Baumgarten Di Marco offers timeless and sustainable diamond jewelry that celebrates the unique and artisanal traditions in a new and inspiring way.

Lisa von Baumgarten and Jenny Kask is the founding duo behind Stockholm-based jewelry brand Baumgarten Di Marco, known for their simple, timeless aesthetics and alternative use of diamonds. Making precious jewelry with leftover slices from the diamond-cutting process, they’ve found a way of using the entire stone, giving new value to what was previously considered waste.
Knowing them as a mindful brand with a big focus on sustainability, we wanted to go deeper and learn more about their business, the new Art Déco inspired collection and how to make jewelry last. 

How do you source your diamonds?

– We source our diamonds from authorized diamond traders in India, which is the largest diamond trader in the world. Our supplier is controlled by two different organizations to make sure that the diamonds are sourced in both an ethical and conscious way.

What possibilities does these kinds of diamonds offer you as jewelers?

– It offers us the chance to conceptualize diamonds in a new way. We love the beauty of the raw-cut diamonds in this new composition, design and structure.

What other materials do you work with?

– In order to assure that we provide materials that minimize our environmental impact, we have continuing relationships with suppliers in India that have a similar commitment. Wherever possible, we utilize raw materials and alloy that have been recycled and have been processed in a responsible and sustainable manner. We work with 925 sterling silver and 18k gold plated brass. These metals are precious and can be melted down and reused many times, making them the perfect material choice for planet-conscious jewelry.

Would you care to share your design and production process?

– The creative process is based on insights that emerge from a chaos of different ideas. It is dynamic and constantly ongoing. The inspiration comes from people, art and music—everything that gives pleasure and energy! The design takes place in our Stockholm-based studio, from where we send artwork and sometimes 3D printed prototypes to our skilled jewelers.

– All our jewelry is handcrafted by fine jewelers in India. The diamonds are put together one by one into a beautiful mosaic, making each piece of jewelry unique.

In what other ways are you incorporating sustainability into your brand and business model?

– Since we started the brand, we have been cooperating with Craftmark. Craftmark works to promote and support genuine handcraft producers in India. The result is sustainable sales of craft in the retail markets, greater rural employment and increased consumer awareness. Economically, socially and environmentally it’s important to always continue to develop, and we are constantly working to improve.

Would you like to share your best tips on how to care for jewellery to make it last?

– Store your jewelry in a cloth pouch or in a separate compartment in your jewelry box, and avoid exposing your jewelry to household soaps. Direct sunlight also causes silver to tarnish, so be sure to take off your jewelry before you go swimming or sunbathing. All plated jewelry will fade over time, so in order not to make the tarnish visible, we have chosen to work with gold plated brass instead of silver.

– We believe in consumer awareness, and today everyone must be aware of the environment. Silver turn dark and yellow when oxidizing. To keep your silver bright in a green way, use baking soda and water—it will remove oxidation and restore the shine and luster of the jewelry. We want our jewelry to last over time and be inherited by future generations.

Can you tell us about the newest additions to your collection?

– Yes, and we are so excited! Our upcoming collection will contain the color burgundy. Since all our diamonds are raw and clear, and placed on wax, we have the possibility to add colors. This gives us another opportunity to offer the market a new and unique, fashionable and conscious jewelry line.


Visit Baumgarten Di Marco here and follow them @baungartendimarco.

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