I'm working on having just five stars.

Since her stylist career started at a PR agency, Pamela Bellafesta has worked for some of Sweden’s leading fashion magazines like Elle, King Magazine and Rodeo. Besides styling she writes a blog at rodeo.net, works as fashion director at Theyouway.com and djs. Scroll down and read about when she fainted just before a H&M fashion show in Paris, why she rates the stuff she buys and much more.

Photo by Christian Gustavsson

How would you describe your style? 
– Black, effortless, masculine and timeless. If I buy something I’ll wear it for many many years.

What ways of putting together an outfit is typical for your style? 
– Slim jeans, flat shoes – slip on sneakers or monk straps, an oversized cashmere sweater together with a nice tailored jacket is my daily outfit.

Most astounding fashion memory? 
– I was in Paris for the H&M fashion show. Right before the show was about to start I fainted and had to grab the person in front of me (hope it wasn’t Anna Wintour). I didn’t have time to go out from the location so I sat down looking at the show all wet, like I had a shower wondering what just happened since I had never fainted before. Two weeks after I had my answer, turned out I was pregnant.

What role would you say fashion plays in your life?
– Since it is my work and I work almost every waking hour, it is a big part of my life.

How would you define sustainable fashion? 
– I think the most important part is not to over consume. Be satisfied with what you have in your wardrobe. Think twice before you shop and make the right choices.

How do you reason when you shop for clothes, accessories or beauty products? 
– Believe it or not but I write down every piece I buy in my diary, that makes it easier for me to make the right choice – like if I have to present it for someone. And I can look back and see what clothes that was good and what was not. It might sounds crazy, but I also rate the stuff I buy. I’m working on having just five stars.

Do you ever somehow customize garments that you already own? 
– Oh yes. My boyfriend is a handy man and is the one who is sewing my trousers when I want them shorter. And I am actually not bothered having an old shirt that has a little hole somewhere, that is just a proof of that it’s a favorite piece and has a lot of stories to tell.

Where do you go bargain hunting for more sustainable fashion? 
– At the moment, I do not shop for myself that much since I have a little girl who is 11 months old and it’s more relevant for me to build up a nice wardrobe for her. And when it comes to baby clothes you can really do some good second hand buys on Tradera and there is a little second hand store near my house in Kärrtorp where I always find something nice.

Do you find it hard to think sustainably without compromising on aesthetics? 
– I think all brands need to work on this. So yes. For example it is hard to find sustainable outerwear and shoes.

How would you like to see all people think about fashion and shopping? 
– The same as I think when it comes to food. Think local, work with what you have – in your wardrobe as well as in your refrigerator. And make eco-friendly choices as much as you can.

Give us a one or two practical suggestions on how to make our lifestyles more sustainable. 
– We grow a lot of vegetables at home and have just built or own greenhouse. To experience a seed grow into a plant, dig it up from the soil with your own hands, the taste, is just something else. I really love this and it has made our family even more aware of the importance of organic food. This year we started to eat vegetarian food during the week and meat and fish only on weekends. If I can go green, having a dad from Argentina, everyone can.

What is your best sustainable product? 
– I just love my beauty products from Estelle & Thild, they are the best made with eco-certified products. When you start to use their face oil together with the serum you do not want anything else.

Any small everyday things you do to protect the planet and make it more green?
– Me and my family only eat organic food and nothing goes to waist. We recycle our leftovers into new dishes. We have our own water bottles from Klean Kanteen that we bring with us wherever we go. My daughter Leonora also loves her squeezer from Sili Squeeze. We fill it up with home-made smoothie, instead of buying those “Ellas” or “Kramis”.
– I just use the car when necessary, I walk and take the bike instead or public transportation.

What do you think is the most important sustainability issue? 
– That people throw away too many foods.

What should become easier when it comes to fashion and sustainability? 
– All clothes that you buy should have a label with information of where it is made, where the material is from, how it has been colored etc. Same information like when you buy a piece of meat or a chicken. This would make the consumer think twice and hopefully pay more for the right reason.

Do you have a style icon? What do you like about him or her?
– I find myself now and then googling pictures of Sofia Coppola, just love her simplicity and coolness when it comes to style.

Favorite fashion profile on Instagram? 
@Suitupweird. I like spending my time looking at men who dress very well.

Do you have a favorite websites that you would recommend?
– I live five minutes walk away from my favorite food store Ekodirekt. You can also shop through their web sight and have the food home delivered with biogas cars (don’t miss to order their eggs, amazing).


Occupation: Freelance stylist and blogger at Rodeo.net/pamela
Current projects: Taking care of my daughter, working with several styling assignments and also I’m designing a dress together with Stylein that will be launched in October. Complete the greenhouse.
Motto in life: I can identify with Anthony Burrill’s words “Work hard and be nice to people”.


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