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How Do We Stop the Feel-Good Shopping?

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by Emma Elwin on 14 August, 2017

The past days back at work have been quite hectic, but this week I feel that I’m catching up. Finally my unread emails are down to only sixteen, and my to-do list has shrunken from a A4 to a post-it.

This summer I had a lot of time to think about how we live life and things like that, and here’s one of my thoughts: I always buy a coffee when I’m on the move, I’m always looking out for a new wardrobe find, and I just love buying things for Dylan or our home. Why is this?
Why do I feel happy when I’m shopping and HOW can I get rid of this feeling? Even if I buy most things second hand, I feel that we have more than enough already.

How do we shake this collective feel-good shopping habit of ours? Give me your thoughts!


KARIN: I watched the documentary The True Cost six weeks ago and I haven’t shopped a single thing I didn’t really need since then. Every time I’m about to shop something, the images and the message from the documentary pops up in my head and I immediately put the thing back. For me, the insights from it became a real game changer. I strongly recommend that you watch it if you haven’t already!
September 12, 2017

Michelle: they say it takes 21 days to break a habit (or form a new one!).
August 23, 2017

Hanna: It is quite easy and is quite hard. But to stop you just have to stop. Look at what you have and you will probably see that's enough. So just decided I won't by anything more now. Then comes the hard part, this is a behavior that you have to train away, you will still want to shop, but you won't because you decided that you won't. And you have to tell your self that your the master of your on life, you don't wish to be controlled by what the market tells you that you need anymore. Then after a while it will get easier, after a while shopping won't take up space in your mind because it's not a part of your life anymore. And let me tell you it's wonderful.
August 19, 2017

Ricardo Quinones: You buy coffee to look cooler, you buy things to Dylan so he can look cooler, he looks good, you look good. Buying thing for the home is mostly creative anxiety ( this will look good with this and so on) How do you stop? By quitting one thing at a time. You don't need that coffee to look cooler ;)
August 18, 2017

Lara: I often ask myself this question. I believe that it is easy to get caught up in a shopping frenzy at times when you aren't being mindful. What I mean by this is that you let your creativity get the best of you by allowing it to completely take over your thoughts, compelling you to buy more to feel satisfied. The truth is you will never be satisfied by materialistic things and it is important to remind yourself of this fact.
August 17, 2017

lisa: I feel exactly the same. But I think it´s like an addiction like everything else. If you stop and think, do I really need this? Will this make me more happy? Then I think we can be saticfied with the things we already have and maybe valuble experiences and just being instead of things.
August 15, 2017

Hanna: Dear Emma! We should ask ourselves: what else could I do to feel good, what could we do for ourselves? Maybe read a book, go outside. As you said, we do shopping just to feel good and that good feeling actually doesn't last for long. Sometimes I feel stressed out by all the things that surround me and I feel better after giving some of the things away—maybe you know that feeling. So doing something for yourself instead of buying something could be the better idea. I guess, we can learn to keep our eyes open and question this habit, change it. Hälsningar, Hanna
August 14, 2017

Räkan: Maybe read a little about the psychology on how the human brain works when it comes to these kinds of habits/needs and urges. The power of habit is a fairly easy book to digest. They explain in a quite simple way how habits works and how to work around them. It's a lot about working around them/changing them, not necessarily getting rid of them all together. I guess the book is also fairly scientifically accurate
August 14, 2017

thelook365: I have started a 365-project where I won't shop any clothes in a year. That's one way...drastic but needed
August 14, 2017

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