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Style — 7 November, 2017

All Day, Every Day

Emma has made a new discovery about her go-to color.

Style — 6 October, 2017

The Everyday Look Perfected

Emma's favorite look of the moment makes a perfect transition from day…

Style — 18 September, 2017

Day Two of Fashion Week

Emma decided to wear the same trouser every day for Stockholm Fashion…

Style — 2 September, 2017

Day One of Fashion Week

For Stockholm Fashion Week, Emma repeated the concept "one garment – three…

Style — 22 February, 2017

Tradera Trend: Top 6 Accessories Picks

This week's favorite auctions from Tradera Trend.

Style — 1 February, 2017

Tradera Trend: 5 auctions you don’t want to miss

This week's favorite auctions from Tradera Trend.

Style — 28 January, 2017

Tradera Trend: 5 auctions you don’t want to miss

This week's favorite auctions from Tradera Trend.

Style — 12 January, 2017

Tradera Trend: 5 auctions you don’t want to miss

This week's favorites from Tradera Trend

Style — 3 January, 2017

Tradera Trend: First week of the year

This week's favorite auctions from Tradera Trend.

Style — 20 December, 2016

A year ago in Califonia

A Californian outfit flashback to cure sick-day blues

Beauty — 3 October, 2016

The Beauty Edit #6

Our favorite conscious hair products right now.

Style — 1 September, 2016

A quick visit

Emma left the sofa yesterday for one hour of fashion week with…

Style — 31 May, 2016

The white tees

Emma's love for a perfect white tee is seasonless.

Style — 29 March, 2016

Pick’s of the week

Two timeless pieces

Style — 29 March, 2016

Dungarees and cashmere

From vinter to spring

Style — 9 March, 2016

A year ago

My favorite basics

Style — 15 February, 2016


My first time in Amsterdam

Style — 11 January, 2016

Ready for winter

Warm in wooly grey

Style — 20 December, 2015

Sunny blue skies

Classic peacoat, wayfarers and jeans.

Style — 30 November, 2015

Back home

The other day

Style — 13 November, 2015

Earl grey part two

Keeping warm

Style — 14 October, 2015

The Edit: Patchwork

Our best patchwork picks right now.

Style — 9 September, 2015

Tradera Trend: the oversized jacket as outerwear

Dare beige or greige!

Style — 1 September, 2015

Autumn is in the air

Can't let go of summer

Style — 22 July, 2015

The Edit: Swimwear

Easy breezy looks for summer.

Style — 24 June, 2015

The Edit: Summer Jackets

The Make It Last Edits presents the best of conscious contemporary style.…

Style — 22 June, 2015

End of June

This week is gonna be a bit crazy work wise. I am…

Style — 16 June, 2015

Sorrow be gone

You know what I mean?

Style — 11 June, 2015

Secondhand find

I love a good bamboo heel

Style — 27 May, 2015

My uniform

Blue jeans, white shirt

Style — 20 May, 2015

The Edit: Summer Dresses

Premiering today is The Make It Last Edits, where we bring you…

Style — 6 May, 2015

Tradera Trend: Shop the perfect staples

Shop our favorites on Tradera!

Style — 23 April, 2015

Organic cotton

A sucker great stapels

Style — 29 March, 2015

The cable knit

A chunky cable knit like the one Steve McQueen used to wear

Style — 27 March, 2015

The innovators: Séfr Séfr

Discover a hidden gem for designer vintage.

Style — 12 March, 2015

My week so far

This navy v-neck works with pretty much everything.

Style — 23 February, 2015

The blazer

Jacket, Filippa K. Sweater, Isabel Marant for H&M. Jeans, Acne Studio. Watch,…

Style — 15 February, 2015

The warm knit

My friends Sian has been over here in Stockholm for a weekend…

Style — 10 February, 2015

Eternal Flame: Mona Johannesson

"It's 10 years old now, and I still use it."

Style — 14 December, 2014

Lain poplin

 Shirt & jeans, Acne Studios.  One of the best days in my…

Style — 11 December, 2014

How they make it last: Trine Kjaer

We wash our clothes way too much in the Western world, and it's bad…

Style — 24 November, 2014

Here comes the sun

This weekend has been so good to me. A specially now when…

Style — 14 November, 2014

Navy striped

I’m practically living in this stripped sweater and my blue jeans and…

Style — 5 November, 2014

Denim and denim

Denim from top to toe is a true favorite of mine. It’s…

Style — 2 November, 2014

Fishbone tweed

I’m so happy with this blazer that I found at Beyond Retro a…

Style — 29 October, 2014

Tailored jacket

This is a jacket I never get tired of wearing. As soon…

Style — 24 October, 2014

Fake fur hat and a lot of fringe

It's out of control.

Style — 18 October, 2014

Eternal flame

Today’s eternal flame is Sabrina (which I’m sure you already now) is…

Style — 15 October, 2014

Blue jeans

There is noting that I love more than a real pair of…

Style — 13 October, 2014

A walk in the park

Earlier today I took a walk in the park with my friend…

Style — 12 October, 2014

Pea coat

This is one of my garments that I can always see my…

Style — 6 October, 2014

Good old blue

Some mornings (like this one) when I feel that all I want…

Style — 3 October, 2014

Friday at the office

Today I’ve been wearing my favorite jeans from Acne Studios and a…

Life — 1 October, 2014

Borrowed Balenciaga

The other day at the office I finally got to try Lisas…

Life — 11 September, 2014


Just nu håller jag på att styla mitt första modejobb för Styleby.…

Style — 21 August, 2014


Det har minst sagt varit mycket jobb det senaste två veckorna. Förlåt…

Life — 4 August, 2014


  Har haft en lite flört med 90-talet under sommaren som många…

Style — 21 July, 2014


Den här kjolen är ett av de plaggen som jag ångrar att…

Style — 16 July, 2014


Linne, Acne Studios. Byxor, Weekday Collection. Klocka, Vintage Rolex. Armband, Childhood.

Style — 13 July, 2014


Boots, Acne Studios. Inför hösten har jag hittade det perfekta Chelsea bootsen,…

Style — 13 July, 2014


När jag har har en sån där jobbig dag då allt i…

Style — 21 April, 2013


I fredags var vi på Acnes presskontor för att titta på deras…

Style — 11 January, 2013


Acne har gjort de igen. Jag älskar var enda look! Fårskinnjackan är…

Style — 17 September, 2012


Råa kanter och randigt. Acne var helt klart en av mina favoritvisningar…

Style — 15 June, 2012


Printad kostym. Dollar-tryck! Fina hattar och sandaler. Fler coola tryck. Cowboy boots…

Style — 28 July, 2011


Den perfekta rundskuren ringningen och slits ner till! Den här klänningen fick…