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by Make it last on 13 March, 2017

Natural-origin haircare line Biolage R.A.W. invites inspirational women to share their thoughts about living R.A.W. Meet writer, illustrator, podcaster and blogger Flora Wiström.

What defines you?
– My work as a writer and the women I have around me.

Would you say you live close to nature?
– I eat plant based food, so in a way—yes. I grew up on the countryside, but live in the city center now, so the canal I see from my apartment window is the closest to nature I’ll get. However, now and then I go to Hälsingland where my family’s got a summer house. When I’m there, all I do is write, take walks in the forest and listen to the river singing.

How do you define “raw”?
– Natural and unprocessed.

What does “raw” mean to you?
– My first thought is that it’s tricky and cold. But I do like the idea of unprocessed food and products.

How much effort do you put into making greener choices in your everyday life?

– I eat vegan food, I walk or take the subway and I sort my household waste.

What’s your best sustainability tip?
– To ditch the meat.

What’s your food philosophy?

– Plant based food is better for the environment and animals as well as your body. And it’s way more fun!

What’s good health to you?
– Having a healthy mind freed of self-doubt.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

– I don’t work with guilt. All pleasures are good pleasures.

What’s your hair type and how does it behave?

– It’s fun and delicate. It lets me put it up without using hair bands—since it’s dry—and it looks good when I stroke my fingers through it.

How would you describe your relationship to your hair?
– My hair is very important to me, cause I shake it a lot when I’m dancing. And I like the way it feels when someone strokes it.

Tell us about your hair routine!

– Every third day, I shampoo my hair with vegan products that doesn’t contain any parabens or sulfates. On the second day after washing, I use dry shampoo. Oh, and I use a tangle teezer every day and rarely leave the house without a hairbrush in my bag. I like the way my hair looks when it’s newly brushed.

Have you ever detoxed your hair?

– Nah, I don’t really have the patience. I have to wash it quite often to make it look okay. I know I shouldn’t, but hey, don’t judge.

Are there any hair-related experiences that stand out in your memory?

– On my 10th birthday, I got to go to the hairdresser to get my ears pierced, and to get a new hairstyle. Very exciting. I brought a picture of a girl with super straight hair, cut in a Jennifer Aniston 90’s style. However, my hair is wavy and pretty unruly, so I ended up looking like Ted Gärdestad or Robert Wells—not exactly the look I wanted.

Do you have any homemade recipes for hair and beauty treatments, or any natural ingredients you swear by?
– I use olive, rapeseed or coconut oil—whatever I have at home—to remove my eye makeup, and it works perfectly.

How do you hope your hair and beauty routine will develop over time?
– I wish to wash my hair less often with shampoo and conditioner, and to find the right skin products that won’t cause breakouts.

This article is part of a collaboration with Biolage. 

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