On one of my usual interior inspiration hunts on Instagram (this time specifically looking for a nice fluffy blanket for my minimalist Danish sofa) I stumbled upon Pihl Strehl — a relatively new Swedish premium interior brand founded in 2018. They specialize in making the most beautiful throws, like these big fuzzy mohair ones here, which in my mind are as close as you get to perfection (even though my bank account would clearly disagree).

I took an instant liking to this label, but what ultimately made me reach out to its founders, Alexandra Ogonowski and Carolina Winther Pihl, with an interview request was their said commitment to sustainability and high-quality, long-lasting design. Here’s how they phrase it:

“Sustainability means everything to us, and this brand has taken forever to create because we want to be as mindful as we can with every single detail — from sourcing to packaging. We have almost looked too closely at all the details… Everything is produced in Europe, and we are trying to make products that will last a lifetime, and that can be refillable and reusable [referring to their eco-friendly candles] if possible.”

“Sustainability means everything to us, and this brand has taken forever to create because we want to be as mindful as we can with every single detail — from sourcing to packaging.”

The duo, who are also long-time friends, met in Stockholm in the early ‘00s and later moved to New York together to pursue their dreams. Carolina remained in the city for eight plus years, working in fashion, before finally ending up in London; while Alexandra eventually settled down back in Stockholm to establish a career as an interior designer. When finally going into business together, their aim was clear and simple: to intertwine their love for interior design and fashion.

“We started off with products both of us where missing, in quality as well as design. So we found a way to produce blankets in the best quality on the market, but with a reduced, minimalist design that makes us more appealing than other logo-driven brands.”

They call their aesthetics “straightforward Scandinavian”, meaning minimalist and timeless, and with premium-quality products crafted from luxurious European materials. And when this is the goal, they say, there are no shortcuts: “Our lambswool and cashmere blankets are made in Scotland, the cashmere home wear in Italy, and the mohair [throws] in Finland. Through her years in the New York fashion industry, Carolina has sourced all factories that we are working with today.”

And when it comes to the tricky task of achieving that coveted Scandi style in our own homes, this is their advice: “Less is more. Invest in key pieces that you know has a function and use natural materials and as much neutral colors as possible. Scandinavian’s usually have very strict clutter-free furnishings, so cozy throws, lamps and candles are key.” And the best thing about this philosophy, is that it’s completely compatible with a sustainable agenda.

I’m definitely excited to watch this brand as they continue on their journey. If you are too, check them out here, and give them a friendly follow.

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