Coucoo Grands Cépages’ wooden cabins are designed to immerse guests in nature.

The fourth eco-destination from Coucoo sits in Lac de la Lionne, at the heart of the vineyards of Châteauneuf-du-Pape, north of Avignon. Whether floating, on stilts or covered in vegetation, Gaspard de Moustier and Emmanuel de La Bédoyère have developed 15 cabins ideal for savouring the surrounding French fishing reserve with a grounding in responsible tourism.

As if conjuring lake reeds for shelter, the ecological wooden structures avoid chemical treatment by using larch and Douglas fir and blend seamlessly with their environment. Architects from Atelier Lavit describe them as evoking ‘primitive buildings on the shore of the lake; floating on the water like rafts or on pilots like palafittes.’

Among them is their first self-sufficient floating cabin, complete with wind turbines and a sanitary system which utilises rainwater. Planted in the middle of the vineyards, the biological infinity pool is perhaps more pleasure oriented, as are the Ultra Bio Ozone Nordic baths installed on the terrace of more than one cabin. Taking inspiration from Scandinavian customs, the baths reach a toasty 40° with a technological system that allows for a natural purification of water.

Environmental etiquette begins at the door for guests with an adventurer’s backpack, including little bags for recycling and a copy of the ‘Coucoo Charter’, a handy breakdown of what to do to become a perfect citizen of the forest. Each morning a producer’s basket can be found jammed with locally made teas, coffees, conserves and pastries.

Each element of the natural setting has been elegantly designed with a distinct purpose in mind – we are part of nature and can freely enjoy quietude without losing too many of our acquired creature comforts.

Gaspard adds, “The Coucoo experience is above all the opportunity to reconnect with those who count, with each other, with family, and with oneself too. At the heart of each of the eco-domains, all very different, the notion of time is completely lost. We wanted to develop an experiential and alternative tourist offer located in exceptional natural areas and composed of accommodation wholly integrated into its environment.”

“We do not want to multiply the number of eco-domains but always to select incredible places so that each site is a little jewel. We intend to create a strong brand with Coucoo and, for that, we must respect our specifications of a truly natural site with a large footprint to honour our promise of immersion and disconnection in the heart of nature.”

You can find Coucoo Grands Cépages here and follow them here.

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