The countdown to the summer holidays will soon be down to single digits, and to many of us, this means some wonderful weeks of traveling. Wanting to do this in a responsible way, we've listed our best tips for eco-friendly and climate conscious vacationing.


We all know we should avoid flying and choose alternative transportation, like trains and busses, but if you must—fly in an eco conscious way. Check out Our Ultimate Guide to Eco Conscious Air Travels for some great tips.


Exploring new places by car might be fast and fun, but for the sake of the environment (and your vacay budget) you might want to consider renting a bike, electric bike, or even a scooter, as it needs much less gas than a car. Or do like the locals: walk or take public transportation.  


If a car is the only option: Choose a car rental service that offers a “green selection” of hybrid or electric cars. Book in advance to make sure you get the best one. And go small. Smaller cars usually run on much less fuel.


If you’re staying in a hotel—look for an eco conscious one that has effective waste treatment, recycles and is energy efficient. Do they use solar power or other sustainable power sources, for example? Look for sustainability certifications like The Green Globe or Rainforest Alliance. And, always ask questions!    


You know the drill: ∙ Save water (shower, don’t bathe) ∙ Stick with your towel for as long as possible ∙ Turn off the lights, TV and air conditioning/heat when you go out ∙ Unplug chargers when not in use ∙ Leave the “Do Not Disturb” sign up if you’re not in need of cleaning or a change of sheets to save resources and avoid usage of chemical cleaning agents, and avoid the laundry service for the same reasons ∙ Take the half used shampoo bottles and such with you home to prevent them from being thrown.


Bring a reusable water bottle and bag for shopping. If you need to buy water, get big bottles and use them to refill your “reusables”.


Buy from different stores and eat at different restaurants to support many local businesses, and get as much locally grown, organic and vegetarian food and beverage as you can.


∙ Respect the local environment and wildlife ∙ Find out how they recycle in the country and city you’re in so that you can be a respectful and eco-friendly guest ∙ Stay on marked trails and public footpaths ∙ Don’t remove plants or feed animals ∙ And, obviously: never litter.


Choose a toxic-free sunscreen that won’t contaminate waters, coral reefs and fishes when you go swimming. We’d go for natural and organic physical UV-filter sunscreen with non-nanoparticle titanium dioxide. Read our guide here: These Are the Things to Know Before Getting a New Sunscreen.


Mind your souvenirs. Don’t by things made from animal hides or body parts, shells, ivory, corals and such (they may even be illegal). And as always, you’d rather go for local, artisanal and ethically produced goods.  


Bring Your Own Towel, that is. It’s easy to forget (or not prioritize) to pack a beach towel, but having to buy a new one while you’re away is simply wasteful and unnecessary.



1. Halley Swimsuit in Recycled Polyester, Weekday. 2. Beach Towel, 100% Organic Cotton, Filippa K. 3. Reusable Bottle, Spiked Naked 1L, BKR.

4. Sun Lotion SPF 20 With Titanium Dioxide, Maria Åkerberg/Skin City. 5. Reusable Mesh Bag, Baggu. 6. After Sun Lotion, Maria Åkerberg/Naturligt Snygg.

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