A conscious gift can be many things. We especially love the ones that do good for both people and planet, and isn’t that what this holiday is all about anyway – doing good? Make it last editor Johanna Andersson lists some truly great gifts to give away or wish for.

“All I want for Christmas is you, baby. That, and for this world to be a better, greener and more peaceful place. Santa, please. In other words: make sure to dedicate a part of your x-mas shopping budget to donations as well – those are the gifts that really matter.
For the materialistic stuff, there are no doubt a couple of things I wouldn’t mind finding in my stocking (if they’ll fit). I’m soon to move into a new apartment, so bedding, art and furniture rank high on my list, as well as sexy silk nightwear to lounge in at home.”    

x Johanna

1. I feel like it’s time to upgrade my nightwear to something a little more adult, sophisticated and sexy. This silk slip dress from Australian brand Natalija is all that and more. Washed out PJs no longer.
Silk Slip Dress, Natalija.

2. I’ve been thinking about trying this natural and organic hair wash duo for quite some time, but haven’t felt like I’m worthy of such indulgence. But I have been very good this year… (See more natural shampoos here).
Shampoo and conditioner, Rahua.

3. Have I been wanting this luxe, biodynamic bed set since forever? Yes I have. Made from the finest organic Egyptian cotton, it’s an absolute dream and a great investment. Cue, Santa.
Bedding “Classic” White, organic Egyptian cotton, Ogland.

4. I’m worried that my computer is going to check out any minute, as it has lasted way longer than any Apple product was intended to. This is my wish: the new Macbook Air, which is made from recycled aluminium, if you can believe it?! Progression.
Macbook Air, recycled aluminium, Apple.

5. I know my wishes are a bit on the luxurious side – so sue me – and this Bite Studios shirt is at the height of luxury. It’s made in London from organic ‘Peace’ silk, and I believe it has my name written all over it. (Can’t afford it though…).
Silk Shirt, Bite Studios.

6. I’ve been obsessed with By Far since I wrote about them for our Brand to Watch feature. Such cool brand, and their collection is just getting better and better – the new bags are just so gorge!
Rachel Nutella Croco Bag, By Far.

7. Glass bottles are so much more elegant and eco-friendly than plastic, and this pair is my dream. The glass comes from Italy, but the content is made locally in Denmark from 100% natural ingredients. Love. (See more hand washes here).
Apothecary Hand Wash and Lotion, Frama.

8. Hope you didn’t miss my interview with Australian artist Caroline Walls? I’m a huge fan of her work, and sure wouldn’t mind hanging one of her prints on my future wall. The colors and minimalist aesthetics are right up my alley.
Print “Darker Places 4”, Caroline Walls.

9. It was during my two week stay in Copenhagen this fall (read guide here) that I discovered Yume. Their sustainable selection of objects and furniture is amazing, and I’d love to get a chair like this one that’s made from recycled materials.
Dining Chair “Alternative”, Wehlers/Yume.

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