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Tell Us All About Your Eco-Conscious Jeans, Naim Josefi

Stockholm-based designer Naim Josefi shares the details on his laser printed denim…

Style — 11 December, 2018

Editor’s Pick: Denim for Days

We're always opting for denim that's responsibly made from organic or deadstock…

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Make it last Co-Founder Emma Elwin on Her Everlasting Love for Denim

Here's everything you need to know about Emma's love for crisp blue…

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Editor’s Pick: Mid Blue Denim, Forever!

We've made a selection of responsible jeans, skirts and jackets in our…

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Indigo Children

Can you guess Emma's favorite comfort-garment? It has followed her around the…

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The Look Known by Many Names

Here's the look to go for if you want to build a…

Style — 26 September, 2017

H&M Launches a ‘Closed Loop’ Denim Collection

On October 5th, H&M launches a collection with 6 denim styles made…

Style — 17 September, 2017

9 Tips for How to Wash Jeans

Read Emma's guide on how to best take care of your favorite…

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Denim on Denim

Emma, who usually doesn't follow trends, will make an exception for this…

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The Ellos Jeans Guide Featuring Emma Elwin

The Make it last cofounder teamed up with Ellos for a series…

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Brand to Watch: HARDEMAN

HARDEMAN is reinstating jeans as the poster child of clothing rebellion.

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The Edit: Sustainable Denim

Four sustainable jeans you need to know about!

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Blue Jeans, Remade!

There's a new denim trend that Emma has singled out as the…

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White Denim

I find it funny how just wearing bright colors can make you…

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Top to toe

Hello new year, goodbye sweatpants!

Life — 23 December, 2016


Mini me

When you dress your baby as you dress your self

Style — 31 October, 2016


Brand directory picks: Nudie Jeans

Nudie's boundary-pushing new denim line made with hemp, bamboo linen and paper…

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Fall favorites with Dr Denim

Make it last teams up with Dr. Denim to present a selection…

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Guided by Tangent GC

A series of garment care guides

Style — 5 October, 2016

Dr. Denim

Social media content & advertorial

Style — 15 September, 2016

On Our Minds: Super Deep Denim

Super Deep Denim are putting their own stamp on vintage Levi's

Style — 26 July, 2016

On our minds: Slow Denim

Slow Denim is the latest venture of jean genius Faustine Steinmetz.

Style — 20 June, 2016

Get to know: Nudie Jeans

Every week we salute brands included in our Sustainable Brand Index. In…

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No Need for More

Five things that I choose to invest in during my pregnancy.

Style — 26 May, 2016

On our minds: Levi’s x Evrnu create first jeans made from regenerated post-consumer cotton

Levi Strauss has teamed up with Evrnu, a Seattle-based startup that reconstitutes…

Style — 3 May, 2016


Le Mix

Emma loves the current upcycled denim trend – especially these pairs from Frame Denim.

Style — 7 April, 2016

On our minds: Denim City

Amsterdam-based non-profit Denim City specialises in improving the denim industry, and employing…

Style — 31 March, 2016

On our minds: How much water does it take to produce a pair of Levi’s?

A pair of 501s requires 3,781 litres of water to make – Levi's…

Style — 18 February, 2016

Start with the jeans?

Lisa Corneliusson reveals her top three sustainable denim.

Style — 14 February, 2016

On our minds: DSTLD cutting denim prices

Through applying an efficient business-model, DSTLD manages to offer quality jeans at…

Style — 10 February, 2016

On our minds: STORY mfg

Slow made, positive products

Style — 10 February, 2016


The Edit: DIY

The Make It Last Edits presents the best of conscious contemporary style.

Style — 31 January, 2016

On our minds: Kings of Indigo

Dutch Kings of Indigo goes all-in with their conscious efforts.

Style — 7 January, 2016

On our minds: Hiut Denim

Hiut Denim – the brand on a mission to reinstate UK jeans manufacturing.

Style — 3 September, 2015

H&M launches conscious denim

There are no rules in fashion but one - recycle your clothes

Style — 21 August, 2015

On our minds: Vetements’ perfect reworked vintage denims

In response to the popularity of their luxury jeans, Vetements’ founder Demna…

Style — 19 August, 2015

Perfect denim that’s 100 percent compostable

Commonly known for their bags made out of used truck traps, FREITAG…

Life — 13 August, 2015

Editor’s letter: Changing the industry

This week, denim is on Lisa's mind.

Style — 6 July, 2015

Andreas Åhrman, Nudie Jeans: “It was a huge struggle in the beginning”

Swedish denim pioneers Nudie Jeans was recently awarded at the Observer Ethical…

Style — 1 June, 2015

Painted denim with a purpose

The 90s influenced unisex street style collection is made from reworked second…

Style — 6 April, 2015

Denim of the moment

The unisex universe is expanding in the form of Nudie Jeans’ new…

Style — 13 March, 2015

Four ways to care for your jeans

Washing machines is a tough place for any material, denim is no…

Style — 11 March, 2015

Perfect flare

New closet crush!

Style — 4 February, 2015


Sometimes you are lucky enough to find the perfect vintage 501’s in…

Style — 2 January, 2015

On our minds: denim patchwork

On our minds is this lovely patchwork composite denim top from our…

Style — 27 December, 2014


Do it your self

I found this picture from way back of a pair of jeans…

Life — 19 October, 2014


Neuw’s Patti Smith jeans

Yesterday I got to see these jeans from Neuw that will be…

Style — 17 October, 2014


Yesterday I was wearing my dungarees and one of my old white…

Style — 6 October, 2014


Make ‘em pop!

These are my favourite jeans

Style — 2 October, 2014

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H&M Conscious Denim launch in Stockholm

Go green wear blueMake it last teamed up with H&M to launch…

Style — 29 September, 2014


Jag blev så glad när H&M frågade om jag ville styla deras nya…

Style — 16 September, 2014


Jag blev verkligen så glad när jag fick reda på att H&M…

Style — 12 August, 2014


Jacka, Organic by John Patrick. Solglasögon, Finds. Bok, Rizzoli. Jeanstvätt, The Laundress.…

Style — 8 May, 2014



Här kommer lite bättre bilder på snickarbyxorna.  Jag kommer matcha dem med…

Style — 21 March, 2014


Här kommer en bild på världens skönaste Jessica och hennes snygga jeansskjorta.…

Style — 5 March, 2014


Här kommer en bild jag knäppte på en av Elles modeassistenter Gustav…

Style — 19 December, 2013


Nu ska jag snart bege mig till Elle kontoret och styla helgens…

Style — 17 December, 2013



Idag har jag börjat med stylingen av veckans plåtningar. Kan ni kanske…

Style — 19 September, 2013


foto: JIMMY BACKIUS styling av mig./em> Har ni hunnit köpa senaste numret…

Style — 7 June, 2013


Igår hade jag på mig ett av mina favoritmaterial -denim. Tunika, Stella…

Style — 9 May, 2013


Vet inte vad det är med mig och denim. Men varje vår…

Style — 7 March, 2013


Snyggt med en stor jeansskjorta och svarta jeans.   Här har ni…

Style — 26 February, 2013


Jeansskjorta, Lee. Jeans, Lee. Pumps, Isabel Marant. När det kommer till kläder…

Life — 21 April, 2012


Nu ska jag berätta varför jag spenderade 24 timmar i Milano. Jag…

Style — 23 June, 2011


Här har ni min nya älskling från Stella McCartney. Är nog lyckligaste…