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by Make it last on 15 March, 2017

Natural-origin haircare line Biolage R.A.W. invites inspirational women to share their thoughts about living R.A.W. Meet stylist, fashion director and dj Pamela Bellafesta.

What defines you?
– People who don’t know me that well tends to get surprised when I tell them I’m a lone wolf, but my close friends knows that I really need to be by myself a lot. I think it’s because I have both a creative job and creative hobbies, so my thoughts just needs space to wander freely without disruption. I guess that’s why I love hanging out with animals—company, but no talking!

Would you say you live close to nature?

– I moved away from the city five years ago just to live closer to nature. In my little house and garden I can breathe fresh air and grow my own vegetables. This is very important to me, and I don’t think I’d ever be able to live in the city again. I guess that’s also what’s kept me in Sweden—the fresh air.

How do you define “raw”?

– As something genuine with no crap added whatsoever.

What does “raw” mean to you?

– Raw and organic is something I’m looking for in everything from food to design and people. Actually, I always compare people to food, and would only want to hang out with a slowly and organically grown tomato, filled with genuine taste.

How much effort do you put into making greener choices in your everyday life?

– I only eat organic food. I know saying this doesn’t make me special—and that’s a good thing. It only means it’s a very normal thing for people to do nowadays. When it comes to beauty, I try to use as much organic products as possible. Also, chemical cleaning products are not welcome in my house anymore; just the smell of them gives me a headache. Oh, and my goal for this year is to not throw away any food whatsoever, so my family and me eat leftovers two to three times a week.

What’s your best sustainability tip?

– To eat leftovers. Today, up to fifty percent of all food that’s being produced goes to waste. To save our world, this really has to stop.

What’s your food philosophy?
– Start paying for food! I can get really mad at people who don’t understand that the farmers survival depends on us. I eat lots of vegetarian food, and if I have meat at home it’s carefully selected and often purchased directly from the farmer.

What’s good health to you?

– I put a lot of time, money and effort into good food, and I guess that’s why my little daughter and me never get sick. I’m still working on my stress levels though, and my goal is to practice yoga at least once a week.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

– Pasta with a lot of butter. I love to eat the leftovers directly from the saucepan when no one’s watching, cause that’s where you’ll find all the juicy flavors.

What’s your hair type and how does it behave?

– I’ve got naturally curly hair that looks it’s best when it’s newly washed and I’ve touched is as little as possible. It gets too dry if I shampoo it every day, so I choose my washing days carefully.

How would you describe your relationship to your hair?
– I just recently realized that the thing the women I relate to style-vise have in common, is that they’ve got the same kind of hair as me. So, I guess hair means a lot to me. I really like my curls, but meet a lot of women who tells me that though they’ve got the same kind of curls as me, they always wear their hair straight. I don’t get this. I think these women should give their curls a chance!

Tell us about your hair routine!
– I wash my hair maybe twice a week and treat it to a hair mask about once a month. When it’s still wet after shower I apply some BB Cream and then squeeze in a curl cream before letting it air dry. I cut it about two to three times a year and in between I usually get my bangs trimmed by a hair stylist when I’m in the studio shooting. I stopped coloring it about five years ago. I used to be really blond back in the days, but now I like to keep my natural color.

Have you ever detoxed your hair?
– I wish I had, but I think four days is about the longest I’ve gone without washing. My bangs tend to get oily pretty fast.

Are there any hair-related experiences that stand out in your memory?
– When I was going to prom, my mum put my hair up in a French twist. What else? It made me scream with pain. Then she told me, in a really angry voice and with cigarette smoke escaping her mouth, to think of my best friend sitting in the next room, who had no hair because of leukemia. At that moment, I really started appreciating my hair and have never complained about a bad hair day since. My mum really opened up my eyes.

Do you have any homemade recipes for hair and beauty treatments, or any natural ingredients you swear by?

– I’ve tried an organic shampoo a few times, which is all natural and made from Indian herbs and nuts. I like it, but I’m not ready to give up my regular shampoo just yet.

How do you hope your hair and beauty routine will develop over time?
– I’m not sure about how I will react when my hair starts turning gray. Maybe that would make me want to start coloring it again. But I hope that in one year, I’ll have only organic stuff in my makeup bag. And since I’m also into Ayurveda, I think I’ll live more after that philosophy in the future.

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