Changing fashion through technology.

Exciting things can happen when technology meets fashion design, something Danish designer Julie Helles Eriksen is a living proof of. We previously wrote about DARE, which is, however, just one amongst the designers several projects. Through advanced technology, Julies designs enable the user to interact with the garments they wear on a whole new level. Abstract_ is a brand which involves customers in the design process, as the garments are given a unique pattern based on their written stories and an interactive process with a webcam. Ecco Empower is yet another example, creating interactive sandals for men. Make it last talks to Julie Helles Eriksen about her fascination for technology in fashion and its potential for making fashion more sustainable.

What inspires you to these various projects?

– What inspires me is to design products, which will have a long life. I am really inspired by people and how we use things and further why we stop using things. I want to challenge myself in finding new ways of designing products. I think it’s interesting to analyze how things are produced and how we may change this to make products which will be appreciated and taken care of by customers for a longer time.

You focus much on technology in your designs, where does this fascination for technology in fashion come from?

– I think there are so many possibilities with technology in fashion. It is just a matter of finding the right way of using those two together, something which I find very interesting. Today it’s hard to design clothes with completely new ideas as most things have been seen previously. I think with technology in fashion we can make designs, concepts and ideas that have not been seen before, something which really motivates me. We are so lucky to be at this point where we can actually come up with completely new ideas if we use technology in the right ways.

How do you think that the future of sustainable fashion will evolve?

– When I look into the tendencies here in Denmark I see that a lot of people care more and more about the quality of what they eat, organic food is very popular. There is also a big focus on exercising and having a healthy life in general. I believe and hope that this will also have an affect on fashion; that people will care more about quality and sustainability. Right now I think it is just a matter of designing and producing products, with a greater focus on sustainability, but also doing it in the right way.

What’s your next project?

– I am still researching on what my next project should be. But in some way sustainability will always be a part of my projects, sometimes just more indirect. I hope for a world where we can be satisfied fewer things that will last for a long time.

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