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This post is published in collaboration with Uniqlo.

During these months, when my routine has been to do pretty much everything from home – working, working-out, playing with my four year old, chilling on the sofa – I’ve really taken my everyday wear standards to a whole new level. I’m always very picky when it comes to what enters my wardrobe – it needs to fit with my other garments, it needs to be durable, it needs to be practical and comfortable (I just sold my last heels, it’s just not my lifestyle any longer and I’m not even sad about it). But this spring, I’ve dwelled even deeper into the world of performative materials suitable for everyday wear that still have that luxurious feel and last for a very long time.
Uniqlo is an old friend of mine and I got my first staples from there when I was a teenager (and I still wear them!). I love LifeWear garments that surpass trends and work in most everyday situations. My keepers from Uniqlo have simplicity, quality and longevity in common.

And now let me tell you about AIRism – my go-to for innerwear. It’s one of Uniqlos ongoing collections, an important part of LifeWear, which is what Uniqlo calls their clothes – clothing designed to make everyone’s life better. The idea with AIRism is to enhance everyday comfort. It has a lot of functionality that is really amazing: for one, it disperses moisture and releases heat by moving sweat away from the skin to keep you cool and comfortable. On a really hot summer day, it dries quickly to keep you fresh. The styles are stretchy and soft on the body while having a silky feel. They even have antimicrobial properties to help prevent the build up of bacteria and they absorb, neutralise and eliminate sources of odour in clothing.
All in all, AIRism is the most comfortable innerwear with a lot of functionality as a big plus. At home, I wear my AIRism pieces as they are, and when I go out I keep them on as my first layer. I wear them for work, for workouts, for playing with Dylan and I won’t lie, I fall asleep with them on the sofa at least a few times a week.

Check out the Uniqlo AIRism collection and find your favorites here.

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This post is published in collaboration with Uniqlo.

It’s the season of giving. I feel, more than ever, that time is what I will enjoy both giving and receiving the most. It’s been a busy fall and I crave some serious quality time with my family.

Time, and a few well-chosen gifts. This week, the plan is to get some precious gifts for our loved ones. I really like the idea of life gifts instead of Christmas gifts. I think there’s something precious about the tradition of giving that I don’t want to give up, but obviously, I can do without conspicuous consumption and buying weird things that’ll be used once or twice just because “I have to”.

Life gifts are all-time favorites that fit into the life of the receiver, perhaps enhance it or make it a little easier. I love giving everyday things that are sure to be used–perhaps something yummy eatable; perhaps something that makes a grey December day a bit easier.

After having worked continuously with SKIN TREAT for this whole year, I’ve really been able to identify some favorite highly effective beauty products for everyday use–made in my neighborhood (!) from plant based sources and potent organic ingredients.

I would highly recommend these three products for anyone you love. Perhaps they suit as last minute sustainable gifts for someone you haven’t figured out what to get yet?

SKIN TREAT Brightening Vitamin C Face Elixir
SKIN TREAT Multi-Action Face Wash
SKIN TREAT Deep-Hydrating Hand Cream

Either way, I hope you will get some of that precious time with your loved ones. Talk soon!
In paid collaboration with SKIN TREAT.

Getting Ready for Portugal 

Posted in Beauty
by Emma Elwin on 16 June, 2019

I can’t believe it’s only two weeks until I’m leaving for Portugal for five weeks The summer holiday is a big thing for me nowadays. My traveling patterned has become different from when I was younger and went on shorter trips for work or pleasure all the time. Nowadays, we tend to stay at home or at least in Sweden during terms, and I never thought I would say it, but I prefer being at home. But then we go big for summer – the last few years we’ve been in Biarritz, surfing and just living an easy life, but this year we’re going to Portugal where my parents have bought an apartment. I’ve heard it’s fantastic, and the surf is good too.

I always start my count down pretty early before we leave, maybe two months… three? Already then, I start thinking about what to bring (actually I think about that all year). I start working out specifically to benefit my surfing (those paddling arms), and I go through routines to prepare my body and my skin for a new setting and a different climate.

One of the routines that I’ve come to love is that of which my long-term collaboration with Skin Treat has allowed me to indulge in. Skin Treat, as you probably know by now, is a 100 percent vegan skincare brand with key active ingredients from organic farming. The products are naturally gentle but at the same time effective.

Right now I enjoy giving special attention to my body by scrubbing, exfoliating and moisturizing. I’ll be the first to admit I’ve never been so close to caring for my body as much as my face as I am right now. I’ve found a routine and it feels great. I’ll be ready for the beach in two weeks.

These are my essentials from Skin Treat right now, click on each product to find them on KICKS.SE.


Skin Treat Melting Sugar Body Scrub (200 ml), Skin Treat Perfection Body Elixir (100 ml), Skin Treat Bright Renewal Exfoliating Body Mousse, Skin Treat Instant Hydration Light Body Lotion

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