With the release of the first single from their upcoming album (and a virtual release party tonight), Swedish band Amason teams up with adidas and the new, more sustainable Stan Smith. The iconic shoe enters the band’s creative space; to start with, in a music video, a series of photos taken by Märta Thisner and a live streamed concert to celebrate the release.

The space of which the iconic shoe enters is one where the love of nature takes center stage. Make it last talks to the band about why they always end up with the animals.

Make it last: Can you describe Amason’s style?
Pontus: Our style is… there’s a lot of nature in it. We exist in an organic world.

Make it last: What do you mean by organic?
Amanda: There is a thematic tradition in our band, as we struggle to find time to see each other, to kind of cut and paste. It’s not only that we have to, we like it too. When we started out, we had some kind of theme around animals. Then the animals moved to the woods. And now we have moved there too.

Make it last: Why did you end up in the woods?
Pontus: There are nice colors and shapes in the woods that play well with who we are. It started with some picture, then it just continued and it’s a part of what we are.
Nils: The animal thing started with us giving our song animal names.
Pontus: All of us have some kind of connection to the wild…
Amanda: We all talk with animals.
Pontus: …we are not a super-urban band. We are ’lantisar’ (Swedish for hillbilly). Gustav is the only one of us who lives in the city.
Amanda: But Gustav owns the biggest pieces of land (laughs).

Make it last: Tell us about some of your own style memories with adidas.
Gustav: I found a pair of adidas Shell Toes at Galne Gunnar in 1995. They were 200 Swedish kronor, no-one cared about them at the time. They were the real Run DMC deal.
Amanda: I wasn’t allowed to wear designer clothes, so I don’t have memories like that. I didn’t realize you’re supposed to wear brands. But now I do, I mean, I have a pair of Stan Smiths at home. It’s a classic.
Make it last: What do you like about the model?
Pontus: It’s one of the world’s most iconic shoes.
Gustav: It’s like the most common piece there is.
Amanda: I’ve worn them forever. It’s a safe bet that speaks a lot of languages. That’s what I like about them.
Pontus: It’s the cleanest shoe, perfectly understated.

Make it last: Wait, did you say earlier that you can talk with animals?
Amanda: Absolutely, it’s a necessary knowledge in life (laughs). No, but animals are in our lives. Nils had a cat mother who provided us with cats… Petter and I have a farm with animals. We deal a lot with animals and files. We send files, emails and animals. It’s like a currency in our band.
Pontus: Didn’t the animal thing start with Amanda pairing songs with animals?
Amanda: I hear a song and can tell which animal sings it. ’China Girl’ with David Bowie is sung by a turtle. And so it happened that we did a lot of stuffed animals that came on tour.
Pontus: Amanda will do a Ted Talk about this.

Make it last: Our follow-up question has to be, if you were an animal, what would you be?
Amanda: Collectively, a sloth.
Nils: Wow this is difficult.
Gustav: Nils is a killer bee.
Amanda: Gustav is a deer.
Gustav: Amanda is an Ardennes.
Amanda: Oh I’m so happy you say that. I thought you would say I was a monkey or something.
Gustav: And Pontus, you are a wolf.
Pontus: Grrr.
Gustav: No, Pontus is a mix of tiger and lion. Liger.

Don’t miss 3,6 hour long live stream with Amason , Esther and other guests on Friday 16 April at 5 pm CEST, powered by adidas. Attend the event here and listen and watch here

And keep an eye out for the new Amason album, to be released later this year.

This post is published in paid partnership with adidas.
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