House of Dagmar is celebrating Earth Day by launching Dagmar Decades—a new part of their online shop dedicated to vintage clothing, samples and pieces from their previous collections.

Isn’t it weird how clothes are considered “in“ or “out”? Right now, for a number of various reasons, things in fashion are moving too fast, and a lot of clothes are dismissed as unfashionable or irrelevant almost as soon as they’ve landed in stores. Where’s the reason in all that?

As a reaction—perhaps—to this crazy, high-speed fashion system, some designers have taken it into their own hands to make sure their previous designs won’t be forgotten (e.g. Acne Studios). Now, it’s the sister trio behind Swedish fashion brand House of Dagmar who are opening up their archive, and personal wardrobes, in order to give their designs a second chance to be bought, worn, loved and—hopefully—passed on for years to come.

We asked Dagmar’s creative director, Kristina Tjäder, to tell us all about Dagmar Decades, and their work towards becoming more sustainable.

Tell us about the idea behind Dagmar Decades!

– Dagmar Decades is a natural step in our journey to create more sustainable collections. We want to encourage people to give new life to older pieces, which is why we’re going to sell them in our webshop. One section of Dagmar Decades will be dedicated to vintage pieces from my own and my sisters’ closets as well as special runway pieces, and another will be for pieces from previous collections that will be sold at a reduced price.

How does it work? 

– Dagmar Decades will be a part of our existing online store where you’ll be able to find iconic Dagmar pieces worn by, for example, Alicia Vikander and Beyonce, as well as pieces from our very first collections.

What are you going to submit from your own closet? 

– A cropped chunky knit top and some summer dresses from one of our very early collections.

Do you have any all-time favorite pieces from the previous collections that you still wear? 

– Yes, absolutely! There are a few timeless wool pants, blazers, coats and sweaters that I wear all the time, like our Love sweaters in merino and cashmere. But I also wear some of our fancy dresses, like Elisa.

Why do you think this initiative is important from a sustainable perspective? 

– We want to encourage consumers to think about how they consume, and to move further away from the constant buying of new things. Our mentality from the beginning has been to create collections of great quality, so that when you buy something from Dagmar, you should be able to have it and wear it for a very long time.

In what other ways is Dagmar working towards becoming a more sustainable brand?

– We’re constantly trying to find new ways to produce and use materials that have been harvested with minimal damage to the environment and the animals. We’re not a 100% sustainable brand, but we’re working every day to reduce our footprint on this planet. When it comes to design, timeless is the key word. Most of our producers today come from closed systems where they handle and recycle all the waste, and try to find a way to use as little energy as possible. We’re continuously searching for recycled, organic and sustainable fabrics, and aim to find new and better solutions.

Do you have any eco-friendly products or production methods in the current or upcoming collections?

– We do! The cashmere in the fall winter 2017 collection is recycled, and we have a coat and bomber jacket made 100% from recycled PET-bottles. And, as for all our collections, we use mulesing-free merino wool and biodegradable Lyocell.

You have previously introduced “animal friendly fur”. Is this something you’re still working with?

– Yes, we do. Firstly, the real fur we use is only produced from food industry byproducts. For the animal friendly fur, we use a special shaving technique, which allows the fur to be weaved into a fabric base, creating an ethically conscious and luxurious garment.

What’s your eco-fashion prediction? 

– I hope there will be a bigger request for and awareness of sustainability among both consumers and suppliers. Today, we have to do a big search to find nice and sustainable qualities that make good alternatives to the traditional ones. My dream is that people will care as much about sustainable clothing as they do when it comes to food.


Photo by Philip Messman, SS16 collection.

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