Rebecca Dufour Partanen’s idea of creating a ‘truly sustainable skincare brand’ came about as she thought it was hard, in comparison to so many other areas in life, to make informed, conscious choices in skincare as a consumer. We all know, many products have complex lists of ingredients, come from multinational companies, use plastic packaging and have marketing that plays to consumers insecurities by promising to fix things that are wrong with them. Rebecca wanted to turn all this on its head.

– In creating RDP, we have worked with natural ingredients, we have produced this locally in Sweden, we have used organically biodegradable packaging, and tried to create an inclusive brand. I have tried to create the skincare brand that I was looking for myself, and want to make it easy for others to make a consciously sustainable choice when it comes to skincare.

One of your ambitions with RDP is to make beauty more inclusive. What does that mean to you?

– This is a super important part of the philosophy behind RDP skincare and has an impact across everything we do from how we create our products to how we communicate. One part is about how we communicate about skin and beauty products. A skincare routine should be a positive and empowering part of one’s life. So rather than talking about “fixing” issues, an inclusive brand focuses on being part of a positive self-care routine. We want beauty to be diverse, not defined by strict and unattainable standards shaped by an elite. We want everyone to feel beautiful.
– Another part is around how we market ourselves and create content as a brand. We are unisex because we don’t think skin has a gender. When shooting the pictures for the launch campaign we worked with FIIRI agency who has a shared value around the representation of diverse talent across creative industries, in front and behind the camera. It was important to have models from different backgrounds in our campaign to highlight the beauty in every skin.
– We want to be transparent to our customers about everything we do, from what ingredients that are used to how the products are produced. Ultimately, I would love for RDP to contribute to educating consumers about skincare so individuals can learn about what their skin needs and how to best take care of it.

You launch with a face cream only. How is it ideally used? Alone or with other products?

– Slow Face Cream is our first product but more products are underway. When launching RDP we wanted to focus on the essentials of a skincare routine. I believe in a minimalist skincare routine and that “less is more” when it comes to the number of products used. I would suggest using the cream after cleansing your skin with a cleanser. You can use it both day and night and it is actually quite rich so take a small amount on the fingertips and massage it in well. That said, there are many ways you can incorporate this moisturizing cream into your routine!

In a market where ‘sustainable’ beauty brands are increasingly present, how do you stand out?

– To me, the unique formula we have is sustainability throughout production, ingredients, and packaging together with an inclusive communication, and a beautiful design.
– The jars we have used are organically biodegradable and have a smaller environmental impact than both plastic and glass at production, biodegrades as fast or faster than a tree in nature and leaves no microplastics or other harmful chemicals behind. We worked with a Finnish start-up called Sulapac and we are the first brand in Sweden to have this packaging. We are a small company with a big vision to change the beauty industry to the better.

Visit RDP Skincare here and follow here.


Cecilia: Love the richness of the cream, I use just a little bit a day twice a day and the skin feels great and it will last long!
November 15, 2020

Sofia: Such an interesting read, way to go Rebecca!!
October 27, 2020

Rebecca: Thank you so much for the feature <3
October 27, 2020

Mikael: Love this!
October 27, 2020

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