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Life — 8 July, 2017

The Thrill of Vintage Furniture

Emma's house is finally starting to come together!

Life — 29 May, 2017

6 Loungeable Vintage Finds To Get Online Now

Obsessed with vintage seating? So are we!

Fashion — 3 May, 2017

Make It Last’s Big Fashion Flea Market

On sunday, May 7th, we'll be hosting our biannual fashion flea market.…

Life — 27 April, 2017

7 Vintage Interior Finds to Buy Online, Now!

We've lost time browsing the online auction and resale sites for vintage…

Outfits — 27 April, 2017

Timeless Design

Emma feels like dressing in a '50s vibe for summer!

Fashion — 26 April, 2017

My On-Trend Vintage Find

Emma found some new ear candy at her latest visit to her…

Fashion — 22 April, 2017

Earth Day is Also Dagmar Decades Launch Day!

House of Dagmar is taking a step towards becoming more circular with…

Life — 9 April, 2017

Weekend Inspiration

Emma was browsing the internet for vintage fashion and furniture and picked…

Life — 6 April, 2017

5 Vintage Furniture Finds We Would Love to Put in Our Homes

We got lost in the furniture jungle and came back with a…

Fashion — 5 April, 2017

Aplace is Entering the Second Hand Business With New Store Concept

The retailer for Scandinavian fashion design is opening up their first second…

Buy less, choose well — 7 December, 2016

Brand directory picks: Byronesque x STYLE.COM

Byronesque’s t-shirt ode to vintage fashion rebels in this week's Brand directory…

Buy less, choose well — 15 November, 2016

6 faux fur coats to keep you warm

Faux and animal-friendly fur coats – here are our top picks.

Inspiration — 2 September, 2016

Vintage denim love

Emma got some high quality inspiration the hour she spent on Stockholm…

Baby — 26 May, 2016


Emma hopes for only second hand baby gifts.

Beauty — 13 April, 2016

Hair matters

Emma Elwin browses her favorite second hand store – in search of a…

Outfits — 10 January, 2016

This old shirt

To a pale powder blue.

Second hand — 7 October, 2015

Adornment: Everlasting garments

Old for someone can be awesome new for someone else

Outfits — 7 September, 2015


A piece of art

Outfits — 3 September, 2015


The chameleon of coats

Interviews — 18 May, 2015

How they make it last: Anna Teurnell

I ask my colleagues to tell me if I start to smell…

Outfits — 5 May, 2015

Classic stripes and navy

Currently playing around with different silhouettes.

Interviews — 23 April, 2015

How they make it last: Taylor Lashae

Do what you have to do and have fun in between!

Outfits — 7 April, 2015

Summer dress feels far away

The perfect summer dress

Interviews — 27 March, 2015

The innovators: Séfr Séfr

Discover a hidden gem for designer vintage.

Outfits — 25 March, 2015

New Old Hunting Jacket

Outfits — 18 March, 2015

The Comfy Jumpsuit

I bought it at my favorite vintage store Stella Dallas in Williamsburg.

Interior — 17 March, 2015

The office 

Our favorite interior stylist Anna Mårselius and house photographer Pauline Suzor got…

Interviews — 3 February, 2015

Eternal Flame: Frances Malcolm

"You don’t need a well-heeled granny to get your hands on stunning…

Interviews — 21 January, 2015

The innovators: Orsola de Castro

Every small change matters

The latest — 31 December, 2014

On our minds: vintage Gucci

The heavily 70s inspired SS15 collection from Gucci made us browse through…

Interviews — 23 December, 2014

Eternal Flame: Nicole Walker

I became obsessed with collecting them

Interviews — 21 December, 2014

The innovators: Here Today Here Tomorrow

What can only be described as Britain's best bobble hats

Second hand — 9 December, 2014

The winners!

Look around and let the things find you

Lifestyle — 18 November, 2014

The weekly

Great vintage finds, sugar smelling body polish

Features — 30 October, 2014

Four reasons not to buy new clothes

Best vintage stores in New York.

Outfits — 29 October, 2014

Better with age

Lisa has crossed the Atlantic to settle in the west village in New…

Interior — 13 October, 2014


As you know I have this mission of furnishing my apartment with things…

Interviews — 2 October, 2014

How they make it last: Veronika Heilbrunner

I believe in buying pieces I wanna keep forever. Like curating a…

The latest — 1 October, 2014

Going bananas

Take me back to the Chloé banana

Second hand — 29 September, 2014

The sustainable style icon: Jane Goodall

“You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on…

Travels — 13 September, 2011


Absolute Vintage på 15 Hanbury Street. Där de har massa med fina…