

Pompom rug

Being stuck at home is the perfect opportunity to get into a…

Life — 12 January, 2017

Same but different

Goodbye bank-waiting-room-sofa, hello chic seating

Life — 9 January, 2017

A weekend of organisation

This weekend's plan: organise the s**t out of our home.

Life — 7 January, 2017

Recycling dreams

Sometimes fulfilling a dream means buying new bins. Yes really.

Life — 1 January, 2017

Hidden treasures

Old and new come together in perfect harmony

Life — 29 December, 2016

Sounds and looks great

My dream radio

Style — 27 December, 2016


Four days of bliss

Life — 19 December, 2016

Can’t wait for the holidays

A sick Stella, the flu and Christmas decorations

Style — 15 December, 2016

Make your own foraged foliage wreath

Suzie Winsor aka The Good Natured, shows us how to make a…

Life — 15 December, 2016

Any day

It was love at first sight

Life — 6 December, 2016

Like new

How to give new life to your staircase

Life — 5 December, 2016


A chance find in the attic for Dylan

Life — 1 December, 2016

All in Christmas

This hemp star called out to Emma and she couldn't help herself

Life — 28 November, 2016

Eucalyptus wreath

A simple festive touch

Life — 12 November, 2016

Slowly but surely

Emma is revelling in home organizing.

Life — 2 November, 2016

Settling in

Emma is getting used to life in the 'burbs – and liking…

Life — 30 October, 2016

The Heart of the Home

Emma ponders a new kitchen

Life — 5 October, 2016

Åhléns Bra Val


Life — 24 September, 2016

DIY: baby gym

Emma shows how to make a baby gym. Easy, cheap and fun…

Life — 16 September, 2016

Maple wood

Emma's plans for this weekend is to build a baby gym.

Life — 14 September, 2016

Picture wall

Everybody should be more like Ernst.

Life — 11 September, 2016

Show day

Emma's home is for sale.

Life — 4 September, 2016

For sale

Emma's apartment on Södermalm is out for sale.

Life — 31 August, 2016

Åhléns – Bra val

Why it's a good idea to choose wood instead of plastic.

Life — 22 August, 2016

Lovely lavender

The perfect way to end the day.

Life — 10 August, 2016

Hallway shelf

Emma found the last piece of the puzzle to decorate her home.

Life — 30 July, 2016

End of summer

Emma's summer has been different this year – in a good way!

Life — 15 July, 2016

Toothpaste kisses

Emma is continuing on her journey to make her home plastic-free.

Style — 5 July, 2016

Tradera Trend this week: Picnic inspiration

Enjoy the lovely summer weather with a cozy picnic!

Life — 22 June, 2016

The scent of summer

Organic scented candles aren't common – but here is a good alternative.

Life — 20 June, 2016

Kitchen lamp

Emma is happy to have found a old secondhand lamp to hang…

Life — 17 June, 2016

Eco stone

Emma found a ceramic floor made of recycled materials.

Life — 10 June, 2016

Fabric focus

Emma loves the recycled fabrics from the sofa cover maker Bemz.

Life — 7 June, 2016

Beige is shit – not

Emma doesn't want to be sleek but boring Natasha – she wants to…

Life — 7 June, 2016


Emma Elwin wants to take her craftwork to the next level.

Life — 19 May, 2016

Empty walls

Emma is trying to find som old posters to decorate her empty…

Life — 17 May, 2016

Satin greyish

Emma found a non-toxic way to add some color to her bed.

Style — 9 May, 2016

Tradera bargain hunt: For the balcony

Make it last suggests you get your balcony ready for cozy summer…

Style — 23 April, 2016

Shadow games

Emma Elwin is happy to enjoy a few days of decorating her…

Life — 21 April, 2016

Plastic free

Emma Elwin's home determent to use less plastic in her everyday life.

Life — 13 April, 2016


These are some of the best organic scented candles according to Emma…

Life — 12 April, 2016

Coming home

Time is moving both slow and fast for Emma Elwin right now.

Life — 25 March, 2016


Emma Elwin has invested in some green air cleaners for her home.

Life — 18 March, 2016

Homemade shelf

Emma Elwin is so ready for two days of rest.

Life — 22 February, 2016


Emma Elwin is feeling more focused than ever.

Life — 18 February, 2016

Come together

Emma Elwin's apartment is finally coming together.

Life — 14 February, 2016

Kitchen Detox

Emma Elwin is continuing her home detox, this weekend it was the…

Life — 1 February, 2016

Natural air cleaners

Emma Elwin has spent last night reading about air cleaning plants.

Life — 30 January, 2016

Linseed paint

Emma Elwin started her journey to detox her apartment today.

Life — 26 January, 2016

Get organized

Emma Elwin would like to get the office looking like this.

Life — 17 January, 2016

Home sweet home

Emma Elwin just got back home to a snowy Stockholm and can't…

Style — 7 December, 2015

On my desk

Emma Elwin shares her favorite things on her desk right now.

Style — 5 November, 2015

Cardboard furniture

Share your best tips

Life — 18 October, 2015

Natural pigment

Emma Elwin is looking for natural wall paint color.

Life — 1 October, 2015

Anna gillar: the collector

Get inspired by a monochrome color scale for your home.

Life — 17 September, 2015

Anna gillar: bathroom

The brilliant Anna Mårselius has done a bathroom still life. All products…

Life — 16 September, 2015

The office

Emma Elwin has updated her office desk.

Style — 11 August, 2015

How they make it last: Liza Laserow

Whats the worst thing that can happen?

Life — 8 August, 2015


Yesterday me and Lisa went to Ulriksdals gardens to get some plants…

Life — 19 July, 2015

A room with a view

My friend Amna is such a inspiration when it comes to creating…

Style — 14 July, 2015

Eternal Flame: Paula Björk

"It was actually one of few things besides clothes that I brought…

Life — 24 June, 2015

Life in a box

So I finally booked everything for summer.

Life — 15 June, 2015

Lilac wine

This weekend really made me long for the summer holiday.

Life — 10 June, 2015

Amna and Will

This weekend I stayed with at my friends house in London.

Life — 9 June, 2015

Eternal Flame: Elin Alemdar

To the designer, the word ’happiness’ is the essence of what goes…

Life — 9 June, 2015

Spisa ribb

Good morning!

Life — 2 June, 2015

My three favorite flea markets

Emma leaves the city to go flea market hunting – here are her…

Life — 1 June, 2015

Sunday at the country house

After a weekend that includes dinner with friends, a hay fever chock,…

Life — 11 April, 2015

Weekend inspiration

One of my favorite things around the house is this jewelry hanger…

Life — 8 April, 2015

Army cups

I found these old army cups in metal the other day and…

Life — 3 April, 2015

Anna gillar: In the kitchen

Our favorite interior stylist Anna Mårselius and house photographer Pauline Suzor got…

Life — 17 March, 2015

The office 

Our favorite interior stylist Anna Mårselius and house photographer Pauline Suzor got…

Life — 14 March, 2015

The inspiration wall

I've dedicated today to the interior of my apartment. I've found a…

Life — 24 February, 2015

On my make up table

Right now I'm having coffee and enjoying the sun and blue sky…

Life — 16 February, 2015

Sofa uppdate

To update my sofa that I found second hand I got some…

Life — 9 February, 2015

Upgrading the sofa

I love my sofa but it needs an update. So I'm on…

Life — 29 January, 2015

The perfect light

The search for lamps for the apartment continues to day.

Life — 25 January, 2015

Yard sale

Selling some stuff on Blocket today.

Life — 23 January, 2015

Picture frame

I found this rebar on the street!

Life — 15 January, 2015

For the kitchen

Two things I wanna get for the kitchen is hooks for my…

Life — 10 December, 2014

Mix and match

China is my new favorite thing to look for att the secondhand…

Life — 3 December, 2014

24 ways of designing 32 square meters

Designing based on time rather than on space.

Life — 24 November, 2014


I got sick of looking for a piece of furniture that would…

Life — 23 November, 2014

Wine box bookshelf

Here is a little sneak peak of the bookshelf I put together…

Life — 21 November, 2014

Dinner table

Since moving in to my new apartment I've only been buying things…

Life — 15 November, 2014

The heart of the home

The other day I was working from home and got a picture…

Life — 13 November, 2014


I'm a bit of a pyromania, at least when it comes to…

Life — 9 November, 2014

Miniture plants

Instead of cut flowers I bought these little miniature plants to have…

Life — 5 November, 2014

By the fireplace

All I wanna do theses days are to cuddle up in a…

Life — 2 November, 2014

Weekend inspiration

This is a color I’m considering for my hallway walls. A dark…

Style — 2 November, 2014

My favorites from #Åhlensbraval

Placemats, candles, cutting boards and a rug

Life — 31 October, 2014

”We all have to pitch in”

Working as a sustainability manager at the department store Åhléns, Anita Falkenek…

Style — 27 October, 2014

Welcome to the #åhlensbraval apartment!

I got so much inspiration from this apartment

Life — 25 October, 2014

For sale

Another one's treasure

Life — 18 October, 2014

Weekend inspiration: The Aesop store

If your in Stockholm this weekend I think you should visit the…

Life — 13 October, 2014


As you know I have this mission of furnishing my apartment with things…

Life — 9 September, 2014


Jag är så lycklig över att den sista boken som Erika Vallin…

Life — 16 August, 2014


Så härligt med helg efter en ganska slitig vecka. Känner mig lätt…

Life — 6 August, 2014


Här har ni en bild på den nya soffan/fåtöljen. Nu återstår bara…

Life — 30 July, 2014


Finns det något bättre än ängsblomster och en kopp kaffe på sommarmornar?

Life — 28 July, 2014


Lägenhets inspirationen fortsätter. Vilken vit föredrar ni? Tror jag ska låta golvet…

Life — 26 July, 2014


Ni får ursäkta alla inrednings bilder. Eller så gillar ni de? Jag…

Life — 24 July, 2014


Här kommer lite bilder på mina fynd från helgen i Mariefred. Är…

Life — 22 July, 2014


Nu är det snart dags att börja packa inför flytten. Längtar så…

Life — 21 July, 2014


Fönster inspiration från Landet.

Style — 12 July, 2014


En sak jag ska försöka mig på i höst är att ha…

Life — 11 July, 2014


Nu är det inte lång kvar till flytten till nya lägenheten. Just…

Life — 29 June, 2014


Här kommer lite inredningsinspiration från ett av mina favoritfik Bakverket.

Life — 24 June, 2014


Bord & stolar, Ikea. Betongkruka, Granit. Handuk, Tôteme. 

Life — 20 June, 2014


Glad midsommar på er alla fina människor!!    

Life — 15 June, 2014


Life — 8 June, 2014


  Många har frågat om bilder på nya lägenheten.  Det kommer tyvärr…

Life — 4 June, 2014


Styling ANNA MÅRSELIUS foto KRISTOFER JOHNSSON Har suttit och klickat bak 15 sider på…

Life — 22 April, 2014


Är nästan klar med vårstädningen här hemma. Har bara vinterjackorna som ska…

Life — 11 April, 2014


Jag fick ett mejl med bilder på dessa fina hängare från designen Mathilda…

Life — 17 March, 2014


Nu ligger min lägenhet till försäljning. Känns både kul och lite sorgligt,…

Life — 14 March, 2014


Hade sådant fantastiskt ljus i lägenheten här om dagen så jag blev…

Life — 6 March, 2014


Life — 4 March, 2014


Har ju glömt att visa mina julklapp som jag fick från min…

Life — 22 February, 2014


Finns det något mysigare att göra på helgen än att spela spel?…

Life — 18 February, 2014


Idag har jag samlat lite inspiration till mitt nya kontor. Pappa var…

Life — 16 February, 2014


Jag saknar verkligen huset jag bodde i på en av öarna. Tänk…

Life — 7 February, 2014


I förra veckan fick jag den här bilden mejlad till mig av…

Life — 5 January, 2014


Är så nöjd med mitt lilla rosarrangemang!

Life — 18 December, 2013


Bougie Parfumée Commune de Paris. Förutom en diskmaskin så önska jag mig…

Life — 30 November, 2013


Igår hade vi ros-fest i studion! Måste nästan gå och köpa mig…

Life — 20 November, 2013


En kall morgon som denna önskar jag det fanns en öppen spis…

Life — 16 November, 2013



Life — 6 November, 2013


Om det är något jag saknar i lägenheten så är det ett…

Life — 21 September, 2013


Skrivböcker & rockhängare, Granit. Bänk, Åhléns.

Life — 17 September, 2013


  Efter vi var på Farmers market förra helgen gick jag förbi…

Life — 10 September, 2013


Är på matt-jakt till lägenheten. Det är det ända som jag skulle…

Life — 6 September, 2013


Nu har vi nästan blivit vuxna Luke och jag. Våra två sista…

Life — 13 August, 2013


Pic: via Etc Det är nästan så jag är sugen på att…

Life — 8 August, 2013


  Hur vackert skulle det inte vara att sätta det här färgerna…

Life — 27 July, 2013


Dreams of spring and summer

Life — 25 July, 2013


Så här ser min favoritvägg ut hemma just nu!  

Life — 21 July, 2013


Just nu i hallen! Så härligt att gå och plocka en egen…

Life — 21 July, 2013


Hej mina drömmars rum. Tänk om man skulle ha det här som…

Life — 19 July, 2013


Blir alltid lika glad när jag hittar en bukett med Hortensia i…

Life — 13 July, 2013


Hade ett presentkort på NK som jag nästan helt glömt bort. Så…

Life — 3 July, 2013


Har torkat en blomsterkrans från midsommar som nu hänger på väggen. Har…

Life — 30 June, 2013


Igår flyttade jag in på ett nytt kontor. Dels för att komma…

Life — 28 June, 2013


  Kunde inte låta bli att knäppa av en bild på den…

Life — 20 June, 2013

My new place

Puh vilken vecka! Hela lägenheten har mest liknat en krigszon av möbler…

Life — 18 June, 2013


em>Bild lånad från Anna-Malin. Vi ska inhandla en bäddsoffa till vår lilla…

Life — 10 June, 2013


Hela helgen har vi fixa med lägenheten från morgon till kväll. Jag…

Life — 27 May, 2013


Lampa, Sekelskifte. Golv, Kährs. Poster, David Ehrenstråhle. Lådor, Ikea. Doftljuset “London”, Tom…

Life — 26 May, 2013


Filt CEANNIS CHUNKY THROW Den här söndagen börjar perfekt. en kopp te…

Life — 16 May, 2013


Just nu är halva lägenheten intäkt plast och allt in tryckt i…

Life — 28 April, 2013


Just nu i vårt köksfönster, sol och utslagna blommor.

Life — 19 April, 2013


Just nu önskar jag att jag kunde planera, rita och skriva i…

Life — 8 April, 2013


Muggen jag önskar att jag just nu drack mitt morgonkaffe ur. Från…

Style — 2 April, 2013


Nu under påsken har vi tagit tag i några mindre lägenhets problem.…

Life — 28 March, 2013


Blir mer och mer sugen på randiga i hemmet! Ska snart lägga…

Life — 20 March, 2013


Ni får ursäkta min tillfälliga blommani. Tror att det är längtan efter…

Life — 12 March, 2013


Om jag någonsin fick möjligheten till att göra om i vår badrum…

Life — 21 February, 2013


Känner att jag plockar lite vuxenpoäng med det här inlägget. Trodde inte…

Life — 17 February, 2013


Kyl & frys, Smeg. Fåtölj & matta, DIS inredning. Glaskupa, Åhléns. Lampa,…

Life — 11 February, 2013


Måste bara tipsa om mitt absoluta favorit doftljus från NN07. Kan inte…

Life — 10 February, 2013


Har stökat och bökat hela dagen i lägenheten och är nu äntligen…

Life — 17 January, 2013


Så här ser mitt drömskrivbord ut. Tänk vad härligt att slå sig…

Life — 7 January, 2013


Här kommer ett svar till Gabriella som undrade om ramen på förra…

Life — 6 January, 2013


När vi var hemma hos Josephine och Christoffer på nyårsafton så kunde…

Life — 27 November, 2012


Förra veckan fyndade vi den här 40-tals byrån på blocket. De var…

Life — 27 November, 2012


Favoritparfymerna och färska blommor piffar upp i vintermörkret.

Life — 20 November, 2012


I helgen fick jag nått ryck och ville helt enkelt fylla lägenheten…

Life — 18 November, 2012



Life — 5 November, 2012


I helgen fick jag äntligen fått ihop lampan som jag fick med…

Life — 29 October, 2012


Här ser nu mina favoritprylar just nu.  Har haft en lite inredningspaus…

Life — 20 October, 2012


Dagens inredningsinspiration kommer från PR byrån Jus showroom. Nästa investering till lägenheten…

Life — 7 October, 2012


I födelsedagspresent förra veckan fick jag en sån här fin vas designad…

Life — 29 September, 2012


Idag har vi ängnat oss åt att vinterförbereda lägenheten och bytt ut…

Style — 23 September, 2012


1. Kalender, Danese Milano. Vet inte riktigt varför de alltid är så…

Life — 2 September, 2012


När jag ska städa lägenheten brukar jag ha som morot att när…

Life — 31 August, 2012


I onsdags så ställde Liselotte Watkins ut på Riche. I mellan två…

Life — 6 August, 2012


Under sommaren har vi varit på jakt efter ett sängbord/minibyrå men tyvärr…

Life — 5 August, 2012


Just nu är jag väldigt förtjust i att blanda matta khaki färger…

Life — 24 July, 2012


Clove buds, blackcurrant and cedarwood.

Life — 23 July, 2012


  Klädställning (barnstorlek), Oliver Furniture. Matta & smyckes-träd, Åhléns. Idag har vi…

Life — 22 July, 2012


Det känns faktiskt väldigt bra att vakna upp i sen egna säng…

Life — 11 July, 2012


Sitter och bläddrar i Elle Interiör och spannar efter lite inspiration. Nästa…

Life — 1 July, 2012


Idag så har vi mest fixat och trixat här hemma. Vi försöker…

Life — 27 June, 2012


Måste sluta släppa hem doftljus…

Life — 4 April, 2012


På vår coffee table finns inga modetidningar utan bara Elle inteiör som…

Life — 14 March, 2012


I helgen köpte vi en matta till lägenheten. Har alltid älskat persiska…

Life — 7 March, 2012


Igår så flyttade vi in till vårt nya kontor och här ser…

Life — 21 February, 2012


Jag har en förmåga att tejpa upp saker på väggarna till det…

Life — 13 February, 2012


Vi har lite smått börjat att planera hur vi ska göra om…

Life — 5 February, 2012


Det blev inget sängbord igår men vi hittade det här två ganska…

Life — 3 February, 2012


Idag har varit lätt kaosartat med massa deadlines och annat jobb. Men…

Life — 23 January, 2012


Nu under julen har det här med doftljus skapat ett beroende här…

Life — 22 January, 2012


Jag har ett nytt favorit doftljus från Rituals med namnet “Jasmine dream”.…

Life — 13 January, 2012


Det här kan man kalla gardiner. Drömspelgeln. Inte så dum utsikt heller…

Life — 4 January, 2012


Tack Catrin för det jättebra tipset om den här tekannan i gjutjärn!…

Style — 18 December, 2011


Nu är det inte långt kvar till jul! Igår var vi och…

Style — 16 December, 2011


Jag har ett kaffekopps-fat där jag lägger alla mina smycken som jag…

Style — 22 November, 2011


Kan inte hjälpa det men jag är så sugen på att göra…

Style — 3 November, 2011


Vit för den som är duktigt på att inte smutsa ner sina…

Life — 17 October, 2011


Börjar med att säga: jaha, då var de måndag igen. Men vilken…

Style — 11 October, 2011


Har läst alla era frågor och ska svara på dem om en…

Style — 1 September, 2011


Jag älskar inredningen på Story hotels bakgård!

Style — 21 August, 2011


Hade så himla trevligt igår med hela min familj, frieri, underbar musik…