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by Johanna Andersson on 14 November, 2018

It’s time for a virtual meet and greet with Sade Mims, the brilliant brains behind jewelry and accessories brand Edas. Discovering the NYC label via an eye-catching co-lab with Hannah Richtman of The Break (those mini waist bags are everything) we were just instantly hooked. Here follows more reasons why Edas is a brand to watch.

Let’s get acquainted – tell us a bit about yourself!

– I am a 26 year old multidisciplinary artist working in the realms of visual arts, design, and creative event production. I am a Brooklyn based creative who has lived in NYC for almost a decade, and I currently reside in Bed-Stuy, and have lived in this area for about 6 years.

– I am fascinated by culture and vintage photography, and I think that is really prevalent in my work. I often look to old styles and imagery to inspire me, and I have a strong interest in using refurbished and deadstock elements in a lot of my jewelry – it’s one of my many practices of weaving sustainability into my work, and that is extremely important to me. I’m a mix between introvert and extrovert and I adore going out to eat a beatiful restaurants and critiquing the menu with my partner LOL. I’m also a TWIN!

What is the story behind Edas?

– Edas was founded in 2015, as an outlet for me to express myself. I have always known I wanted to own my own business, in fact, I knew from a young age that I wanted to work in fashion and own a brand. So when I started Edas, it was such an important moment for me. The brand started out as only jewelry, but we now offer leather goods and objects. I design items for folks that remind me of myself, people that are eclectic beings and ones who admire unconventional pieces, yet still crave a classic and timeless style.

Would you care to share your design and production process? 

– My design process is quite personal and simple, really. I find when I am in my creative design space – which is 90% of the time – I get really seclusive, and introspective. I’ll simply carry my notebook to jot all the concepts that come to mind, and will start to refine what that looks like through time.

– Production is a lot more hands on for me, since I am a one-woman-show, I am literally doing it ALL. So the initial design layout is always freeing, but the production process is a lot more tedious and structured for me. To summarize, production is literally a step by step process of sketching, sourcing, and producing, in that order.

What materials do you work with, and how do you source them?

– I work with brass mainly when it comes to jewelry, and most of the time I am using sterling silver for all of the post attachments. Sourcing is so much fun because I live in such an incredible city that has so much to offer. I really love working with vintage and deadstock materials that aren’t metal, so I sometimes go to old warehouses to search for those kind of findings. In terms of leather, I currently try to only use larger hides, as I’ve noticed it eliminates the amount of waste post production. I hope to soon be able to travel outside of the USA to work with indigenous people to source materials, especially in the Caribbean.

Tell us about your commitment towards sustainability – how is it visible in the brand?

– My commitment towards sustainability is very important! And I am dedicated to implementing specific business practices that keep sustainability and ethics at the forefront of what we do. I have even held off on producing on a season by season basis in the past, to decrease the amount of product we are releasing. As I previously mentioned, I’m innately passionate about using vintage elements in my pieces, when it fits, and I’m also really invested in preserving culture and indigenous practices. Each day I am thinking of new ways that we can be better as a brand, so the work here is never done.

What can you tell us about your current collection – and the co-lab with Shop the Break?

– “Their”, our current collection, was derived from the idea of wanting to belong, and to be in association with “something” that you may not directly connect with, but are apart of. For me, that “something” was Africa, and I got so inspired by what I was seeing artistically being produced from the continent. It was refreshing and I felt indirectly apart of it. So this was my way of connecting the dots.

– I’m quite in love with my Shop the Break family! Hey y’all!! Hannah, the owner, and I are so in sync and we work so well together. We released our first collaborative collection “The Minis” last year for NYFW, and our bags got such a wonderful response that year – it was incredible. The Minis quickly became a crowd favorite, so we then decided to roll out a belt bag version in these cool-bright colorways! It’s all so exciting and I’m so pumped for future collaborations.

What is up next for Edas?

– Hmmm, we have a ton of amazing things we are working on, and since I Iove community building, one of those things are to produce a holiday dinner and shopping event in December, which I am so excited about. I am also working on a small collection for the holidays, so I’d say: keep those eyes peeled for all of what’s to come.

Visit Edas here and follow here.

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