Whats the worst thing that can happen?

Liza Laserows private dining table from the 1700’s with tall Empire candelabras: ”They always add to the atmosphere”.

Growing up in Sweden surrounded by European antiques Liza Berglund Laserow was convinced that she would ”absolutely not” walk in her mother’s footsteps. Instead she took a master’s degree in law at Lund University and only a month after graduating, she moved to New York.
After a short stunt at an American law firm, Lisa realized it wasn’t for her. In 2009 she established the New York branch of her mother’s company; Laserow Antiques. Today it’s simply called LASEROW, and it specializes in Swedish antiques as well as creating interior designs for homes and restaurants, with a focus on mixing old and new.

How would your mom describe your style?

– Oy Vei. She would say that I should wear less black and start wearing more colors (“You are so pretty in pink!”). I don’t think I own one pink thing. Or purple or red or green or yellow for that matter.

Name an element that’s typical for your style? 

– Good shoes and good denim. I love shoes and can not get enough of them. Super high heels, suede boots and ballerinas are a must in my closet. Manolos for heels, Saint Laurent for boots and Chanel for ballerinas. I can also spend a fortune on a pair of really good old school jeans from Levi’s.

Most revolutionary fashion memory? 

– When my mother taught me how to walk in a pair of heels. I was 14 and had gotten a pair for my graduation – black suede. She made me walk up and down the living room instructing me how to straighten my back, where to put weight on the foot and so on. Thanks to her I, in my own head, look like God damn gazelle in 10 inch heels even though I’m only 5.1 (157 cm).

In what way is fashion present in your life?

– Everyday! Both when I create interiors for our clients and when I get dressed (if that can be called fashion). I collect my favorite style pics in a dropbox folder called “Simply the best” that I flip through for inspiration when the so very common feeling “I have nothing to wear” appears. For my work I have a folder called Inspiration that’s divided into rooms. Being a decorator, I definitely use fashion as an inspiration for my work. Color schemes, materials – everything has an effect. When traveling there are always two magazines keeping me company: French Vogue and World of Interiors.


Are you happy with that presence? 

– I am, but sometimes I try to remind myself that buying more things doesn’t make anyone happier. Living in New York you are constantly surrounded by the “consume more” mentality which I feel can be very draining. Here you can get whatever you want at any time – its not healthy.

How do you promote more sustainable fashion for someone who says she’s not into it?  

– That she will get poor from not turning to it. Buying low quality pieces will make you purchase more and therefore spend more money. I buy pieces I know will last not only quality-wise but also season to season, and that fit well with the rest of my closet.

Would you like for your consumption patterns to be different? 

– I want to refine my previous theory and get the perfect piece every time I shop something.

Have you somehow customized garment you already own? 

– Oh my God yes! I actually hemmed my New Years Eve dress, a gold and black wrap dress, from knee long to mini, by hand. Afterwards I felt like a soldier after a huge conquest.

Where do you bargain sustainable or second hand clothes? 

– I rarely buy second hand, too scared of bedbugs. My bargains are done at sales. NYC has a tremendous selection at the sales happening four times a year. I LOVE to buy classic pieces on sale. Feels like I make money.

What’s the best advice about how to live life in better balance with nature that you’ve ever been given?  

– Does: “Move back to Sweden and don’t raise your kids (I don’t have any yet) in a concrete jungle” count?

If you had a billboard on Oxford Circus that all the shopping crazy people could see, what would you write on it? 

– Buy Antiques at LASEROW – they are both sustainable and beautiful!

Give us a few practical tips on how to make our lifestyles more sustainable! 

– Decorate with antiques and stop buying IKEA.

What is your best sustainable product? 

– All my antiques.

Who is your style icon? 

– Hmm. I have a few: Emmanuelle Alt or pretty much all the French Vogue Editors, there’s another Italian lady who I don’t know the name of as well. She has the perfect classic still sexy style. She looks always amazing and it’s thanks to her long legs so I should honestly toss all the pictures I have of her since it’s just confusing for me who have such short ones.

Who would you like to spend one minute in an elevator with if you could choose anyone? 

– Diane Von Furstenberg. Im not a huge fan of her clothes but she is a wise woman.

Slipping a note in Anna Wintour’s bath robe at the public baths, what would it say?

– I’m such an ass for saying this but she doesn’t inspire me for a second. Obviously I don’t know her but if people are scared of you, you must be doing something wrong no matter how successful you are. Like Diane Von Furstenberg said: ”You dont need to be a bitch to be successful.


Liza Berglund Laserow

Occupation: Part owner and Principal Designer at LASEROW
Current projects in life: My work is my life long project.
Motto in life: I live by my dad’s motto: Whats the worst thing that can happen?
Follow Liza and LASEROW on Instagram: @laserowantiques

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