When learning that some 80 billion plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles are thrown in the bin annually, a lot of them ending up in our oceans, Alban Mayne and Svante Holm quit their successful careers in the tech industry to start Beauty Disrupted.
After two years of seeking out the perfect, luxurious formulas and using only bars for the later half of that period, going back to traditionally packaged shampoo and conditioners felt ’like going from the latest and greatest electric Tesla to an old Volkswagen diesel’. If you ask the duo behind Beauty Disrupted, it’s unlikely people who have tried good bars will ever go back to old-fashioned bottles again. Here’s their story. 

With Beauty Disrupted, Alban Mayne and Svante Holm set their eyes on bars. Bars, bars, bars; luxuriously lathering and deeply moisturizing shampoos, hand soaps, body washes, conditioners and shaving bars. And it made sense: if for no other reason, because conventional shampoo and conditioner bottles often contain about 70-80% water and are made of non-biodegradable plastic. 

And there’s definitely demand. Shampoo bar sales grow with more than 100% per year worldwide, while liquid shampoo only grows at 2%. And it seems, younger generations aren’t particularly loyal to the beauty brands they grew up with. They want brands that have active social and environmental practices built into their business models, creating a perfect fit for a purpose driven beauty brand like Beauty Disrupted.

The co-founders spent two years seeking out the perfect ingredients for each bar, exploring the French Alps with local botanists and learning from experts and artisans from around Europe. “We wanted to create something that was luxurious and indulgent but not at the expense of our planet,” says Alban. “Every bar we offer has to exceed the pleasure and performance of the most premium liquid alternative while also being free of plastic and harsh ingredients.”

Beauty Disrupted’s products are completely free of harsh ingredients such as parabens, silicones, drying alcohols, SLS and SLES. They are free from plastics, PETA certified vegan and cruelty free. Each bar contains a careful selection of gentle ingredients, including organic fragrances and organic oils known for their moisturizing and nourishing properties. The bars are packaged in premium recyclable cardboard instead of plastic bottles. Consumers avoid at least two plastic bottles when choosing a bar over the bottle equivalent.

And there’s one more thing: the company donates either 20% of profits or 2% of revenue (whichever is higher) to non-profit organizations that protect the planet and tackle climate change. ”A meaningful initiative that we hope other beauty brands will take after”, Holm says of the decision, and we couldn’t agree more.

Judging from what we hear from some of the voices we trust in the beauty community, Beauty Disrupted is as indulgent as it is natural.
“We constantly test new products and Beauty Disrupted offers the most incredible range of bars we have ever come across,” said Philip Hillege, owner of Skins Cosmetics, a leading online and brick and mortar beauty retailer that offers many of the world’s most sought after niche beauty brands, including Beauty Disrupted.

Beauty Disrupted is available now at Beautydisrupted.com and NK: Nordiska Kompaniet
This post is published in collaboration with Beauty Disrupted.

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Joy: Good read! Personally, I make sure to live a green life as much as possible. From the hemp notebook up to the hemp bags that I use. Loving sustainable and eco-friendly hemp products. Now, I have something to add to my list.
June 25, 2022

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