Jenny Huurinainen, what made you want to – or, dare to! – dive into the world of developing a skincare brand?
– Our journey with OM-SE started at home in 2016 when I, post-pregnancy, had enough of dealing with my unbalanced skin. Inspired by the FODMAP methodology, I began to create my own simplified yet potent natural skincare formulas. And for the first time in my adult life, I experienced a balanced and radiant skin and didn’t feel the need to wear makeup. Jacob also started to use the products and got a glow that drew attention at work, and the business idea for a unisex skincare brand sparked. We both were longing for working with high-quality in all aspects of a business, and Jacob was the driving force behind us daring to pursue this.

What have been the biggest challenges?
– We were told that doing fresh natural skincare is not how it’s done. Instead, skincare commonly holds preservatives for products to last up to 3 years, allowing them to travel between middlemen, and eventually, whenever you decide to open that jar of cream it endures 12 months on your shelf. But we didn’t want to do yet another skincare brand. Surely I don’t want to layer expensive products with preservatives good for three years on my skin, just to support an old-fashioned way of doing business. I want fresh and natural ingredients of high quality at a reasonable price. And want to never run out of them, because, frankly it’s annoying when your everyday essentials do. The packaging industry is challenging too. We spend a lot of time searching for the right packing materials that both work well with our ingredients and is recyclable.

The products are flexible by nature, with adaptable formulas? What does that mean?
– A cream is a fixed blend of water and oil. When applying more cream it gives you more of everything, not only the part your skin craves. By separating water and oil into two types of products, we provide you with the tools to create your personalised skincare cocktail. Simply blend face mist and face oil in the palm of your hand to create your perfect mix hydration and nutrition your skin needs at this moment.
– This flexible nature means that our products work for all faces and seasons. Men’s skin is about 20% thicker than women’s, but a man’s dry skin is often treated the same as a woman’s. Skincare ingredients do not know the gender of the skin – marketers do. The world doesn’t need us to buy more products. We need to buy fewer products, but those we do buy and bring into our home we think should be of high quality, both in terms of performance and aesthetics.

How are the products best used?
– The first step is to clean the skin. Massage the Face Cleansing Oil onto dry skin and wipe it off with a warm wet face cloth.
– Anyone applied face oil on dry skin knows it sits there as a glossy protective shield. To fully absorb facial oil, the skin needs moisture. Prepare your face with Hydrating Face Mist, or put 2-6 drops of face oil in the palm of your hand and add 2–4 sprays of Hydrating Face Mist on top. Rub your hands to blend and distribute the oil evenly, massage or pat your face and eye area. We suggest to start out with a low application and adjust the amount to find your perfect dose.
– Boost hydration during the day by misting face on top of makeup – especially when working in front of a screen, traveling or dwelling in dry air-con or cold climates. And for extra glow, blend a drop of face oil with makeup.

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