Sustainability is filling your life with essential matters like... love

Swedish actress Ruth Vega Fernandez inspires us in many ways. Her style has this perfect balance between ladylike and effortless cool – so we thought it was time to ask Ruth some questions about how she makes it last. 

Photos by Louise Enhörning


How would you describe your style?

– My style is the fruit of my roots and travels and of the people that have inspired me; artists, eccentrics and civil rights fighters through out history. Like Godard says: ”To me style is just the outside of content, and content the inside of style, like the outside and the inside of the human body – both go together, they can’t be separated.”

You’ve lived in Paris for 20 years. Has the city influenced the way you look at fashion and how you dress?

– Parisians have a huge respect for couture, garment, quality and discrete elegance. All of it in a sexy disheveled way. Very much like an elegantly dressed woman who has spent the night out dancing and has just woken up after having slept in her clothes and makeup. Parisian women like Françoise Sagan, Jane Birkin, Jaqueline Roque, Jeanne Moureau, Juliette Greco, Margarite Duras… With their independence, sense of humor and sense of chic they have been a great inspiration, of course.

Can you see any differences in the expression of fashion in Paris and Sweden?

– The same as in culture. French people are less interested in mainstream and conformity, they are more interested in freedom and debate. Not in consensus. Not in political correctness… Swedes are beautiful, even gorgeous but very sort of clean, proper and pulled together.

In Sweden, the interest for sustainable fashion has grown during the past couple of years, both among consumers and producers. Is there any “buzz” about sustainability in Paris?

– Art and craftsmanship has always been a big deal here, long before the hipster wave. It remains a hugely respected tradition. The appreciation for the object or piece, the thought and work that has gone in to it and the knowledge and skills required to make it, makes people care more for their garments and accessories. Not just consume and throw them away.

The fashion industry is moving very fast today. What do you think of the high speed consumption that prevails today?

– I think it’s scary, unsustainable and horrific.

Do you do anything specific to consume fashion in a more sustainable way? For example, shop at second hand stores or repairing clothes?

– I’ve always shopped second hand. My mum, sister and I used to sew, tint and customize instead of buying new garments. I still love buying vintage. When I do buy new clothes they are specifically planned pieces that I’ve wanted for a long time.  And I take care of them with a lot of precaution in order for them to last. For example I have a pretty tight relationship to my cobbler (one of Paris best). I bring my shoes for supervision and repair regularly and even ask him for advice before purchasing a new pair. I also have been wearing the same style pants for more then fifteen years. A pattern from the late thirties that my tailor does in different garments every year.

What is sustainability for you?

– Filling your life with essential matters like… love. The more one feels fulfilled the less one urges to fill the emptiness with bulimic consumption.

How do you reason when you shop for clothes or beauty products?

– I want clothes to be timeless and to last. I like beauty products to be as natural and have as few ingredients as possible. I don’t think I really make a difference between outside beauty products and inside ones. That is, I like to eat as organic and natural as possible and have a mainly plant based diet. So the same goes for the outside. That being said I’m a real sucker for beautiful makeup cases like YSL golden one’s or Chanel lipsticks.

Don’t miss out Ruth’s blog where she publishes everyday thoughts and contemplations.

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