Wanting to expand our knowledge of natural and organic beauty, we invited Pernilla Rönnberg—founder of organic skin care and makeup brand Estelle & Thild—to share her wisdom (and complete beauty routine!). The conversation left us feeling enlightened and inspired; you will too.

Pernilla Rönnberg founded Estelle & Thild in Stockholm, Sweden, back in 2007. By launching a sustainable beauty range made with luxury organic ingredients, she totally pioneered the natural beauty business, taking a stand against the unnecessary pesticides and toxic residue often found in conventional skin care.
All formulas used for the Estelle & Thild products are certified organic by Ecocert and made with pure bioactive ingredients and exclusive raw materials. Too good, but also true. This office already swear by the brand’s facial oils, serums and cleansing water, and are currently discovering their new and celebrated line of makeup (we’re definitely beginning to understand the hype—that sun powder!). Here’s your gateway to Pernilla Rönnberg’s world of natural and organic beauty.

Why does conventional skincare have so many chemicals in them—what’s the point?

– Chemicals are used for many different reasons even though they can be skin irritating and bad for the environment. Parabens, for example, are used as a preservative that prevents the growth of bacteria, and many products also contain strong, artificial scents and colors, which are chemicals too. 

– Some chemicals, such as parabens and sulphates, are more cost effective to use, but walking that extra mile—searching for natural ingredients and formulas that give the same result—is what we put our hearts into. We have taken a stand as a certified organic skincare brand, even if it’s a more costly and challenging process.

Do you remember the thing or realisation that made you call it quits with conventional skincare? 

– This became very clear to me when I had my first daughters Estelle and Mathilde (hence the brand name). I realized that many products were full of chemicals, and I didn’t want to use these on or around my babies. From there, Estelle & Thild was born, based on the idea of a truly organic brand that also cares for the planet and coming generations. I saw that there was a need for more natural and organic products, that are good for both you and the environment, and wanted to create a beauty brand with a wide and complete range of products.

Healthy Glow Foundation. Healthy Glow Sun Powder. Lip Balm Blossom Beige.

What is clean beauty to you, and why do you think it’s the way to go?

– For me, clean beauty is a lifestyle. Not just with regard to my organic beauty products, but also when it comes to my general lifestyle choices. I enjoy healthy, clean and green food, and believe that what you eat also shows on your skin, and that you can feed your skin from the inside with healthy organic food. I have a healthy lifestyle in general, but for me, the key is to find a good balance.

How difficult is it making completely natural, organic and vegan products and getting them eco-certified? Do you ever feel like you have to compromise on some things in order to achieve this?

– Producing certified organic products is more of a complicated process. As a certified organic and cruelty-free brand we get rigidly inspected and need to meet hard demands. There are many ingredients that we’re not allowed to use, but that’s a choice we’ve made. Regardless, I find the products to be equally good, and don’t believe we compromise on anything important.

How do you create your products? Would you like to take us through it step by step?

– I usually get an idea for a new product or concept, which is often based on trends, things I have seen or just a feeling. I usually back it up with some data, but that’s not always the way it works if you want to think ahead and be innovative. I’m involved in the whole process from idea to final product, and have an amazing production team that constantly works to develop new products. Together, we create new formulas, approve scents, textures and ingredients, and parallel to that we decide on concepts, packaging and set the design for artworks.

“For me, clean beauty is a lifestyle. Not just with regard to my organic beauty products, but also when it comes to my general lifestyle choices”

Now to the part we’re most excited and curious about: Would you mind sharing your complete beauty routine—skincare, makeup and all? Do you mix your own products with external brands?

– I love organic beauty and I see it as a part of my job to try new products that are hitting the market. My beauty routine mainly consists of our own products, since we have more or less everything that I need, and only use products from other brands that we don’t have yet.

– I start my morning routine by splashing some cold water in my face—it starts the blood circulation and makes me feel awake. After that, I use our new Brightening Serum, which works on pigmentation and sun spots. I finish with the Firming Day Cream and Eye Serum from SuperBioActive, which have advanced anti-aging properties.

– As for day makeup, I use our Healthy Glow Sun Powder, a light eyeshadow and Volume Mascara. I usually go with a natural look, so for my lips I normally use our lip balm in the shade Blossom Beige that also adds some moisture. We recently launched makeup, and I love all our natural shades, but my favorites are Marble and Walnut.

– My makeup for a night out is almost the same, the only difference is that I add darker eyeshadows to intensify the eyes and the Healthy Glow Foundation as a base to get a perfect even skin tone.

– In my nightly routine I make a bigger effort with cleansing. I use our Eye Makeup Remover first, and then the 3-in-1 Cleansing Foam. Then comes our Age Control Serum together with our Repairing Oil Complex. I finish off with the SuperBioActive Night Cream, and sometimes sleep with a moisture mask. My favorite is Intense Moisture Mask from Laneige, and once a week I use our Micro Polish to get rid of dead skin cells and add some new glow.

– We don’t have any hair care, so for that I use products from John Masters Organics, and a dry shampoo from Balmain for volume.

Firming Day Cream. Lifting Eye Cream. Repairing Oil Complex.

The Scandinavian winter is rough on most people. What would you say are the most important steps to having healthy and glowing skin during the cold season?

– My lifesavers during winter are without a doubt our oils. The skin gets affected by cold temperatures, which is why it’s important to calm and nourish it. Oils can be used under foundations, blended with your day cream or mixed with moisture masks. To stay healthy, I drink green juices with extra ginger and turmeric, and lots of tap water.

What are the next steps for Estelle & Thild as a brand?

– We’re always progressing, and 2018 will be such an exciting year since we are launching new products and will continue to expand globally. I can’t share anything yet, but I can say that all Estelle & Thild customers can expect news in both our skin care and makeup line.



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