Life — 22 August, 2019


Editor’s Pick: Agape by Louise Enhörning

We're absolutely in love with Agape – the latest publication by Swedish…

Life — 1 April, 2019

All Eyes On Ceramic Artist Jessica Hans

You might say that our infatuation with contemporary ceramicists is at its…

Life — 10 March, 2019


Still Craving Clay, Especially Pieces by Simone Bodmer-Turner

Obsessing over Brooklyn-based ceramic artist Simone Bodmer-Turner and her handbuilt clay vessels.

Life — 1 January, 2019


Visiting the ‘Margiela, the Hermès Years’ Exhibition

A few weeks ago, Emma visited the 'Margiela, the Hermès Years' exhibition…

Life — 25 December, 2018

In Conversation With Ceramicist Olivia Fiddes

Olivia Fiddes on making bespoke pieces, the potters’ struggle when it comes…

Life — 21 December, 2018

Current Obsession: The Artful Works of Marrakesh-Based Label LRNCE

Marrakesh label LRNCE's hand made collection of home decor and accessories is…

Life — 18 December, 2018

New Art for My Walls

Emma is leveling up the girl power at home with work by…

Life — 30 November, 2018


Artist Caroline Walls on Art, Female Form and Femininity

We talk to artist Caroline Walls, known for portraying the female form…

Life — 17 November, 2018


Current Crush: Artist and Near-Death Survivor Yngvild Saeter

Yngvild Saeter is an artist we admire. We had the opportunity of…

Life — 17 September, 2018


Art-o-Rama By the Sea – the International Art Fair in the South of France Settles Into a New Home

Sans titre (2016) are awarded the Roger Pailhas Prize for best booth…

Life — 2 September, 2018


It’s Family First For Debuting Artist Ilona-Estelle Westman Sonko

Get to know new Stockholm-based artist Ilona-Estelle Westman Sonko and her debuting…

Life — 17 August, 2018


Hanging Mobiles Handmade by La Chaut

Bright spark Laura Chautin goes by the name La Chaut, her hanging…

Life — 14 August, 2018


Australian Artist Zoe Young Is Painting Through the Seasons

We speak to artist Zoe Young about her appreciation for life, why…

Life — 6 August, 2018

Maison Salvadore – The Slow Home

Corinne Aivazian left London for South-West France and found herself on a…

Life — 30 July, 2018


Artist Stéphanie Saadé and the Natural World

In ‘Contemplating an Old Memory’ a lentil seed is molded and cast…

Life — 5 July, 2018


Ammy and Erika of Glasbolaget are Leading the Way to a Greener Glass Future

Our infatuation with the new generation female glass artists has led us…

Life — 30 June, 2018

Cold Picnic’s Dreamy Rugs Offer a Cinematic Experience in Miniature

Cold Picnic’s diorama house features their latest collection of artful rugs inspired…

Life — 18 June, 2018


Journal du Thé – the New Publication on Contemporary Tea Culture

Johanna Tagada and Tilmann S. Wendelstein explore ‘tea as a symbol for…

Life — 9 June, 2018


A Visit to ‘Chambre 10’ at La Hotel Louisiane in Paris

The latest project by nomadic Sans Titre (2016) pitches up in the…

Life — 27 May, 2018


Meet the Women Who Have Made Us Believe in Glass Art Again

Based on the assumption, or fact, that glass art is making a…

Life — 21 March, 2018


Art Talk With Charlotte Taylor and Oscar Piccolo of dellostudio

We talk to the London-based interdisciplinary artists and designers that are making…

Life — 19 February, 2018

Meet the Ceramic Artists That Keep Us Obsessing Over Clay

We've listed five female, Scandinavian ceramicists whose artful pieces we pine for…

Life — 27 September, 2017


Theresa Traore Dahlberg Is the Documentary Maker, Artist and Woman to Watch

We've portrayed her for Make it last together with photographer Patricia Reyes.

Life — 21 March, 2017

Edmund de Waal at Artipelag

A new exhibition will soon be opening at Artipelag, and Emma can't…