We asked our co-founder Emma about feelings some two or so months before becoming a mother.

How are you feeling seven months into your pregnancy?
– I feel good! Well, I feel heavy, but good! My favorite thing right now is when the baby is kicking. It is such a surreal feeling, but the bond you feel already is amazing.
– One thing I am starting to get a bit tired of is the dressing situation, sometimes I miss being able to just put on my favorite pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Still I think I sort of cracked to code to the dressing issue, it is all about stealing t-shirts and shirts from my boyfriend and pair them with wide comfy trousers.

What have been some of your favorite pieces to wear during the pregnancy? 
– Big chunky knits have been real saviors during the fall and winter. My knitted trousers from Stella McCartney have been great for those days when everything feels too tight. At the moment I am holding my boyfriend’s shirts and t-shirts hostage and pairing them with loose trousers and sneakers.

What about beauty routine? Do you have any favorite products right now? 
– I have been trying to get a routine when it comes to moisturizing. I found this amazing organic lotion when we were in Encinitas that I have been using for both face and body. Other than that I have just been trying to drink a lot of water, something I am really bad at normally.

What do you like most about being pregnant?
– Every night before I fall a sleep the baby is kicking and sometimes I can feel a foot or the head. It’s almost like cuddling! Another thing that is really great is to be pampered by my boyfriend who has been amazing since day one.

And what, if anything, has been more difficult? 
– The physical changes I would say. The first 12 weeks I was SO tired all the time and felt so angry. Then we went for a holiday to California and I was surfing everyday for five weeks in between week 12 and 17. Being in the water surfing was the cure I think. And since a few weeks back I started to get a few aches like sore feet and back, I can’t go for long walks with my dog any more.

Is being pregnant like you imagined?
– I always had some kind of image in my head that once I am pregnant, everything else would just fade away and seem unimportant. That I would just sit around and look and feel peaceful. This was not the case for the first 12 weeks–they were an extrem and emotional roller coaster. One second I’d just want to rip someones head off (I didn’t) and the next I’d laugh so much I’d start crying. At this state I was pretty much everything I didn’t expect from being pregnant. I think is was good for me though, I got rid of a lot of emotional baggage and if I felt that if somebody wronged me in any way, I’d sure let them know. I grew some balls and started standing up and respect myself in a way I haven’t done before. And after a few months in I started to get calmer and ever since I’ve felt like I could run the world with one hand and do my favorite thing at the moment with the other (eat cinnamon rolls). 

I know that you are sometimes a little chocked about how people behave around a pregnant belly. Why do you think that is?
– Yes I have to say that I am quite tired of people commenting on the size of my belly. That social boundary that used to be there has disappeared. And all of a sudden people feel free to talk about my body as they please, telling me how big my belly is or asking if I am SURE that I am NOT having twins? Until now I have tried to be polite, laughing at the comments and trying to make them go away with a joke. But now I just feel like I’ve have had it with people discussing my belly and comparing it with other people’s bellies. Frankly, I just want to tell them to shut up, haha. But really, why should the size of my belly be something that they feel that they have to, and are free to, comment on? I would not tell a non-pregnant person that their belly have gotten bigger? So why the need analyze the size and shape of my belly? Nobody is discussing the size or shape of a man’s “dad bod, so why can’t thee female body be left alone? Let us try to put these comments into another context. Like “wow that is a big nose” or “your nose is really pointy”. No one would ever get away with saying something like that to another person. 

A lot of women in some of your environment (Stockholm, fashion industry) tend to postpone motherhood until their in their mid-30s. You didn’t. What are your thoughts on this? Have you always known you wanted to be a (relatively) young mum?
– The baby was a very welcomed surprise and not something we had planned. Life is so funny in that way and I am grateful that it brought us to where we are today. I always thought I would have my first baby at 35. but I have been working in fashion since I was 16 years old and if anything, I’ve learned that it’s the people around you that are important, not work or material things in life. I am so happy to be in the making of my own little family now. Another thing that is true, at least for me, is that some things you will never be ready for. Sometimes you just have to take the leap and hope for the best.

What big questions has your pregnancy had you thinking about?
– Well I have been sort of obsessed with getting rid off all toxic plastic stuff in our apartment. But that is not like a life-changing question. Hmm. Well I hope that when my kid gets older, she or he won’t look back and think, how could they not do more for our planet and environment? What we leave behind is a gift to our future generations. I hope our generation will make the future ones proud.


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