This week, denim is on Lisa's mind.

Patagonia’s denim campaign (genius, watch it here), Weekday Jeans campaign (more of that below), and me in front of the amazing doors that we used as a backdrop for our Granit shoot earlier this week. 

I imagined some kind of slow start at work after the summer break, but LORD is there no time for that! And to be honest, I love it, I’m not very good with slow starts. There is just too many things to do. To learn about.

I jumpstarted this week with a Monday including an inspiring workshop with Filippa K and shooting something with Granit that we’ll share with you very soon. Both inspiring brands to work with; with long-lasting simplicity and sustainable ambitions in common. I’m really so happy to get to work with the people who run these initiatives; always learning more about how to turn the textile business into a nicer place to be.

Well anyways, want my best movie tip?

River Blue follows Mark Angelo, a passionate adventurer who has paddled over the world for the past 40 years, on a journey down some of the worlds most pristine rivers in China, India, Africa, Australia, the UK – as well as the most destroyed. Mark discovers and reveals the prime reason for the declining health of the rivers of the world: the fashion industry in general and the pollution of making blue jeans in particular.

The sights and the smells are devastating.

Denim is a dirty business, but there’s also hope. Because yes, there really are options to traditional ways of making denim – working with lazer, ozone and various new technologies. We just have to get engaged.

So, where to turn?

Well, it comes as no surprise that Patagonia is out to change the industry, starting with a new collection of sustainable jeans composed of 100 percent organic cotton. The Patagonia Denim collection took years of research to develop, has environmentally sensitive dyes that bond more easily with the fiber, employing 84 percent less water and 30 percent less energy than conventional means. Also, the six styles are constructed using Fairtrade-sewing processes.

I’m currently reading up on Fairtrade and what it really means. You should too!

Back here in Sweden, there’s denim progress being made to. 100 percent organic and soon-to-be 100 percent transparent Nudie seems to always be two steps ahead, but there are other noteworthy developments. This week, H&M owned chain Weekday’s Jeans collection for fall is out, and from February 2015 onward, all five-pocket jeans in the collection are made from more sustainable materials.

The campaign is beautiful, by the way, shot by Johan Sandberg and styled by James Valeri.

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