We discovered The Collection One on Instagram, naturally, and immediately fell in love with their incredible image content, as well as their consciously curated product range. The online boutique is the brainchild of Dutch creative Lisa Schotman, who's made ‘sustainability, transparency and quality’ the beautiful brand ethos.

Hey Lisa, tell us a bit about yourself and what you do!

– I am from a small city in the Netherlands and moved to Amsterdam 10 years ago. I was raised in a family where we could be ourselves and express ourselves in creative ways. Being creative, and thinking creatively, is something that I’ve learned from my mom, who organised creative afternoons for kids and helped me learn how to knit and sew clothes.

– I remember that I always dreamed of having my own clothing store, so after finishing secondary school I decided to study Fashion Commerce, to learn more about the fashion industry. The study was focused on the whole process of designing and producing clothes, which gave me a good insight into how the fashion industry works.

– After studying Fashion Commerce I wasn’t yet ready to start my own shop, so I decided to start another study, which was focused on commerce and entrepreneurship. I loved this course, because all the projects were focused on starting a business. I know I am creative, but more in a way of creative thinking. So creating a business and concept around it is something that fits me. This study also gave me the confidence to start my own shop, so after graduating with a Bachelor in Commerce, I started my own online store: The Collection One!

What is the story and idea behind The Collection One – how would you describe the shop?

– After studying and working in fashion companies I wanted to create a place that offers carefully selected vintage pieces and items from brands that are honest about their production and use high-quality materials. It is sad to see how disposable the fashion industry is nowadays. With The Collection One I wish to inspire customers to choose clothes in which they can create memories. I want them to be able to buy items that they can enjoy for a long time and not just a couple of times.

– I wanted to create a clean and simple website, a webshop where people do not get overwhelmed. I love to search for inspiration and lose myself in pictures and visuals that radiate tranquility. It is this same feeling that I want to share with people visiting The Collection One – online or offline. If I would describe the style of The Collection One it would be: pure and mellow.

How do you source and select the brands you represent, and by what criterias?

– I select brands by instinct, always keeping three things in mind: who made it, where it was made, and what kind of fabrics were used; so I can offer as much transparency to the customer as possible. Instagram is my favorite platform when searching for new brands. Most of the time, I come across them as part of my search for inspiration.

How do you relate to sustainability and the idea of making conscious choices in your work and everyday life?

– Pursuing sustainability has been a natural process, and I am still learning. I started making conscious choices in buying clothes after studying and working in the fashion industry. Learning about the whole process of producing clothes, in parallel to discovering the beauty of quality clothes, made me reflect on what kind of clothes I want to wear. Making conscious choices both in my personal life and in work is about staying true to myself and my values.

What does transparency mean to you?

– Transparency to me means being honest and telling the story behind the items I sell. It is about empowering customers to make decisions that match their unique values and who they are. The Collection One has a transparency page where more information about the fabrics and brands are available.

What do you consider to be some of the most interesting brands to watch right now?

– I am really happy with the brand portfolio of The Collection One at this moment. Along the way I have found brands that are locally produced, honest and transparent about their production process. This season, a new brand will be added to our portfolio: Rita Row. Their clothes are not only beautiful, but designed and locally produced in Spain.

Finally: What’s up next for you and The Collection One?

– My dream is to have my own physical store in the centre of Amsterdam. I see the shop as a place with a calm and harmonious atmosphere, where people can relax, shop and get inspired.


Visit The Collection One here and follow here.

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