Editor’s Pick: Coffee or Tea?

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by Johanna Andersson on 10 November, 2018

By now, we all know to choose fairtrade and organic coffee, not only in regard for our own health and the health of this planet, but for the safety of the farmers. No exception for tea. However, have you given any thought to how you make it?

Coffee is an ever-evolving (hipster) business, and no matter your own level of nerdiness, you probably care enough to consider your choices. There are trends in this, of course, and some of the current tendencies are actually pretty compatible with a greener line of thought. The way we see it, a more sustainable way of making tea or coffee is to scale back and keep things to the bare essentials. This means avoiding anything singular-use – like coffee filters and tea bags – but also choosing equipment free from plastic or even electricity. Luckily, these minimal requirements are also compatible with great aesthetics, and many brands have made the connection.

Drip coffee, or pour-over coffee – oh so trendy – is really very basic (to a non-nerd) and can be done without the paper filters. There are several versions of fine mesh metal filters available on the market that can be washed and reused over and over. Clever. Then there’s the traditional french press – only coffee and hot water needed – which can just as well be used for making tea or other yummy infusions. Brilliant.
These slow, manual methods (call them old-school if you like) are sort of a reply to the modern coffee machines that make a full pot in literally no time. And isn’t that what today is all about: slowing down, taking things into consideration, enjoying quality and craftsmanship, making things the proper way.

Undoubtedly, making coffee or tea has never been a more aesthetically pleasing activity. Here’s a selection of our favorite equipment and utensils for the job.


Shop the Coffee and Tea Essentials

1. Vintage Cup + Saucer Set, Arc Objects. 2. Brewer Stand Set, Kinto/Juno Home Supply. 3. Kopp RAW, Joel Sandelius/Tambur.

4. The Rooster Cafetiére, Matias Moellenbach/Yume. 5. Mug, Hasami/Fab-lab. 6. French Press, Yield.

7. Clip Clip With Spoon, Hay/The Line8. French Press Pot, Frieling/Tambur. 9. Tea Pot, Piuma Glasswear/Artilleriet.

10. Tea Cup, Ichendorf Milano/The Line. 11. Coffee Pot Buono, Hario/Cosa Home Stories. 12. Textured Wood Coffee Scoop, Juno Home Supply

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