Frizzy hair can be a bitch, especially if you opt for the opposite. Who hasn’t, at one point, dreamt of smooth, shiny hair that stays perfectly in place, looking annoyingly flawless—always?

Well, for some of us, that’s just not happening—at least not all the time. We all face days, and weather-conditions, that make things a bit… unmanageable. Needless to say, we all have to work with what we’ve got, whether we’re loving our frizziness, dry hair and split ends or not.

Lifestyle blogger Tuva Stener is fighting her frizz in all ways she can, going at it with various oils and hot styling tools. For the past two and a half years, she’s been trying to tame that beautiful blonde bob of hers, but will she keep up the struggle? As a part of our Biolage R.A.W. series of interviews with inspiring women about their hair habits, meet Tuva Stener.

What’s your hair type and how does it behave?

– I have very, very thick hair that easily reacts to the weather conditions. It gets frizzy if the air is either dry or humid, or if it’s windy outside, haha!

How would you describe your relationship to your hair?

– Two and a half years ago, when I cut my hair off, I realized what a good hairstyle can do for your mood and overall feeling. I also went blonde around the same time, and it just felt so natural. I love that a different hair color can do so much for your look. I feel like my hair complements my style, and when I look at old pictures, I barely recognize myself with that dark, long hair!

Tell us about your hair routine! 

– I wash my hair with shampoo and conditioner two times a week, and after a workout I just rinse it with water. Since it’s quite dry, because of all the highlights, I use all different kinds of hair oils to keep the hydration and frizziness under control. For styling, I always use heating protection and either a straightener or a blow dryer. In fact, I just got a great blow-drying brush that I think will take my hair styling skills to a new level.

What’s the best thing you’ve ever done for your hair?

– The best thing is that I’ve found a great hair stylist who gets me and my hair. That really is crucial when you want to try new things or get a new hairstyle. I believe that you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment with your hair, since it always grows out, and you can always recolor it—at least most times. Actually, I was just thinking about coloring my hair a bit darker after summer, which is quite contradictory since I just said that I love being a blondie. But I love to switch things up, getting a fresh start. So, we’ll see!

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