We talk to hair stylist David Glover of newly launched hair care label Martinsson King about the secret to really good hair, sustainability and eco-friendly hair care routines.

Martinsson King is a new hair care brand created by Australian hair stylist and creative director David Glover together with Swedish entrepreneur and business developer Anders Sjöstedt. Wanting to offer products that make hair care easier and better for both clients and the environment, they’ve built their business with innovation and mindfulness as corner stones.
The minimalist line is made up by only five products: one shampoo, one conditioner and three so called ‘infusions’ that have either a smoothing, hydrating or volumizing effect. These can be blended into the shampoo or conditioner depending on your preferred results, or be used as a leave-in treatment or styling product after wash.
What caught our attention was their naturally-derived ingredient list that is free of sulfates, parabens, silicones and gluten, and is 100% vegan and cruelty-free. And we’re not ones to say no to a multipurpose product either (even though we always wish for less plastic-y ones).


How would you describe your new hair care line?

– Martinsson King is the world’s first modular hair care brand. It’s minimalist both in design and conception. We have one shampoo and conditioner suiting all hair types, leaving the hair soft and clean, with great color protection. The whole line is performance based. Using our shampoo, for example, your hair will feel fresh and clean longer.

– It’s a stylist brand, and I infused my experience from styling models and celebrities in more than 20 years to create Martinsson King. I want our clients to be able to create the best possible foundation for their hair to be healthy and strong, equipped with the right tools for every day.

How does it work?

– Our three infusions for volume, hydration and smoothness are tools to style your hair in a way you have never seen before. Speaking modular hair care, all our products are compatible, so you can already in the washing process add for example some hydrating infusion, if your hair feels dry. But you can also choose to add the infusions only before blow drying your hair; it’s very flexible. Do you need volume for the roots and smoothness for the ends? You can work your hair with each infusion at the right spot and have a beautiful effect.

– What I also like with our products is that they make the hair look more healthy, since they are absorbed in the hair and don’t just layered on it. As a consequence, you need less styling products. Finally, we chose the brand to be vegan, as well as parabene, silicone, sulfate, gluten and cruelty free.  

Would you like to share the creative process of starting up the brand?

– Anders and I decided to develop a range that helps you discover and work with your true self and best features; the real you in a way that is authentic and relatable. We want our users to love themselves and feel true to who they are, which is why we created a modular range that can be adapted to you as an individual rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. We want our users to know that we see them and understand theirs need for individuality.

“Our goal is to create the most sustainable products on the market with a focus on high performance and user functionality”

What’s the secret to really good hair care (and amazing results)?  

– Until now, hair care has always been a one-size-fits-all game. You were either going to use a moisturizing shampoo or a volumizing shampoo, but nothing addressed the fact that your hair was actually a combination of flat roots and dry damaged ends. Therefore, treating the hair with a ‘hail gun’ approach will always leave the user feeling like their hair care was not all it could be. We created the tools to allow the user to build a personalized care program that allows them to adjust the amount and requirements daily. Being able to give their hair exactly what it needs.

What kind of ingredients do you work with and where do you source them?

– Our products are all naturally derived, sustainably formulated, vegan and cruelty free. This was a strict stipulation for me, when we were going through the development process. As an on-set fashion hair stylist, I have to be able to rely on the performance of the products. It doesn’t matter how ‘organic’ a product might be—if it doesn’t work, I am not going to use it. Therefore the performance of the brand is paramount, knowing that I will confidently achieve the looks that I am creating, while also using ingredients that are safe for my client and the environment.

We’re always curious to know: what can you tell us about your production?  

– Martinsson King was developed in Sweden and the production is also located there. We worked for three years to develop the brand from scratch. As our concept was so new, it required a lot of research. We initially started working in Italy, then California, before we finally found the right lab in Stockholm that could make our modular hair care a reality. Therefore, our formulas are unique and on the cutting edge of technology in regards to ingredient blending, offering many hair care benefits that have never before been possible.

How do you work with sustainability within the company?

– Environmental concerns are always front and center of everything we do; from our ingredient choice to our packaging; to becoming more digital and cutting down on paper usage. Most luxury brands struggle to fit an environmental profile and use excessive ingredients to ‘green wash’ the user into believing they are using something natural.

– We believe that less is more and have the smallest ingredients list that includes only what is needed to give you great results. Organic does not necessarily mean better—especially if it requires more preservative to stabilize the formula. Our goal is to create the most sustainable products on the market with a focus on high performance and user functionality.

Your best tips for an eco-friendly hair care routine?

– Only use products with a sustainable, vegan profile. Research the formulas and be aware of any company that is not transparent about their use of ingredients. Cheap products means cheap ingredients. However, expensive products does not necessarily mean they are environmentally sound either, so you should always read the label.


Visit Martinsson King here and follow them on @martinssonking.

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