Camilla Engström

Style — 30 April, 2017

The Emma Shirt by Hus-Hus

Don't you just love when old pieces are remade into "new" ones?

Style — 8 September, 2015

Five DIY-Instagrammers to keep track of

Make it last lists five inspiring DIY-accounts on Instagram.

Style — 7 September, 2015


A piece of art

Style — 14 June, 2015

Weekend hangout

Hi from my gallery in Chinatown.

Style — 11 June, 2015

DIY jumpsuit

I decided to paint it!

Style — 20 April, 2015

How they make it last: Camilla Engström

Artist Camilla Engström usees coconut oil for everything.

Style — 29 March, 2015

Interview with artist and designer Skyler Brickley

Make it last writer Camilla Engström visits Skyler Brickley in his studio…

Style — 13 March, 2015

Hi from my Brooklyn studio

It’s Friday, the sun is shining and I just made myself a…

Style — 6 March, 2015

Make it last has a new look

Today the updated Make it last sees the light of day! We…

Style — 5 March, 2015

A quick hello from our new contributor Camilla Engström!

Camilla quit her job as "an overworked fashion designer" to pursue her…