Weekday’s new swimwear collection, made from recycled waste materials, hits stores this week. We asked creative director Louise Lasson to tell us more about the sustainable aspects of the collection.

Weekday’s new swimwear collection is made from waste material, namely recycled polyester and polyamide. The amount of recycled materials differs from product to product, but from what we can figure out, about 80 percent of the swimwear is made of recycled polyamide.
Obviously, we love it when the big chains raise awareness regarding sustainability and present us with “better choices”. Making sustainability mainstream is a big and important part of the process towards enabling a better fashion future.  We would be ever happier to get the full back-stories on how collections like these are made–from the first idea to the sourcing of materials, the production and end of use phase. We asked Weekday’s creative director Louise Lasson and she gave us an account for Weekday’s sustainability work, albeit in more general terms.

How do you at Weekday work with sustainability generally (and specifically with this collection)? 

– At Weekday, we want to offer fashion with compassion for people and the planet. Sustainability is a natural part of our daily work—it’s necessary and an obvious choice. We put a big focus on the materials we use: since 2015, we have exclusively worked with sustainable denim for all our 5 pocket jeans, and this summer we launch our first full swimwear collection made from recycled waste materials. And, our goal is to use only organic and recycled cotton by 2020.

How did the idea for this collection come up?

– As a modern and mindful fashion and denim brand, we are committed to keeping both the future of fashion and the future of society in mind. It feels natural for us to use sustainable materials, and we want to motivate people to think more sustainably while also being inspired by fashion that is timeless, and that can be adapted and updated to change with the times. It feels great that with the introduction of our first sustainable swimwear collection, we continue our effort to create products with added value, and support our sustainability initiatives.


How have you worked to realize this collection from beginning to end, and what have been the biggest struggles?

– We always keep our eyes open for new ways to make our garments with less impact on the environment. In recent times, a lot has happened when it comes the possibilities of using recycled materials. When we realized that it would be possible to make the swimwear collection out of waste materials, we were all very excited. It required some extra work developing the materials, but it feels great now to be able to offer our first sustainable swimwear collection which uses waste and requires much less energy than regular materials.

How have you sourced the materials?

– Materials are super-important to us, and the design team spends a lot of time in the beginning of a process doing fabric research and development. It was important for us that the qualities should not only be sustainable, but also the best when it comes to function and look. Some extra work had to be made to achieve this, but in the end we were very happy with the results.

What’s the reason the amount of recycled materials differs from product to product? What other materials have been used?

– When it comes to sustainable fashion, it’s hard to change everything at the same time, but we can begin by doing things better. We can use more sustainable fabrics and tell our customers exactly what material has gone into making their garments. In turn, our customers won’t have to choose between the fashion they want and the values they have. This is a small step towards a better future, but we hope it will make a big difference to our customers.

How have you worked differently with this collection, compared to when you do a “normal” collection?

– We are used to working with sustainable materials at Weekday, so in that sense it is like a normal collection for us. However, this is the first time that we’ve made this many different swimwear styles, and we had to put in some extra effort in developing the qualities that we were after.

Are you planning on making this sort of initiative a regular thing?

– The work with resource smart materials is a constantly ongoing process at Weekday. Sometimes we highlight a certain material or a collection, but sustainability is never a onetime thing. In total, the percentage of sustainable materials is increasing every season. We will add more and more sustainable fabrics in the future, and Weekday will continue to offer current, international fashion, influenced by Scandinavian style.

The campaign imagery shows Weekday’s new SS17 swimwear collection. Shop the pieces here

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