If you’re having some time off and want to catch up on your sustainability savviness, we’ve listed some of the most interesting reads from the past year to help you pass the time in between the holiday festivities – 18 selected guides, interviews and features on conscious style, life and beauty. Enjoy!

What’s the Activated Charcoal Hype About? We’re Finding Out

They may call it ‘black gold’ all they like, but it’s still a struggle trying to wrap one’s head around the fact that consuming activated charcoal, internally or externally, will actually do you good. Is it even safe? We’ve tried to solve the mystery. Read on!

Getting to Know Mother of Pearl and Its Sustainability Oriented Creative Director Amy Powerny

Ethically conscious label Mother of Pearl, based out of East London, has made sustainability a main priority with Amy Powney as creative director. We’ve had the privilege of conversing with her about our mutual passions. Read on!

Artist Caroline Walls on Art, Female Form and Femininity

Caroline Walls is an Australian artist living in Melbourne, known for portraying the female form abstractly and beautifully in her minimalist paintings and drawings. Having recently shown her fourth solo exhibition “Darker Places” at the Forty Five Downstairs Gallery in Melbourne, and also being pregnant with her first child, we’re extra grateful and happy that we got to steal some of her precious time. Read on!

Here’s Why Filippa K’s ‘Circular Design Speeds’ Project Is an Industry Game-Changer

Within a circular economy, there can be different speeds – fast and slow – which is exactly what Filippa K, together with Mistra Future Fashion, has successfully explored and realized in their Circular Design Speeds project. Read on!

Redefining The Luxury of Fashion – A Conversation With Kindred Black

Sharing their belief that sustainability is the new luxury, we wanted to talk to founding duo Alice Wells and Jennifer Francis of NY based online store Kindred Black, who we not only find to be utmost inspiring, but would love to be able to call our friends. Read on!

9 Natural and Organic Shampoos and the Reasons Why You Need Them

If you haven’t made the switch to a clean and green hair care regime, this is the time. Trading your old shampoo for a plant-based formula made with natural and organic ingredients is a good place to start. Read on!

The Ultimate Guide to Climate Conscious Air Travels

Traveling by plane is hard to defend from an environmental perspective, but as a boat, train, car or bicycle will only get one so far, taking the air-route is sometimes the only option. Here’s how to do it in a more climate conscious way. Read on!

Getting Passionate About Plant-Based Food With Therese Elgquist

Wanting to help celebrate the release of her second cookbook, we asked one of our favorite plant based foodies, Therese Elgquist, to let us in on the magic of cooking with veggies. Read on!

The Ultimate Guide to Eco-Friendly Vacations

The countdown to the summer holidays has begun (bit early), and to many of us, this means some wonderful weeks of traveling ahead. Wanting to do this in a responsible way, we’ve listed our best tips for eco-friendly and climate conscious vacationing. Read on!

Giorgia Eugenia Goggi of Masseria Moroseta: I Want To Give Our Guests The Best Ingredients Available In Our Territory

Giorgia Eugenia Goggi can be found ‘learning her mise en place’ in the kitchen at Masseria Moroseta, Puglia, Italy. Cooking for guests and staff using only local and organic ingredients, many picked from their orto (vegetable garden) for a true farm-to-table experience. Whether it’s cannoli with sheep ricotta, or ravioli with cime di rapa, her dishes are comforting and thoughtfully prepared. We asked Giorgia to share one of her favourite recipes, infused with Puglia at its core. Read on!

9 Natural Hair Oils for Smooth and Shiny Winter Hair

What’s better than pure, plant-based oils? Not just the hair, but the entire body absolutely loves them. In winter, you’ll want – no need – to add a hair oil to your routine for healthier-looking, smoother and shinier locks. Dry ends, no more. Read on!

Everything You Need to Know About Silk Told By Natalija Bouropoulos

Getting to know Natalija Bouropoulos, the founding designer of Australian silk wear brand Natalija, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to ask a woman of the trade all our questions about the luxury fiber and how to make it last. Read on!

Talking Herbal Body Care With Kari Jansen of Poppy and Someday

Inspired by plants and their remarkable ability to heal and teach, California-based herbalist and Ayurvedic practitioner Kari Jansen created a line of organic and all-natural body care products and called it Poppy and Someday. We asked her to give us an introduction. Read on!

The Ultimate Guide to Copenhagen’s Hottest Hangouts

“Next after Paris, I took the train to Copenhagen to botanize among their many trendy art spaces, cafés, restaurants and wine bars. Despite being a little behind on plant-based cuisine, while well ahead on baked goods and bio wines, the city’s offerings did in fact exceed my expectations.” Read on!

In Conversation With Sophie Monet and Rena Sala

Jewelry designer Sophie Monet and retailer Rena Sala on shared values, sustainability and their kinship as brand and retailer. Read on!

Growing Wildly Beautiful With Plant-Based Brand Rowse

You may already follow Nuria Val’s aka ‘frecklesnur’ mesmerising travel adventures on Instagram, including aboard Narinan. Often captured during sunrise and sunset, her uninhibited spirit has attracted various brands and magazines for creative projects. Now she launches her own, a beauty line as raw and honest as her. Read on!

You’ll Love Everything The Break’s Hannah Richtman Has to Say About Vintage Fashion

Hannah Richtman is one of the coolest New Yorkers we know of, and the founder of The Break – an online and IRL destination in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, for vintage and contemporary fashion and homeware that she herself describes as ‘relevant and effortless’. Read on!

Easy Solutions for a Zero-Plastic Bath and Beauty Routine

There are lots of things you can do to make your bath and beauty regime a more eco-friendly one. By ditching the plastics and opting for products made with natural and organic ingredients, you’re on to a really good start. Read on!

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