Following their desire to create, Henrik Lundell and Victor Olsson of Wavy ended up on a small, windy island off the coast of Sicily with a camera and lots of film. The result is one of their most recent Objects – a photo book covering magical estate Tenuta Borgia.

Our friends at Wavy make exclusive, limited edition objects through collaborations with artisans and artists working in various fields. The Stockholm-based creative studio has so far launched a stool with MP12, PJs with Olatz, monogrammed hotel slippers, and a hardback photo book capturing Tenuta Borgia on Pantelleria, Italy – a dream destination of ours. The founders, photographer Henrik Lundell and art director Victor Olsson, answer our questions about launching Wavy Objects, the magic of co-labs and their time on Pantelleria in unison.  

What is the story behind Wavy?

– Five years ago, when we were both working in different parts of the fashion industry, we found a new way of creating content for the growing digital market and decided to start our own creative studio. Today we have a team of very talented people – photographers, retouchers and project managers – working in our Stockholm atelier.

You mainly focus on creating visual content, so how did Wavy Objects come about?

– We work a lot with visual content, especially for e-commerce, and while we love our clients we also felt a need to express ourselves creatively. Wavy Objects started as a way for us to work without limits or practicalities, while still developing our services and exploring new ways of creating online content. It’s also a great way to work with and meet new people.

One of your recent Objects is a photo book capturing Tenuta Borgia on Pantelleria. How did this project happen?

– Tenuta Borgia was the main location for the shooting of Luca Guadagnino’s film A Bigger Splash, which we both loved, so that’s how we found out about it. We connected with Sergio who runs the estate and approached him with open minds, talking about ways we could collaborate. In the end it became a book, as we felt the place deserved one.

– For this project we were also lucky to be able to work with Haydeé Touitou who wrote a beautiful piece on Pantelleria – the island she’s been returning to ever since she was a kid. And with Tony Cederteg, who runs the publishing house Libraryman, who did the editing and design of the book.

How would you describe Tenuta Borgia to someone who haven’t seen or heard about it?

– The estate sits on the slopes of the mountain overlooking the Mediterranean and is surrounded by gardens where they grow grapes and olives. Pantelleria is a very dry island, and even though it was exceptionally green when we were there, the land was still very brown and dry. So you basically have these super old stone houses, surrounded by brown earthy tones and beautiful tiling – which is maybe the first thing you notice when you come there. Then there is the gorgeous pool, of course!

Tell us about the time you spent at the estate – what was the experience like?

– Imagine A Bigger Splash, and take away the girls, the drama and the casual pool sessions. Then add cold weather and lots of film rolls. So basically two guys freezing on an island shooting 24/7 and eating really good food; thank you Sergio!

Pictured above and below: Wavy x Tenuta Borgia Book, Wavy Hotel Slippers, Wavy x Olatz PJ


Most Objects in your collection are made together with others. What is the magic of co-labs?

– The fun part of these co-labs is working with and meeting people from different fields. Our process is very open, and we try to keep it that way. Often when you work with commercial projects and clients, there are very real needs that you need to take into account. Here we try to do the exact opposite and just do whatever feels right and fun.

Mutual for the products coming out of the Wavy studio is an exclusive feel of materials and finish in combination with small-scale, limited productions. What are your criterias for making a new product?

– Not really closing any doors here – it’s an open field and could be anything that catches our interest. The things we choose to do is very much rooted in our own taste and what we find beautiful, or things we’d like to own but can’t find. The fact that most items have an exclusive feel and are limited simply reflects that. For example, we made very simple hotel slippers for 70 SEK a pop recently, just because we couldn’t find any good alternatives to buy.

What is on the horizon for Wavy Objects?

– We recently launched an off-white cotton pyjama together with the New York-based sleepwear brand Olatz. The model is the same classic that Olatz (Schnabel) has been making for her ex-husband Julian for years, and has become something of a cult look. We are very happy with it and have been wearing it all summer!

– Next up is a collaboration with Friends of Handicraft – a handicraft textile institution with studios and an education center on Djurgården here in Stockholm. This co-lab will be in line with the others, with a small-scale and limited production, and where everything is handmade locally here in Stockholm.

Visit Wavy Objects here and follow them here!

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