Day six of Make it last founders Lisa and Emma's Biolage #LiveRaw 7 Day Challenge is all about pampering your hair.

Today’s challenge is Sleep in! – Mend your hair with an overnight treatment. Here’s how Emma and Lisa interpret the challenge.


“Ok, I promise, tonight I will do my first ever leave-in-overnight hair treatment (!), and I will tell you about it tomorrow. (I’ll save the sleep-in for the weekend though.)
I thought about my (lack of) beauty habits this morning when I walked my dog to work and listened to the episode of STYLEBY’s beauty podcast with my dear partner in crime Emma as a guest. She and Anja talked about natural and organic beauty and, well, beauty routines, give it a listen if you understand Swedish!
Emma doesn’t wear a lot of makeup and doesn’t have a huge amount of beauty routines that she swears by, but she has a genuine interest in ingredients and what they do to your skin. So does Anja. I’ve always envied that curiosity. Emma’s always like: “once you start thinking about it, you can’t stop!” What she doesn’t realize is that we’re not all like that. But she is and it’s one of my favorite things about her <3″


“Since I have a teen month old baby sleeping in is not what it use to be anymore. I did manage to have some hair oil on my ends before going to bed. And this morning, (like many others, André really does spoil me) I got an hour’s extra sleep and when I came down stairs this beautiful breakfast was waiting for me! A smile on your face must be the best beauty trick there is?”

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