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by Make it last on 5 March, 2017

Natural-origin haircare line Biolage R.A.W. invites inspirational women to share their thoughts about living R.A.W. Meet model Patricia DeVall.

What defines you?

– Appearance-wise I think it’s my pink hair in combination with my current “winter pale caramel sauce” skin tone.

Would you say you live close to nature?

– Well, I’m not really an explorer of the wild, but I do love and appreciate nature. I also try to base my life-choices on the current environmental status.

How do you define “raw”? 

– As something natural. A product with no unnecessary, synthetic or chemical preservatives added.

What does “raw” mean to you? 

– I associate “raw” so much with raw food, especially fruit and nut-bars with dates and cashews. Yum!

How much effort do you put into making greener choices in your everyday life?

– I’d say I put a lot of unforced effort into it! I’ve been a vegan for two years, and I usually buy organic when grocery shopping or choosing hair and body products. Also, when buying new clothes, I pay extra attention to the fabrics used, where the pieces are made and so on.

What’s your best sustainability tip? 

– Shop more second hand y’all! I love second hand so much I can’t even put it into words. It’s a real savior of both the environment and the economy. Also, it allows you to be more creative and open—you just never know what you’ll find.

What’s your food philosophy?

– I recently came across a fellow vegan saying something like: “I’m a vegan because I love and respect both myself and nature way too much to let my body become a graveyard for other fellow beings”, and it really got to me. It would be the optimal motto if it also included an environmental perspective.

What’s good health to you? 

– Being comfortable in your own skin, physically and mentally!

What’s your guilty pleasure? 

– Beeswax. For winter, I’d use a good “raw” product with beeswax to treat my extremely dry skin rather than a synthetic one filled with alcohol. It’s definitely not a hundred percent vegan, but it’ll be my only non-vegan guilty pleasure until the day someone presents me with a good alternative, or inform me of it’s bad sides.

What’s your hair type and how does it behave? 

– I love my hair type. It’s in between thick and thin, which makes it easy to work with. It’s got a little volume and a discrete, natural waviness.

How would you describe your relationship to your hair?

– I’ve literally had the same long, dark brown hair my entire life, until I decided to cut it short about a year ago. After that, nothing seems to be able to stop my hair-changing journey. I’ve gone dark blonde, light blonde, cotton candy pink and magenta pink, before finally achieving the perfect nuance of pastel pink. When I was younger, everyone had a crazy “bleach and dye your hair at home period”, but I never really did. So I guess going through a crazy hair period now, 10 years later, is like a late statement.

Tell us about your hair routine!

– I really don’t do much with it styling-wise. I’m a terribly sloppy hair person who prefers my hair messy or put up in a tight bun. I shampoo and condition it like once a week—I am a hygienic person, I swear, haha—to keep the natural oils in for as long as I can.

Have you ever detoxed your hair?

– Yes, I do that all the time! Now, when my hair is colored, I’m even more convinced I should avoid washing it for as long as possible to keep both the color and the good, natural oils in!

Are there any hair-related experiences that stand out in your memory?

– That time back in 2006 when I went to the hairdresser and asked to be cut “like I had short hair and clip-on’s underneath”, because I was desperate to get that emo look. I was able to pull it off, luckily, but I’m so grateful my hair grew back out.

Do you have any homemade recipes for hair and beauty treatments, or any natural ingredients you swear by?

– I live for the konjac sponge I use to clean my face and the beeswax I put on my dry skin. The Sugar Scrub is a homemade classic I use for my body and lips, and it makes me feel like I just woke up from lying unconscious in “the Matrix womb”—without the trauma, haha.

How do you hope your hair and beauty routine will develop over time? 

– My main goal is to use as little products as possible, and that the few ones I use are a hundred percent bio natural. Instead I’d like to focus on the ways to enhance, or take advantage of, what my body actually needs and naturally produces.


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Shop green: Love this: Yes, I do that all the time! Now, when my hair is colored, I’m even more convinced I should avoid washing it for as long as possible to keep both the color and the good, natural oils in! sustratos
June 14, 2017

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