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Style — 24 February, 2020

Editor’s Pick (Plus): Sportswear and Sustainability

Does recycled polyester make a sustainable workout wardrobe? We share some thoughts…

Life — 9 January, 2020

A Rookie’s Guide to Plant Incenses

What are the all-natural herb and wood incenses all about? We're finding…

Life — 8 October, 2019

Healthy People Equals Healthy Planet – Food Pharmacy Explains the Equation

Food Pharmacy released their third book, Näringsjägaren, earlier this fall (a must-read!).…

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Have You Made the Switch to a More Eco-Friendly Lunchbox?

The plastic detox continues! Are you ready to trade plastic containers and…

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Valentine’s Romance Made Sexy and Sustainable

We’ve gathered up some helpful tips on how to turn lovemaking into…

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Josefine Bengtsson Is Living the Yogi Dream on a Paradise Beach in India

We talk to Yogiakademin founder Josefine Bengtsson in hopes of inspiring a…

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NI MŪ Is Not Just Another Retreat

NI MŪ is a new movement flowing through Spain for awakening body,…

Life — 19 January, 2019

Fingers Crossed This Turmeric and Ginger Super Shot Will Cure All Colds

We've had it with the colds! So we called in expert help…

Style — 13 January, 2019

Editor’s Pick: 9 Minimalist Pieces Made for Movement

We’ve picked out some conscious and all-black activewear – perfect for yoga,…

Life — 9 January, 2019

Talking Herbal Tea With Organic Tisane Company Rhoeco

Thessaloniki-based brand Rhoeco makes beautiful herbal teas by hand using 100% organic…

Life — 4 January, 2019

Do You Use a Menstrual Cup? These are the Reasons to Start

Make it last co-founder Lisa Corneliusson swears by her OrganiCup, and considers…

Style — 8 January, 2018

8 Conscious Activewear Brands to Start Off the New Year

See our list of contemporary activewear collections that are mindfully produced and…

Life — 28 October, 2017

The Ultimate Guide to Eco-Friendly and Toxic-Free Candles

How bad is the conventional candles and what are the better options?…

Life — 12 October, 2017

Food Pharmacy’s Golden Smoothie That Protects Against Disease

We asked Lina and Mia of the Food Pharmacy to share a…

Life — 10 October, 2017

Mia Clase and Lina Nertby Aurell: “Focus on what to eat, rather than what to exclude”

We’ve asked some of our favorite foodies to answer 10 questions about…

Life — 15 July, 2017

The Small Things

The cherry on top of a beautiful day.

Life — 12 June, 2017

Our Top Pick for Summer? A Reusable Water Bottle!

We browsed the online stores and found 9 great and toxic-free reusables!

Life — 2 June, 2017

How to Cure Sickness with Only Natural Remedies

Emma is trying to get well from a sinus infection without using…

Life — 26 October, 2016

The Cure?

Can tea cure a cold? Emma is banking everything on it!

Life — 26 September, 2016

Yogish Collective

Emma has a new favorite brand.

Life — 22 September, 2016

Herb Hero

Emma's new favorite super food has both anti-inflammatory and anti-depressants effects.

Life — 8 September, 2016

Green Hoods

Emma replaces her morning coffee with matcha latte. Should she avoid aloe…

Life — 8 March, 2016

Stay Grounded

Emma Elwin is prepared for a evening of yoga.

Life — 16 February, 2016

Tea and Yoga

Emma Elwin is trying to make time for some Yoga in here…

Life — 9 February, 2016

Vitamin Shot

Emma Elwin is dreaming back to the days under the California sun.

Life — 4 December, 2015

The Key

Emma Elwin realizes a lack of iron in here diet, something common…

Beauty — 4 September, 2014

Pure Energy

Nu när schemat består av sena kväll och tidiga morgnar håller jag…

Life — 3 July, 2014

Black Coffee

Har blivit tvungen att byta ut kaffe mot te. Känns sådär måste…