Make it last editor Johanna Andersson sheds some light on the new ‘period-proof panties’ and shares the reasons why she'd consider giving them a go.

I’m a big fan of the menstrual cup, so are my colleagues, and have been using it for two years or so. I truly feel like it’s one of the best things that has ever happened to me; completely life-changing. Not at all a fan of pads, I was always using tampons before. I guess my period is moderate, so I had to change my tampon about 1-2 times during the day, which I hated, and never felt completely certain that they weren’t going to leak. And a couple of days into my period, I also got super dry and irritable up to the point when inserting a tampon actually hurt, and it totally messed up my pH balance.

I know that many women struggle with their cups at first, and so did I. I remember telling my friends that I felt like I’d been molested the first time (yes, I do like to exaggerate), but didn’t give up and actually got the hang of it pretty soon after that (my best tip is using an intimacy gel for extra glide).

And the reason why I didn’t give up was partly because I instantly noticed a huge difference – my vagi-gi felt happy and normal during a period for the first time in my life – and I only had to empty the cup once in the morning and once in the evening (this, however, I still find to be equally horrifying and fascinating); no more sneaking off to the toilet during lunch breaks to change.

My medical-grade silicone cup from Organicup has literally never leaked, that I can remember – not even during MMA training or Yoga practise. Totally secure, stress free and eco-friendly; and it lasts for years.   

But that’s just me, and everybody’s different!

Now to what I really wanted to talk about: period-proof panties. You know you’re living in a time of female progression when the number of products for menstrual protection suddenly increases by about 200%. I haven’t tried out the panties, and I must say I’m feeling sort of sceptical. The idea of bleeding freely into your underwear will take some time getting used to, but there are other things about them that sound much more appealing.

For instance: Just like the cup, they’re reusable, which means you don’t have to keep wasting resources by buying millions of pads and tampons (or about 11 000 in a lifetime, but who counts?). However, you need to rinse, cold-wash and hang dry them after every use, which means you’ll probably want one or two pairs for every day of your period, and this makes them a much costlier alternative.

Honestly, I’m super fascinated by the fact that these seemingly regular, yet high-tech, undies can do what they do. How most of them work is by absorbing the period with a 4-layer technology that 1) wicks away moisture 2) traps odor 3) absorbs fluids, and 4) prevents leaking. The great thing though is that these layers are ultra thin, and depending on brand and style, they can hold up to 4 tampons worth of blood. Say whaaat? So, depending on your flow and what feels comfortable to you, you can either go with just the underwear during your period, or use them to back-up a cup, for  instance.

Personally, I think they would be great for the first and last days of my period when I just bleed a tiny bit and would normally, but unwillingly, be using a panty liner. As I think these are super, super uncomfortable (and an environmental disaster), I’ll often go au naturel and let my regular lacy undies soak up these few drops while feeling kind of guilty. I’ll admit: this is not optimal, so a leak-proof pantie might actually be exactly what I need.

Being a relatively new phenomenon, however, technology still trumps style, but I’m actually kind of happy with this selection. Do you already have a favorite? Let us know!

Shop the Leak-Free Undies

1. Period Underwear Bodyshort, holds 4 tampons worth of blood, Flux. 2. Cotton Brief, holds 2 tampons worth, Thinx. 3. Sensual High-Waist Bikini, heavy absorbance, Modibodi.

4. Seamfree Full Brief, heavy/overnight absorbency, Modibodi. 5. Thong, holds ½ tampon’s worth, Thinx. 6. Athletic Leakproof Thong, absorbs up to 1 tsp, Knix.

7. Athletic Leakproof Bodyshort, absorbs up to 2 tampons worth, Knix. 8. Cheeky, holds 1 tampon, Thinx. 9. Detachable, holds 4 tampons worth, Flux.


Julia: Hi Johanna! Yes, I checked the websites and Flux is the only one that clearly state that they are not using nano silver treatments, but they still do not specify what this kind of "natural" treatments are (is silver not natural?) I still think this article is very misleading from a sustainability point of view and should be amended. Is it an interesting product from a female perspective, absolutely! And I'm curious to see where this leads with future developments, but from an environmental angle its dubious at best in its current incarnations.
January 25, 2019

Johanna Andersson: Hi Julia, thank you so much for bringing this to our attention! This is no doubt disturbing information. Had a quick look at the brands' F&Qs, and at least Flux mentiones this issue: “...These bacterial properties are natural, and there are no added coatings of any types of nano-silver, so your skin and body is safe. Thanks again, appreciate your help and feedback! x Johanna/Make it last
January 25, 2019

Julia: Most Swedish retailers are enforcing strict regulations and refuse to sell products with anti- odour treatments for sustainability reasons, and most of these chemicals are definitely being closely watched by the fashion industry. I wouldn't be surprised to see them on the hazardous chemicals watch list soon.
January 24, 2019

Julia: Surprised to see this kind of panties on a site that is focusing on environmentally friendly consumption, I consider these to be on the very other end of the spectrum. Whenever there is any kind of anti- odeor och anti- fungus treatment on products those treatments are usually nano silver treatments which are horrible for the environment or other biocide chemicals that are at best badly researched. Most anti odour treatments are also washed out of the garment in LESS than 10 washes, with no treatment remaning except permanently in out environment.
January 24, 2019

Johanna Andersson: Happy to help! <3 Let us know how they are, super curious!
January 23, 2019

Alma: In short, thanks for sharing! <3
January 23, 2019

Alma: I’ve been looking at Thinx for ages and waiting for them or another alternative to be available in Europe or the UK. I’d never heard of Modibody who, fortunately, ship to Finland. I just placed an order.
January 23, 2019

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