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Style — 2 May, 2017

Make it last <3 Grandpa's Previous Collections

Make it last teams up with Grandpa to showcase the best of…

Style — 24 April, 2017

Make it last’s Fashion Flea Market—Save the Date!

Here's all you need to know about the spring edition of our…

Style — 5 April, 2017

Gala Night and I’m Wearing Adornment

Emma is going to the Global Change Awards wearing her new favorite…

Style — 3 April, 2017

On my mind: Ingrid Bergman

When in need of inspiration, Emma knows just what style icon to…

Style — 31 March, 2017

Swedish Auction Houses Stepping Up Their Fashion Game

We find ourselves browsing the Swedish auction houses' fashion- and accessories catalogues…

Style — 16 March, 2017

For Spring

Emma gives her best advise on how to shop more sustainably, and…

Style — 1 February, 2017

Tradera Trend: 5 auctions you don’t want to miss

This week's favorite auctions from Tradera Trend.

Style — 31 January, 2017

Sustainability in the fall 2017 collections: Stylein

Make it last asks the top designers showcasing their fall 2017 collections…

Style — 28 January, 2017

Tradera Trend: 5 auctions you don’t want to miss

This week's favorite auctions from Tradera Trend.

Style — 28 January, 2017

Tradera Trend: Collection 1

Make it last proudly presents a collection of pre-owned luxury fashion items…

Style — 20 January, 2017

Brand directory picks: Miranda for Mother

Miranda Kerr’s charitable range for Mother Denim is this week's pick for…

Style — 19 January, 2017

A moment with Maggie Davis

Londoner, editor and mother, Maggie Davis tells us how she stays sustainable…

Style — 16 January, 2017

Baserange makes easywear that exists somewhere between modern culture and the natural world

“Today, buying sustainable fashion is a civil and political decision.”

Style — 13 January, 2017

Dancing with Myrorna

Second hand chain store Myrorna presents their process in a video.

Style — 28 December, 2016

Tradera Trend: Charcoal

This week's favorite picks from Tradera Trend.

Style — 20 December, 2016

Five Christmas favorites

If you really have to buy something for Christmas, here are some…

Style — 20 December, 2016

Brand directory picks: Swedish Stockings x Filippa K

Swedish Stockings and Filippa K's sleek, sustainable underpinnings in this week's Brand…

Style — 19 December, 2016

Transparency is Study NY’s new catch phrase

The Brooklyn label talks about working sustainably and taking transparency to a…

Style — 16 December, 2016

Brand directory picks: FEIT’S Shoe Drive

FEIT’s philanthropic shoe recycling initiative in this week’s Brand directory picks.

Style — 13 December, 2016

The new scene: Lapidarium is inspired by feminism, fauna and flora

Lapidarium's design ethos is shaped by feminism and equality as much as…

Style — 12 December, 2016

Brand directory picks: Christopher Raeburn’s German snow poncho

Raeburn’s remake couture poncho number in this week's Brand directory picks.

Style — 9 December, 2016

A moment with Alyson Walsh

Make it last talks to Alyson Walsh about women who refuse to…

Style — 8 December, 2016

The perfect gift

The best thing you can buy for Christmas

Style — 7 December, 2016

Brand directory picks: Byronesque x STYLE.COM

Byronesque’s t-shirt ode to vintage fashion rebels in this week's Brand directory…

Style — 29 November, 2016

Vestiaire Collective Designer Archive Charity Sale

Vestiaire Collective partners with 18 top designers to raise money for charity

Style — 24 November, 2016

6 reasons to go for gold

This week, we browsed our favourite brands and retailers to track down…

Style — 23 November, 2016


Instead of buying in to black Friday buy secondhand.

Style — 22 November, 2016

Tradera Trend: Weekly favourites

Our top picks from Tradera this week.

Style — 21 November, 2016


The art of repair

Style — 15 November, 2016

6 faux fur coats to keep you warm

Faux and animal-friendly fur coats – here are our top picks.

Style — 14 November, 2016

Tradera Trend: Our dream outfit

Our top picks from Tradera this week.

Style — 13 November, 2016

Recycled wool coat

Buy a coat made from recycled wool!

Style — 7 November, 2016

Reformation open London pop-up shop

The cult ethical label makes its way to London for the first…

Style — 5 November, 2016


Peacoat, gloves and sneakers.

Style — 3 November, 2016

A moment with Lucianne Tonti

We speak to writer Lucianne Tonti about style and sustainability in Paris

Style — 31 October, 2016

Leather-free footwear

Stay stylish in leather-free footwear – here are our top picks.

Style — 31 October, 2016

Brand directory picks: Nudie Jeans

Nudie's boundary-pushing new denim line made with hemp, bamboo linen and paper…

Style — 29 October, 2016

The one and only

A lifelong favourite, the cosy knit

Style — 14 October, 2016

Fall favorites with Dr Denim

Make it last teams up with Dr. Denim to present a selection…

Style — 5 October, 2016

Filippa K Circle

Content & consulting

Style — 5 October, 2016

Lisa Yang

Look book & web looks fw16

Style — 5 October, 2016

Heart of Lovikka

Web looks fw16

Style — 5 October, 2016

Rebecca Bonaparte

Web looks

Style — 5 October, 2016

Dr. Denim

Social media content & advertorial

Style — 5 October, 2016


Campaigns & web looks ss17

Style — 5 October, 2016

Tradera trends stora modeloppis

Flea market in collaboration with Tradera

Style — 3 October, 2016

Make it last <3 Filippa K Front Runners

The Make it last family gets comfy in the brand new Filippa…

Style — 3 October, 2016

Preparing for Winter

Learn how to prepare your garment for winter!

Style — 2 October, 2016

Best of Tradera Trend Flea Market – now online

The Tradera Trend fashion flea continues online. Shop the participating sellers' wardrobes!

Style — 30 September, 2016

Birthday dress

Emma is very happy for her birthday gifts.

Style — 28 September, 2016

See you on Saturday!

Our biannual flea market is three days away. Here are all the…

Style — 19 September, 2016

Covered in…

The ultimat look for autumn.

Style — 4 September, 2016

On our minds: TOMs x Prabal Gurung

Bonding over the brands’ mutual involvement in humanitarian aid, Gurung took the…

Style — 3 September, 2016

On our minds: Self-repairing clothes

A liquid that makes fabrics repair themselves? It's in the making...

Style — 2 September, 2016

On our minds: Biker couture

Style — 2 September, 2016

Vintage denim love

Emma got some high quality inspiration the hour she spent on Stockholm…

Style — 29 August, 2016

Get to know: Carl Oaks

Get to know Carl Oaks–a brand that makes sunglasses out of recycled…

Style — 26 August, 2016

On our minds: All Blues makes earrings out of a grandmother’s treasured necklace

Swedish jewelry brand All Blues pays a tribute to a missed grandmother.

Style — 24 August, 2016

On our minds: Area NYC

Area NYC revisits early millennial glamour in resourceful ways.

Style — 24 August, 2016

Fashion made from trash

Project Precious Trash – a project about clothes and consumption.

Style — 23 August, 2016

Best of Tradera week 34

This week's Tradera picks are all about fall fashion.

Style — 23 August, 2016

On our minds: Cow dung clothing

Cow dung is making its way into fashion.

Style — 20 August, 2016

On our minds: The Swedish Olympic look

The Swedish team sported sustainable outfits for the Rio games opening ceremony.

Style — 18 August, 2016

On our minds: Tailored Tobacco

A fashion student inspired by the eco-conscious qualities of tobacco is making…

Style — 17 August, 2016

On our minds: Best of Copenhagen fashion week

Fonnesbech's quest is to outdo overconsumption through high quality fabrics and timeless…

Style — 17 August, 2016

Exclusive raincoats made of leftover fabrics

Tretorn and Naturkompaniet collaborates on a collection of eco-friendly raincoats.

Style — 17 August, 2016

Get to know: Matt & Nat

Matt & Natt is a vegan brand that makes sustainable bags, shoes…

Style — 17 August, 2016

Sustainable inspiration

This is where Emma turns for sustainable inspiration.

Style — 16 August, 2016

Eco Alexandra

Boomerang launches a more sustainable version of their classic jacket Alexandra.

Style — 16 August, 2016

On our minds: Second Fashion Cycle

Maja Weiss of Vetements' explores the problems of the current fashion cycle…

Style — 16 August, 2016

On our minds: Vanda Jacintho

Vanda Jacintho makes chunky jewellery and colourful beachwear.

Style — 15 August, 2016

Best of Tradera right now

Embrace autumn with a classic look.

Style — 14 August, 2016

Back to work

If I would be going to the office tomorrow I would like…

Style — 11 August, 2016

On our minds: Martina Spetlova

Conscious experiments with fabrics through hand-weaved patterns and zero waste techniques.

Style — 10 August, 2016

Get to know: Swedish Stockings

This week we talked to Swedish Stockings - a brand who makes…

Style — 9 August, 2016

On our minds: Indie designer claims Zara has ripped her off

Indie designer Tuesday Bassen took to Instagram to expose how Zara had…

Style — 8 August, 2016

Recycling Made Easy

Monki launches in-store recycling in all stores.

Style — 8 August, 2016

Best of minimalism from Tradera

Today we had minimalism on our minds.

Style — 8 August, 2016

On our minds: GmbH

GmbH uses deadstock fabrics – to lower the end price and to justify…

Style — 5 August, 2016


Social media content

Style — 3 August, 2016

Meet Maiken Winther

"We need more transparency to make it easier for people to make…

Style — 3 August, 2016

Best of Tradera week 31

Returning to the city after the summer – here are the items we…

Style — 2 August, 2016


Let us all fall in love with these beautiful organic underwear.

Style — 1 August, 2016

Get to know: Balossa

Innovative shirt brand Balossa believes a timeless piece never can be boring.

Style — 28 July, 2016

On our minds: Major brands ban down feathers

A strong line-up of major fast fashion acts like Topshop, ASOS and…

Style — 27 July, 2016

On our minds: Bonne Suits

Bonne Suits specialises in genderless, seasonless, work wear-style suits.

Style — 26 July, 2016

On our minds: Slow Denim

Slow Denim is the latest venture of jean genius Faustine Steinmetz.

Style — 25 July, 2016

Best of Tradera week 30

This week we had pre-autumn in mind when we searched through Tradera.

Style — 25 July, 2016

On our minds: Detox Catwalk

Where fashion brands are celebrated for making efforts to clean up their…

Style — 24 July, 2016

On our minds: Basic Rights

The new unisex basics brand coming out of the former head of…

Style — 24 July, 2016

On our minds: Itchy Scratchy Patchy

Itchy Scratchy Patchy is the new DIY-prone brand from British it-girls Edie…

Style — 19 July, 2016

Get to know: Riyka

This week we introduce a vibrant, high quality brand with an impressive…

Style — 19 July, 2016

Best classics from Tradera this week

This week, Tradera Trend focuses on classic and timeless investments.

Style — 19 July, 2016

Weekday’s latest move (we love it)

Weekday launches a sustainable capsule collection.

Style — 15 July, 2016

Meet Maria Van Nguyen

"I want people to be satisfied with what they have." Make it…

Style — 11 July, 2016

Summer days

That is all for today!

Style — 11 July, 2016

Best beachwear from Tradera Trend

This week we pick the best beachwear from Tradera.

Style — 6 July, 2016

Get to know: MYR

A small-scale maker of bags in organic vegetable tanned leather. Meet MYR!

Style — 6 July, 2016

On our minds: Byronesque

Byronesque hopes to make it easier for fashion enthusiasts to find the…

Style — 4 July, 2016

Fanny Moizant of Vestiaire Collective: We brought luxury codes to the second-hand market

Make it last travels to Paris to visit the Vestiaire Community headquarters–and…

Style — 1 July, 2016

On our minds: How will Brexit affect fashion?

Brexit concerns the fashion industry. What effects will it have?

Style — 29 June, 2016

On our minds: Best of resort 2017

The NYC-based brand references the work of artist Patricia Cronin.

Style — 27 June, 2016

Tradera Trend this week: Summer essentials

Summer has finally arrived and we have picked the best summer essentials…

Style — 25 June, 2016

Shoes off

Style — 22 June, 2016

Summer sale

Emma has cleaned out her wardrobe – check out her items on sale!

Style — 20 June, 2016

Get to know: Nudie Jeans

Every week we salute brands included in our Sustainable Brand Index. In…

Style — 18 June, 2016

On our minds: The sexist dress

Australian label Réalisation Par faces heavy criticism. It's about a dress...

Style — 14 June, 2016

Best of Tradera week 24

City chic with a twist – these are our top picks from Tradera…

Style — 14 June, 2016

Tradera Trend featuring Emma Andersson

This week's Tradera Trend guest seller is one of our avid readers…

Style — 10 June, 2016

On our minds: #Runwayforall

Here's Instagram’s recent effort to promote inclusivity in fashion.

Style — 8 June, 2016

Tradera Trend featuring Nina Campioni

It's Nina Campioni's last week as Tradera Trend's guest seller of the…

Style — 8 June, 2016

On our minds: The trans-sporting sari collection

Red Lotus‘ Mazhavil collection campaign highlights the estimated 1.9 million transgender people…

Style — 7 June, 2016

On our minds: Veil Garments

Veil Garments is on a mission to make Muslim modest-wear more comfortable…

Style — 7 June, 2016

On our minds: Couture in orbit

The space-inspired runway show saw designs as future flirting as a jumpsuit…

Style — 6 June, 2016

Autumn news

Emma is longing for the perfect white knitted sweater.

Style — 3 June, 2016

Pick of the day

Emma is in love this sustainable knitted alpaca sweater.

Style — 2 June, 2016

Summertime, and the livin’ is easy

Emma is grateful for the sunny days and loose dresses.

Style — 1 June, 2016

Get to know: Freedom of Animals

Freedom of Animals wants to offer distinct and purposeful designs that comply…

Style — 1 June, 2016

Tradera Trend featuring Nina Campioni

It's the third week with Nina Campioni as Tradera Trend's guest seller…

Style — 1 June, 2016


Emma finds a brand that makes beautiful accessories from the very durable…

Style — 1 June, 2016

On our minds: StyleLikeU

StyleLikeU wants to start a global movement of self-acceptance.

Style — 31 May, 2016

The next second hand shopping afterwork

The Pasta Haters aims to build a community around second-hand shopping and…

Style — 30 May, 2016

On our minds: Nude for All

Nude for All aims at redefining the perception of nude.

Style — 29 May, 2016

On our minds: Yoox teams up with Studio One Eighty Nine

Social enterprise Studio One Eighty Nine teams up with e-tailer Yoox for…

Style — 29 May, 2016

Best of Tradera Trend right now

This week Make it last picks the classic essentials every closet should…

Style — 28 May, 2016

The boomerang effect

Emma thinks that one's trash is another one's treasure.

Style — 27 May, 2016

On our minds: Beyoncé under a sweatshop fire

Beyoncé's Ivy Park label has come under fire following accusations that the…

Style — 27 May, 2016

RentATrend: “Who doesn’t want a Chanel for 30 Euro?”

Make it last talks with the founders of RentAtrend, a Swedish startup…

Style — 26 May, 2016

On our minds: Levi’s x Evrnu create first jeans made from regenerated post-consumer cotton

Levi Strauss has teamed up with Evrnu, a Seattle-based startup that reconstitutes…

Style — 25 May, 2016

Get to know: Under The Same Sun

Every week we highlight a brand from our Sustainable Brand Index. Under…

Style — 25 May, 2016

On our minds: The vintage watch boom

Vintage objects have long been tools for individual and unique statement-making. After…

Style — 24 May, 2016

Tradera Trend featuring Nina Campioni

Nina is selling some great designer denim this week!

Style — 24 May, 2016

On our minds: The Mad Rush brings the ‘sweatshop’ to the high street

The concept store aims to raise awareness for sweatshop conditions suffered by…

Style — 23 May, 2016

On our minds: Converse Pride collection 2016

This years' edition lets you design your own Pride shoes and slogan…

Style — 23 May, 2016

For a good cause

Emma Elwin shares her favorites from this weeks Tradera auctions.

Style — 22 May, 2016

On our minds: Parsons helping tackle the problem of garment care

New York fashion school Parsons teams up with laundry detergent brand Tide…

Style — 21 May, 2016

On our minds: The new conscious brand CHAIN_GARCÍABELLO

Founded in Buenos Aires with collections based on concepts distilled from the…

Style — 20 May, 2016

On our minds: Vivienne Westwood goes unisex

Westwood now creates unisex and cross-gender fashion since it is a more…

Style — 19 May, 2016

Shop designer clothes, support Welcome!

Check out Make it last's finest selection of garments and accessories –…

Style — 17 May, 2016


Embrace the summer heat with style and sensibility in timeless classics and…

Style — 16 May, 2016

Tradera Trend featuring Nina Campioni

We are happy to introduce our second Tradera Trend seller of the…

Style — 16 May, 2016

A golden lining

Emma Elwin about hair accessories, hay fever and pregnancy ache.

Style — 13 May, 2016

Filippa K takes Copenhagen in an innovative way

Filippa K transforms its Copenhagen store–to manifest the future of circular fashion.

Style — 12 May, 2016

The voice of the next generation

Over 100 of the next generation's fashion designers have gathered in Copenhagen…

Style — 11 May, 2016

Get to know: EoE

Each week Make it last introduces a featured brand from our Sustainable…

Style — 10 May, 2016

The organic t-shirt

Emma Elwin tells us where you can find the perfect white organic…

Style — 5 May, 2016

Swimsuit Season

The summery weather is making Emma Elwin long for days on the…

Style — 3 May, 2016

Four gorgeous sustainable dresses at the Met Gala

Make it last scans the star-studded Met Gala for some sustainable success.

Style — 3 May, 2016

Le Mix

Emma loves the current upcycled denim trend – especially these pairs from Frame Denim.

Style — 2 May, 2016

The Conley fishing team

Emma Elwin went on a secondhand hunt this week and found the…

Style — 29 April, 2016

Best of Tradera today

This week we are longing for sun and blue skies!

Style — 29 April, 2016

Style and sustainability – the full list of brands

No need to feel lost any longer, here's your list of exciting…

Style — 29 April, 2016

Picks of the week

Emma Elwin shares her three favorite bargains from Tradera Trend.

Style — 28 April, 2016

On our minds: POP by Stella McCartney

The POP campaign features Grimes, Kenya Kinski-Jones, Amandla Stenberg and Lola Leon.

Style — 28 April, 2016

On our minds: Pansy

Ehical toxic-free undies with complete transparency.

Style — 27 April, 2016

Lovisa Malmberg Gomis designs intelligent garments for Kappahl

The winner of KappAhl Sustainable Design Contest will make a collection of…

Style — 26 April, 2016

Spring essentials

Emma Elwin shares her spring essentials.

Style — 25 April, 2016

Five ways to wear: the white shirt – backstage

Come with us backstage at the GANT x Make it last shirt…

Style — 25 April, 2016

On our minds: first ever female tailor to open on Savile Row

How did it take so long for a female tailor to open…

Style — 24 April, 2016

Blake Mycoskie: “We see ourselves as a movement”

Make it last chats to TOMS founder Blake Mycoskie about the debated…

Style — 24 April, 2016

On our minds: made in the USA

Brands increasinlgy consider reshoring manufacturing back to the West – but a recent…

Style — 23 April, 2016

On our minds: BATLINER

Austrian accessories brand BATLINER looks to revive fashion’s use of fish leather.

Style — 22 April, 2016

For a spring day

Emma Elwin shares her dream look right now.

Style — 22 April, 2016

On our minds: childhood nostalgia

The Louis Vuitton designer launches collection of repurposed school wear in an…

Style — 21 April, 2016

Customize your shirt with GANT

Emma shares Make it last's latest collaboration. It's all about personalizing the…

Style — 21 April, 2016

The white shirt: Embroidery

Make it last teams up with GANT to guide you to simple…

Style — 21 April, 2016

The white shirt: Backwards

Make it last teams up with GANT to guide you to simple…

Style — 21 April, 2016

The white shirt: Collar off

Make it last teams up with GANT to guide you to simple…

Style — 21 April, 2016

The white shirt: Tie and drape

Make it last teams up with GANT to guide you to simple…

Style — 21 April, 2016

The white shirt: One shoulder

Make it last teams up with GANT to guide you to simple…

Style — 20 April, 2016

On our minds: Kate and Naomi against breast cancer

British influencers joins the fight against breast cancer, Mario Testino recreates an…

Style — 19 April, 2016

Ask the brands this week: Who made my clothes?

The Transparency Index shows Chanel and Hermès have a lot of work…

Style — 19 April, 2016

Vintage dress

Emma Elwin finally found her dream dress, seven years later.

Style — 18 April, 2016

Best spring jackets

Make it last pick's the best lightweight jackets for spring.

Style — 18 April, 2016

Malin Gabriella Nordin makes a scarf for Filippa K

Filippa K teams up with one of Sweden's most inspiring young artists.

Style — 17 April, 2016

On our minds: Patagonia’s Worn Wear tour comes to Europe

Continuing their mission to revive the practice of clothing repair, the brand…

Style — 15 April, 2016

Current mood

Emma Elwin is curious as to what you all think about the…

Style — 14 April, 2016

On our minds: Lauren Manoogian

Statement knitwear in earthy colour schemes.

Style — 14 April, 2016

Hi, it’s the new Make it last!

Make it last has a new look. Emma shares our upcoming plans!

Style — 11 April, 2016


On my mind

Style — 10 April, 2016

On our minds: Ellos Conscious Choice

Ellos joins the eco conversation through the introduction of their Conscious Choice…

Style — 9 April, 2016

Converse Thunderbolt Modern


Style — 7 April, 2016

On our minds: Denim City

Amsterdam-based non-profit Denim City specialises in improving the denim industry, and employing…

Style — 6 April, 2016

On our minds: keeping a tight wardrobe

Made from deadstock fabrics and recycled tencel.

Style — 6 April, 2016

Pick’s of the day

My dream coats

Style — 4 April, 2016

On our minds: The face of Stella McCartney’s POP fragrance

Model and animal rights activist Kenya Kinski-Jones is the face of Stella…

Style — 3 April, 2016

NikeLab x R.T

Content & advertorial

Style — 3 April, 2016

On our minds: Self-cleaning clothes in six minutes

Scientists at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology has discovered a way…

Style — 2 April, 2016

On our minds: Katherine Hamnett’s unisex slogan tees

Katherine Hamnett have teamed up with YMC for relaunch of her unisex…

Style — 1 April, 2016

On our minds: Cara Marie Piazza’s naturally hand dyed garments

For Calyx SS16 collection, the founder Cara Marie Piazza, using locally grown…

Style — 1 April, 2016

Best of Tradera right now: Swedish brands

Happy Friday!

Style — 1 April, 2016

Fantastic four

Good investment pieces

Style — 31 March, 2016

On our minds: How much water does it take to produce a pair of Levi’s?

A pair of 501s requires 3,781 litres of water to make – Levi's…

Style — 29 March, 2016

Pick’s of the week

Two timeless pieces

Style — 29 March, 2016

Dungarees and cashmere

From vinter to spring

Style — 28 March, 2016

On our minds: H&M <3 World Recycle Week

In their attempt to collect 1,000 tons of old, recyclable textiles, H&M…

Style — 28 March, 2016

The little black bag

My best buys

Style — 27 March, 2016


The White Shirt -online campaign

Style — 27 March, 2016

On our minds: Uniqlo’s hijab collection

Uniqlo's hijab collection is spreading and will soon also be available in…

Style — 26 March, 2016

On our minds: #mycalvins

Billboards of Calvin Klein's most recent #mycalvins campaign have been taken down…

Style — 25 March, 2016

On our minds: Creating textiles out of wood

Is wood the new cotton? Through modern techniques, pulp makers are exploring…

Style — 24 March, 2016

Tradera Trend featuring Columbine Smille

We are happy to introduce our first Tradera Trend seller of the…

Style — 24 March, 2016

On our minds: Community Clothing

Community Clothing is the new brand set up to save British manufacturers…

Style — 23 March, 2016


I fell in love

Style — 23 March, 2016

On our minds: Moon Lee’s art wear

Moon Lee is the London-based brand for "art-wear".

Style — 21 March, 2016

On our minds: Caitlyn Jenner as the new face for H&M sportswear

In their efforts of achieving broader casting diversity, H&M now teams up…

Style — 18 March, 2016

Best design classics from Tradera right now

This week Make it last picks a selection of design classics from…

Style — 18 March, 2016

Want to get married in an H&M dress?

This years edition of H&M Conscious Exclusive is nothing but basic. Make…

Style — 18 March, 2016

H&M Conscious Exclusive 2016 – all the looks

This year's edition of H&M's greenest and most glamorous collection is out…

Style — 17 March, 2016

On our minds: VOZ x United Nations Trust Fund

New York-based brand VOZ teams up with the United Nations Trust Fund…

Style — 16 March, 2016


To dress only for yourself

Style — 15 March, 2016

M.I.A joins H&M for World Recycle Week

H&M teams up with the artist M.I.A for World Recycle Week.

Style — 15 March, 2016

Best bags of Tradera right now

Best of bags

Style — 15 March, 2016

The true cost of a shirt

World Water Day

Style — 14 March, 2016


Update your shirt

Style — 11 March, 2016

On our minds: Nicholas Coutts

Young and talented designer Nicholas Coutts creates garments from recycled cotton and…

Style — 10 March, 2016

On our minds: H&M Studio Fall 2016

On our minds: H&M Studio Fall 2016

Style — 9 March, 2016

On our minds: Zara’s “Ungendered” collection

On our minds: Zara's "Ungendered" collection

Style — 9 March, 2016

Best shoes of Tradera right now

This week, Make it last picks the best shoes from Tradera right…

Style — 8 March, 2016

Fashion weeks sum-up: Four sustainable favourites

Fashion week: Four sustainable favourites

Life — 7 March, 2016

Editor’s letter by Lisa: finding stillness

Lisa Corneliusson imagines Phoebe Philo happily skipping a Céline season.

Style — 6 March, 2016

On our minds: Sustainable gala gear

On our minds: Ethical gala gear

Style — 4 March, 2016

The ribbed top

I can not wait for spring

Style — 4 March, 2016

On our minds: Moschino’s political message

For autumn, Moschino takes on excessive consumption, vanity, big business and death…

Style — 3 March, 2016

On our minds: Petrucha’s slip-ons

These somewhat amazing slip-ons are not just pretty but also kind to…

Style — 2 March, 2016

On our minds: The #Seebuywear strategy

This accessory label enhances the 'buy now, wear now' retail model, a…

Style — 1 March, 2016

Linen shoes

Summer dress and tanned legs

Style — 29 February, 2016

Best of Tradera right now

This week's Tradera picks are inspired by spring – think perfect denim, comfy…

Style — 29 February, 2016

On our minds: LUXAA

With its comprehensive approach towards sustainable design, LUXAA is a rarity amongst…

Style — 29 February, 2016

Fantastic four

At least for me

Style — 28 February, 2016

On our minds: RCR Khomenko’s no-waste collections

RCR Khomenko's no-waste collections are sourced from second hand fabrics in Ukraine.

Style — 27 February, 2016

On our minds: Christopher Kane

Christopher Kane wants to show us that worn-out clothes can be just…

Style — 26 February, 2016

The good project

Recycled and reused

Style — 26 February, 2016

On our minds: What happened to ethnic diversity?

Lately theres been a tendency of returning to the same non-white faces…

Style — 25 February, 2016

On Our Minds: Central Saint Martins AW16

John Skelton makes use of his grandma's old sheets for AW16.

Style — 25 February, 2016

What is hanging in my closet

This is how Emma Elwin gets her inspiration in the morning.

Style — 25 February, 2016

Wardrobe clean out

Emma Elwin is having a big wardrobe clean out, see all the…

Style — 23 February, 2016

Cecilia Blankens: From red hibiscus and golden sunsets

Make it last talks to Cecilia Blankens about her shoe label Blankens…

Style — 23 February, 2016

On our minds: Vegan shoes

Numerous shoe-brands are now adding vegan footwear to their sortiment!

Style — 22 February, 2016

Join us Thursday at Gina Tricot on Götgatan!

Join the Make it last team for an evening dedicated to sustainable…

Style — 22 February, 2016

On our minds: Pyer Moss AW16

After tackling police violence, Pyer Moss latest collection gain inspiration from depression…

Style — 21 February, 2016

Minna Palmqvist: “The new force is unstoppable”

Make it last talks to Minna Palmqvist about changing our perceptions of…

Style — 21 February, 2016

On our minds: Visvim

Hiroki Nakamura's sustainable takes on traditional dress.

Style — 19 February, 2016

Best of Tradera right now

Don't forget to check out our best picks from Tradera this week…

Style — 19 February, 2016

Without feeling overwhelmed

Last over time

Style — 19 February, 2016

On our minds: The Bee’s Sneeze

Influenced by King's Road in its heydays, this new London boutique creates…

Style — 18 February, 2016

Start with the jeans?

Lisa Corneliusson reveals her top three sustainable denim.

Style — 14 February, 2016

On our minds: DSTLD cutting denim prices

Through applying an efficient business-model, DSTLD manages to offer quality jeans at…

Style — 13 February, 2016

On our minds: Sexist pricing

Are women being charged more for clothing than men?

Style — 12 February, 2016

Less shows, instant gratification

Burberry, Vetements and other fashion heavy-weights break away from the traditional runway…

Style — 12 February, 2016

Brandy brown

These I'll keep

Style — 11 February, 2016

The good project

A little bit more sustainably

Style — 11 February, 2016

How to approach style and sustainability – with Gina Tricot

Make it last teams up with Gina Tricot to chat about ways…

Style — 11 February, 2016

On our minds: More brands are breaking up with the traditional show system

Burberry, Vetements and Tom Ford are next to break the conventional fashion…

Style — 10 February, 2016

On our minds: STORY mfg

Slow made, positive products

Style — 8 February, 2016

New hobby

Emma Elwin what's to learn a new hobby.

Style — 7 February, 2016

On our minds: Chanel’s Eco Couture

Suddenly, one of fashion's real game changers Karl Lagerfeld takes a stand…

Style — 6 February, 2016

On our minds: Cartina

This label is incorporating recycled paper into fashion.

Style — 5 February, 2016

On our minds: ShareWear

ShareWear is the new ready-to-share platform with Swedish designer pieces that you…

Style — 4 February, 2016

On our minds: Aerie Real

Aerie Real has - for the first time - featured an above-sample…

Style — 3 February, 2016

On our minds: Democratic front row

Stylist Bea Åkerlund and pop duo Rebecca and Fiona have given up…

Style — 2 February, 2016

On our minds: the new normal

Here's Giorgio Armani’s second capsule collection made up of classic wardrobe staples.

Style — 31 January, 2016

On our minds: Kings of Indigo

Dutch Kings of Indigo goes all-in with their conscious efforts.

Style — 30 January, 2016

On our minds: Tesler + Medelovitch

Tesler + Mendelovitch makes sculpture-like clutch bags out of cloth-textured wood.

Style — 30 January, 2016

On our minds: anti-stress jewellery

“Cure for the Itch” is a range of abstract-shaped pebbles which, just…

Style — 28 January, 2016

The one year rule

My new rule is...

Style — 26 January, 2016

Forgot to pick up your shirt at the dry cleaner’s? It might be in an art show

For a new exhibition at Tensta Konsthall, Behnaz Aram has designed an…

Style — 26 January, 2016

Best buy

A lot prettier

Style — 25 January, 2016

On our minds: Berlin Fashion Week

Berlin Fashion Week once again hosts a longer-than-average lineup of brands with…

Style — 24 January, 2016

On our minds: Maiami

One of the brands we are missing from the Berlin shows is…

Style — 23 January, 2016

On our minds: down to ethics

Down manufacturers tirelessly argue that the material is a waste product from…

Style — 21 January, 2016

Best picks from Tradera right now!

With some serious winter weather in Sweden, the need for a reliant…

Style — 21 January, 2016

Lease the look

Rent a look

Style — 16 January, 2016

On our minds: Louis Vuitton makes a promise

Louis Vuitton teams up with UNICEF to support children exposed to conflict…

Style — 16 January, 2016

On our minds: Bethany Williams

Bethany Williams partnered with British high street supermarket Tesco in an attempt…

Style — 14 January, 2016

On our minds: Cienne

The rushed creative process with high street retailers got the founders of…

Style — 11 January, 2016

The Edits: Baserange

The Make It Last Edits presents the best of conscious style. This…

Style — 9 January, 2016

On our minds: Dolce & Gabbana’s hijab collection

Praised by some and criticised by others, appropriating runway looks to Muslim…

Style — 7 January, 2016

On our minds: Hiut Denim

Hiut Denim – the brand on a mission to reinstate UK jeans manufacturing.

Style — 5 January, 2016

Picks of the day

Second hand is better

Style — 3 January, 2016

On our minds: the talking handbag

The talking handbag is designed to discourage shoppers from excessive consumption. Do…

Style — 2 January, 2016

On our minds: FEIT

FEIT makes hand sewn shoes from biological materials and natural dyes.

Style — 31 December, 2015

New years

This is what Emma Elwin is planing to wear for her new…

Style — 31 December, 2015

On our minds: Last of England

Last of England is a unisex knitwear brand taking stylistic inspiration from…

Style — 30 December, 2015

On our minds: Bright New Things

Bright New Things is Selfridges' recurring move to promote new design talent.…

Style — 30 December, 2015

How to

Like new!

Style — 29 December, 2015

No dyes

Stick with the virgin colors , no dyes

Life — 28 December, 2015

Editor’s letter by Lisa: Are good intentions enough?

Cause-umption rules Los Angeles. But perhaps it's better than not caring it…

Style — 27 December, 2015

Make your clothes last

All you need sewing kit

Style — 27 December, 2015

On our minds: Beth Ditto’s new label

The idea behind the collection is to make staples that people can…

Style — 26 December, 2015

Industry of all nations

Shopping is the equivalent of voting

Style — 26 December, 2015

On our minds: Cornaërt

With a past at Isabel Marant and Maison Margiela, founder Clara Cornaërt…

Style — 26 December, 2015

On our minds: An embroidered Christmas

The Iceland-based artist means that his decorations have become a silent protest,…

Style — 19 December, 2015

On our minds: Lana Siberie

Lana Siberie is a mother-daughter run label sporting eco-friendly handmade knitwear.

Style — 18 December, 2015

Second hand gifts

Second hand gifts

Style — 17 December, 2015

On our minds: Nanna Van Blaaderen

Nanna Van Blaaderen makes exciting faux fur pieces out of merino wool…

Style — 16 December, 2015

On our minds: Prada steps up their environmental game

Prada unveils a new corporate social responsibility site outlining efforts made and…

Style — 12 December, 2015

On our minds: the ethical fashion app

Good on You is the app that compares the ethics of 3,000…

Style — 11 December, 2015

On our minds: bespoke swapping

Upshift provides a personalised shopping experience – but is it too complicated?

Style — 10 December, 2015

On our minds: not the conventional bling

WOLF + SADIE make limited runs of each, gorgeous design – and…

Style — 9 December, 2015

Choose well

Happy holidays!

Style — 9 December, 2015

On our minds: LaDoubleJ.com

An eccentric online store merging key vintage findings with fresh designer pieces…

Style — 8 December, 2015

On our minds: Woron eco-friendly underwear

The founding sisters desired perfect lingerie providing comfort without sacrificing style or…

Style — 6 December, 2015

Old stuff

It's all in the details

Style — 4 December, 2015

On our minds: it’s a wrap

Lush offers wrap-style scarves as an alternative to wrapping paper.

Style — 3 December, 2015

Raw diamonds

Diamond crush

Style — 3 December, 2015

On our minds: Blake LDN

With a past at Rag & Bone, the Blake LDN founder knows…

Style — 2 December, 2015

On our minds: Boulezar

Locally produced German contemporary brand Boulezar refuses fleeting affairs with fast fashion.

Style — 2 December, 2015

Pick of the day

My favorite heels

Style — 29 November, 2015

Buy less, choose well: Merging matters

The modern interpretation of retro silhouettes.

Style — 28 November, 2015

On our minds: change your shoes

With #changeyourshoes, Labour Behind The Label wants to improve transparency and regulation…

Style — 27 November, 2015

Friday mood

Emma Elwin shares her Friday inspiration.

Style — 27 November, 2015

On our minds: garbage gear

Trash and couture is being merged in Liya Liu's latest collection.

Style — 26 November, 2015

Pick of the day

Baby it cold outside

Style — 26 November, 2015

On our minds: get rid of your clothes for good

Levi's hands out free shipping labels for unwanted clothes and shoes to…

Style — 25 November, 2015

On our minds: fashion says no to voilence against women

Today is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.…

Style — 20 November, 2015

Baby it’s cold outside

Keeping warm

Style — 19 November, 2015

On our minds: eco diamonds

Leonardo DiCaprio is Diamond Foundry's biggest fan. Wonder why?

Style — 18 November, 2015

On our minds: I wish I could wear

A new campaign from Amazon Fashion calls for women to break from…

Style — 17 November, 2015

On our minds: the invisible collection

Polish designer Arkadius created a line of invisible clothes in critique of…

Style — 17 November, 2015

Not that kind of girl

Brandy brown

Style — 16 November, 2015

Timeless classics

One material at a time

Style — 15 November, 2015

On our minds: Fur in the name of tradition

Fur in the name of the British royal tradition? No thanks, says…

Style — 14 November, 2015

On our minds: Dress and degrees

In light of COP 21 – UN’s global climate conference in Paris…

Style — 14 November, 2015

On our minds: the best Christmas gift

Kate Moss joins British designers to create a sweater for Save the…

Style — 14 November, 2015

On our minds: Bobby Kolade

Locally produced, globally cool. Bobby Kolade has something for the environmentally aware…

Style — 13 November, 2015

Best cashmere online with Lisa Yang

Pay Lisa-Yang.com a visit on today!

Style — 12 November, 2015

On our minds: Hillier Bartley

Fashion heavyweights Katie Hillier and Luella Bartley launches a label for the…

Style — 12 November, 2015


Emma Elwin is search for inspiration for spring.

Style — 11 November, 2015

Tradera trend: Vintage boots

These boot are made for walking

Style — 10 November, 2015

Pick of the day

Rusty wool

Style — 9 November, 2015

Wardrobe clean out

Altuzarra och Stella McCartney

Style — 8 November, 2015

On our minds: CFDA’s newest initiative

CFDA and Lexus encourage American fashion brands to reshape their ethical and…

Style — 7 November, 2015

On our minds: the Netflix for clothing

Le Tote is the clothing rental app that aspires to be the…

Style — 6 November, 2015

The Edits: Cozy Knits

Our best knitted pieces right now.

Style — 6 November, 2015

On our minds: Kieley Kimmel

The latest in line of on-point sustainable fashion emerging from Los Angeles.

Style — 6 November, 2015

Knitted friday

Emma Elwin is recycling some old inspiration today.

Style — 5 November, 2015

Faux fur

This pinkish one

Life — 4 November, 2015

Best online destination for children’s clothing

Our editors do the work for you!

Style — 4 November, 2015

Pick of the day


Style — 4 November, 2015

On our minds: more recycling on the high street

& Other Stories is the latest high street retailer to encourage their…

Style — 2 November, 2015

In the cold cold night

When the darkness comes to Stockholm Emma Elwin tend to avoid bright…

Style — 1 November, 2015

On our minds: The new linen and hemp movement

With Black Crane, sustainable fashion's hempish aesthetic is back in the limelight.…

Style — 30 October, 2015

Recyclable insoles

Walking on clouds

Style — 30 October, 2015

On our minds: Best of Sao Paulo Fashion Week

Next year's Olympic games is on the Brazilian designers' radar.

Style — 29 October, 2015

On our minds: Recyclable insoles

Feet hurt? Look this way! Recyclable insoles for tired Vans feet.

Style — 29 October, 2015

Winter white

Lisa came back the other week from Paris with this beautiful vintage…

Style — 29 October, 2015

On Our Minds: Tel Aviv Fashion Week

Tel Aviv Fashion Week promoted body diversity and co-existence.

Style — 28 October, 2015

Less is still more

Dido Mani thinks we should give the "less is more" credo another…

Style — 28 October, 2015

The classics

Emma Elwin has a weakness for...

Style — 28 October, 2015

On our minds: clothes made of recycled PET bottles

The world’s first ever “maker community for clothing" according to themselves. What…

Style — 28 October, 2015

On our minds: MARIEYAT

Marieyat wants to challenge mainstream characteristics of lingerie.

Life — 27 October, 2015

What’s your Eternal flame?

Competition time!

Style — 25 October, 2015

Eytys x Refugees Welcome Stockholm and UNHCR

Afghan women's tradition of weaving carpets in war times.

Style — 23 October, 2015

Blue is the warmest colour

Blue is the warmest colour after all.

Style — 22 October, 2015

How creativity can revolutionize the fashion industry

Utopian Bodies: How technology and human creativity can revolutionize fashion

Style — 22 October, 2015

On our minds: Shooz’ adaptable shoes

With soles and uppers that are changeable, Shooz offer many shoes in…

Style — 21 October, 2015

Wool blends and soft cashmere

Wrapped in blankets, jackets and cosy socks in organic wool.

Style — 20 October, 2015

House of Dagmar launches organic handbags

House of Dagmar on handbags and sustainable fashion

Style — 19 October, 2015

The first step

A step in the right direction

Style — 18 October, 2015

On our minds: The shoe auction of the year

Kate Moss, Emma Watson and Vivienne Westwood are but a few to…

Style — 17 October, 2015

On our minds: best of SS16 still to come in Tokyo?

The "fashion month" in New York, London, Milan and Paris may have…

Style — 16 October, 2015

On our minds: Chalayan’s water soluble coats

Pro-risk-taker Chalayan presented an interesting possible future solution for the disposal of…

Style — 16 October, 2015

Eternal Flame: Ellen Dixdotter

Special blings that make Ellen Dixdotter smile.

Style — 15 October, 2015

Tradera Trend: the best white knits

But maybe you need one?

Style — 13 October, 2015

Tradera trend: perfect base

Today's Tradera Trend picks are all about the perfect base. Get your…

Life — 12 October, 2015

Travel light

Emma Elwins is trying to travel light.

Style — 9 October, 2015

On our minds: Adornment

Washed and repaird gems

Style — 8 October, 2015

Soft, seasonless and sustainable with Granit

Make it last teams up with Granit to present the forever perfect…

Style — 8 October, 2015

Granit: Perfect basics produced in a fair way

Granit offers a clothing line full of perfect basics made of organic…

Style — 8 October, 2015

How they make it last: Haya Maraka

Haya Maraka about her views on sustainability and what role fashion plays…

Style — 7 October, 2015

On our minds: Iris Van Herpen, master of 3D-printing

Compared to the structured sculpture-like creations from previous collections, Iris Van Herpen…

Style — 7 October, 2015

On our minds: alternative fashion showcases

A homage to the Hare Krishna movement instead of a conventional fashion…

Style — 7 October, 2015

Adornment: Everlasting Garments

Old for someone can be awesome new for someone else

Style — 7 October, 2015

The sleeveless turtleneck

Bring out the scissors

Style — 7 October, 2015

Bullion Knot Stitch

I want to learn how to do that!

Style — 3 October, 2015

On our minds: the breast cancer bra

Stella McCartney's latest launch once again underlines her standing as one of…

Style — 3 October, 2015

Woolen socks

Emma Elwin thinks it is time for these...

Style — 2 October, 2015

On our minds: Pamela Anderson’s vegan shoe line

"Vegan can be sexy", says Pamela Anderson with her new shoe line.

Style — 1 October, 2015

On our minds: ethical fashion at Milan Fashion Week

Milan Fashion Week’s overall contribution to a better fashion future tends to…

Style — 30 September, 2015

On our minds: Trussardi SS16

This season, Gaia Trussardi was inspired by writer Robyn Davidson’s travels in…

Style — 30 September, 2015

PFW: Three sustainable brands

Make it last lists three sustainable brands worth keeping track of at…

Style — 29 September, 2015

Shifting Seasons

This weeks shopping page is inspired by the end of summer and…

Style — 29 September, 2015

Chanson d’automne

Emma Elwin shares one of her clothing care tip for traveling.

Style — 28 September, 2015

Timeless favorites: Little Liffner x Filippa K

Make it last asks Paulina Liffner three questions about her recent collaboration…

Style — 26 September, 2015

Gareth Pugh’s fantasy escape

On our minds is Gareth Pugh’s nay say to gentrification with his…

Style — 26 September, 2015

Feeling blue

Emma Elwin's wardrobe is mostly blue and... Blue.

Style — 25 September, 2015

MFW: Four sustainable labels

If you dig a bit deeper, you'll find Milan Fashion Week showcases…

Style — 25 September, 2015

Bringing beanie back

The weather is really trowing Emma Elwin for a loop. One minute…

Style — 24 September, 2015

On our minds: Mulberry protest

On or minds is the recent criticism faced by Mulberry and their…

Style — 23 September, 2015

More than a kilt

Modern heritage newcomer Le Kilt reveals an ambition to expand their repertoire…

Style — 23 September, 2015

Susie Lau to EcoChic Design Awards

Fashion heavyweights Susie Lau and ELLE China’s Stephanie Zhu joins the jury…

Style — 23 September, 2015

On our minds: Fashion East SS16

One of our favorite shows in London was non-profit Fashion East.

Life — 22 September, 2015

The art of packing

Emma Elwin shares her tips on how to pack smart for traveling.

Style — 21 September, 2015

Lifelong guarantee: four brands

Make it last lists four brands that offers a lifetime-long guarantee.

Style — 19 September, 2015

Best of New York Fashion Week: Prabal Gurung

Touched by the devastating earthquake in his native Nepal earlier this year,…

Style — 18 September, 2015

Best of New York Fashion Week: Chromat

On our minds is Chromat, the brand to deliver the best casting…

Style — 17 September, 2015

Best of New York Fashion Week: Pyer Moss

For this season, Kerby Jean-Raymond expressed his long-standing concern for police brutality…

Style — 16 September, 2015

Best of New York Fashion Week: Assembly

In homage of “disappeared heroines”, designer Greg Armas merged the looks of…

Style — 15 September, 2015

Best of New York Fashion Week: Osklen

The largely linen-based collection had a raw elegance to it.

Style — 12 September, 2015

DARE: one garment, several styles

DARE is the fashion project that enables consumers to change the style…

Style — 11 September, 2015

On our minds: Vans’ eco-friendly shoes

We love the new sustainable Vans!

Style — 10 September, 2015

Pick of the day

Mormor Rut

Style — 10 September, 2015

Tradera Trend x Dagmar auction in support of UNICEF

Like many other companies throughout Sweden this week – House of Dagmar is…

Style — 9 September, 2015

NYFW: Three eco-labels to watch

For the upcoming New York Fashion Week, Make it lasts lists three…

Style — 9 September, 2015

Tradera Trend: the oversized jacket as outerwear

Dare beige or greige!

Style — 9 September, 2015

On our minds: Hacked

Alexander van Slobbe and Francisco van Benthum hand-picked deadstock garments from various…

Style — 8 September, 2015

Five DIY-Instagrammers to keep track of

Make it last lists five inspiring DIY-accounts on Instagram.

Style — 8 September, 2015

Alexander Wang’s campaign features 38 celebrities

In celebration of his 10 year brand anniversary, Alexander Wang launches the…

Style — 5 September, 2015

On our minds: Kering’s Burak Cakmak to Parons School of Design

Burak Cakmak is said to be excited by the challenge of translating…

Style — 4 September, 2015

Picks from Tradera trend

The perfect leather jacket and shoes for fall and a bag that…

Style — 3 September, 2015

Five iconic ladies in white shirts

They changed the world. Not the shirt.

Style — 3 September, 2015

H&M launches conscious denim

There are no rules in fashion but one - recycle your clothes

Style — 3 September, 2015

Kode with Karlie and other ways to #makeyourmarc

The brand Marc Fisher's new platform #makeyourmarc is instated to support women…

Style — 2 September, 2015

Diana Orving: “I think this is my best collection so far!”

The trend is to reinvent and recycle

Style — 2 September, 2015

Struck by Glacier Girl

Elizabeth Farrell adopted the pseudonym Glacier Girl and started DIY:ing clothes in…

Style — 2 September, 2015

The style of: Charlotte Gainsbourg

Simple but beautiful

Style — 1 September, 2015

Cheap Monday: “A nuclear hippie explosion”

Sustainability within fashion will be a given and a must

Style — 1 September, 2015

Eternal Flame: Anna-Sara Dåvik

The Swedish designer shares her favorite wardrobe staple.

Style — 30 August, 2015

Tradera TREND week 36: Lisa’s favorites

Lisa's picks from Tradera Trend this week. Happy bidding!

Style — 30 August, 2015

Under the same sun

Emma Elwin is loves her eco-friendly bikini made by 86% REPREVE polyester and recycled…

Style — 28 August, 2015

The menswear label on everyone’s lips

Initiated only this year, SWEN has already caught the fashion industry's attention.

Style — 28 August, 2015

Ida Klamborn: “Never promised you a rose garden”

Ida Klamborn believes in more sustainable, selective shopping

Style — 27 August, 2015

Progressive girls of the 90’s inspires Giorgi Rostiashvili

Giorgi Rostiashvili on inspirations and sustainability

Style — 27 August, 2015

Jason Markk and progressive shoe care

Jason Markk and the increasing amount of care products available for athletic…

Style — 26 August, 2015

Filippa K: Lease the look

Rent a look straight from the runway!

Style — 26 August, 2015

Carin Wester: “I will still use them in 10 years”

Inspiration and fashion predictions with Carin Wester

Style — 26 August, 2015

An industry outsider with a folkloric expression

Vaquera breaks not just the gender norm but also, the elitist fashion…

Style — 25 August, 2015

Björn Borg encourages human settlement on Mars in 2027

The cult sports brand unexpectedly made their showcase a tribute to Mars…

Style — 24 August, 2015

Elin Alemdar: “Stylein Classics is growing each season”

Inspirations and fashion predictions with Elin Almedar

Style — 24 August, 2015

Stockholm fashion week

Stockholm Fashion Week starts today – Make it last is there to give…

Style — 23 August, 2015

How they make it last: Emma Oak

Use as little products as possible and do some skinny dipping in…

Style — 22 August, 2015

On our minds: alternative shows during fashion month

Fashion month is up – and New York seem to have nurtured some…

Style — 21 August, 2015

On our minds: Vetements’ perfect reworked vintage denims

In response to the popularity of their luxury jeans, Vetements’ founder Demna…

Style — 20 August, 2015

& Other Stories unveils all transgender campaign

& Other Stories' autumn campaign is shot, styled and modelled by an…

Style — 20 August, 2015

A friend for life

And good quality

Style — 19 August, 2015

Tradera TREND week 35: Lisa’s picks

Is it summer? Is it fall?

Style — 19 August, 2015

Stella McCartney and Patagonia cut ties with wool supplier

PETA’s latest reveal causes brands such as Stella McCartney and Patagonia to…

Style — 19 August, 2015

Perfect denim that’s 100 percent compostable

Commonly known for their bags made out of used truck traps, FREITAG…

Style — 18 August, 2015

Editor’s letter: Favorite stores

Three favorite brands with the perfect basics – and a promising direction for…

Style — 18 August, 2015


Weekly Inspiration!

Style — 18 August, 2015

Ask the expert: How to get a more sustainable style

"Sustainable fashion” is a lot of things. How would you guide our…

Style — 15 August, 2015

On our minds: vegetable leather

"Fruitleather” is made from different combinations of fruits.

Style — 14 August, 2015

The Year of Swimwear Innovation

Speedo turns post-manufacturing cut-offs back into raw nylon to be used for…

Style — 13 August, 2015

Fans of Fanmail

Fanmail is an exciting addition to the evolving conscious menswear scene.

Style — 13 August, 2015

Preparing for fashion week

I'm taking these bad boys out for a walk!

Style — 12 August, 2015

A brand worth watching

Combining neo-minimalist designs, dreamy campaigns and environmentally conscious and cruelty-free manufacturing, the…

Style — 12 August, 2015

On our minds: Eckhaus Latta

On our minds is the “accidental poster child for sustainability”, that is…

Style — 11 August, 2015

How they make it last: Liza Laserow

Whats the worst thing that can happen?

Style — 10 August, 2015

Kick starting autumn with Tradera TREND

New season, good old clothes!

Style — 10 August, 2015

Tradera TREND week 33: Lisa’s favorite accessories

Summer break is over and we're back picking our top finds from…

Style — 7 August, 2015

Forget Jessica Alba, Here is a Better Option!

At a time when all-natural sunscreen products (read: Jessica Alba’s Honest Company…

Style — 6 August, 2015

How they make it last: Dana Roski

The stylist shares her best sustainable products.

Style — 6 August, 2015

Where to find the pretty conscious clothes?

The million dollar question of where to find clothes that are both…

Style — 6 August, 2015

Birkin bag non plus

Jane recently asked Hermès to rename the Birkin bag until better practices…

Style — 5 August, 2015

Weekly Inspiration

Last days of summer

Style — 5 August, 2015

On our minds: Whitetail

Margit Peura's decision to swap her job as a gynecologist for full-time…

Style — 3 August, 2015

Ask the expert: what can designers do?

What choices can designers make to contribute to a more sustainable fashion…

Style — 31 July, 2015

Unisex Shirt

Finished my men's/unisex collection. Now it's time to add a few more…

Style — 31 July, 2015

Breaking news: YSL returns to couture

Hedi Slimane is said to be hand-picking the pieces to go in the…

Style — 30 July, 2015

On our minds: KitX

New brand KitX is the outcome of yet another established designer moving…

Style — 29 July, 2015

A newcomer to watch

We love the lasting appeal of newcomer Annemarie Westen's designs.

Style — 28 July, 2015

Le Kilt merges kilts and contemporary style

On our minds is Le Kilt, a brand on a quest to…

Style — 28 July, 2015

Stitch your own slip-ons

With a design inspired by traditional Hungarian moccasins, Pikkpack provides shoe-making kits…

Style — 27 July, 2015


Creative direction, store event & advertorial.

Style — 27 July, 2015

Filippa K & STYLEBY


Style — 27 July, 2015

Filippa K

Consulting, copywriting & social media content.

Style — 27 July, 2015


Effortless -online campaign

Style — 25 July, 2015

On our minds: Theory menswear spring 2016

Theory delivers a spring collection for anytime, anysex use.

Style — 24 July, 2015

New fashion site on everyone’s lips

The Mercantile merges artisan craft with contemporary fashion.

Style — 23 July, 2015

Topshop Reclaim

Topshop once again teams up with remake brand From Somewhere to create…

Style — 22 July, 2015

“Marshmallow that never melts”

Pleats Please Issey Miyake and Native Shoes create a shoe that's lightweight,…

Style — 22 July, 2015

Nude x hus-hus

I had the honor to do a collaboration with The Nude Label.…

Style — 21 July, 2015

On our minds: Bikyni

Bikyni offers a range of well-fitting mix-and-match pieces in a minimal colour…

Style — 20 July, 2015

On our minds: Gina Tricot

We were happy to see the retailer publishing a list of factories…

Style — 20 July, 2015

Freja Beha Erichsen likes 1.61

Utilitarian at heart, it's easy to understand why this brand is Freja…

Style — 20 July, 2015

Gender-fluid casting at Margiela

We were intrigued to see Margiela applying some gender-fluid casting to the…

Style — 20 July, 2015

Weekly Inspiration

This week, or every week I should say, I'm inspired by the…

Style — 19 July, 2015

On our minds: Berlin Fashion Week

The Germans have strong potential to lead the way within sustainable high…

Style — 18 July, 2015

Remake couture continued

We were happy to see an add to the designers using vintage…

Style — 14 July, 2015

Pick of the day

It's not just the woolen, almost see-through material, but the fit is…

Style — 9 July, 2015

Anine Bing: “I keep my wardrobe tight”

From Los Angeles to Antwerp.

Style — 9 July, 2015

Modernism in India

Behno tackles fair working conditions and environmental consciousness on a new level…

Style — 8 July, 2015

Weekly Inspiration

Here are some of my latest Pinterest finds.

Style — 8 July, 2015

Adidas turns illegal deep sea gillnets into sneakers

On our minds is Adidas’ latest sneaker model with an upper made…

Style — 7 July, 2015

The classics

Emma is not much for loud clothes when it comes to my…

Style — 7 July, 2015

Gendered collections on the decline?

Are mixed-gender shows a result of the ever-speeding turnover of fashion, or…

Style — 6 July, 2015

Andreas Åhrman, Nudie Jeans: “It was a huge struggle in the beginning”

Swedish denim pioneers Nudie Jeans was recently awarded at the Observer Ethical…

Style — 1 July, 2015

Weekly Inspiration

Collecting images and putting together mood boards is a hobby of mine.…

Style — 30 June, 2015

Peta sends Victoria Beckham a “V”irkin Bag

PETA’s recently investigated alligator farms in Texas and Zimbabwe from where luxury…

Style — 29 June, 2015

DIY Kaarem shirt

I gave new life to this beautiful Kaarem top

Style — 29 June, 2015

Make your own knitwear pattern

London-based knitwear brand Knyttan offers a style guide of patterns and designs…

Style — 28 June, 2015

Gina Tricot

Styling, modeling and hosting store event.

Style — 28 June, 2015

I’m holding out

Time is really flying and I can't believe this weekend has gone…

Style — 27 June, 2015


Media partnership.

Style — 27 June, 2015



Style — 27 June, 2015

Tradera Trend

Ongoing campaign site

Style — 26 June, 2015

The staple made to last

Discouraged by garments deliberately made to break, Tom Cridland designed an everyday…

Style — 25 June, 2015

Eternal Flame: Mari Giudicelli

The designer, model and photographer tells Make it last about her best…

Style — 22 June, 2015

Back to Basic

Black is a color that works all year around, even in the…

Style — 18 June, 2015

Rainy days equals cozy knits

Can I tell you a secret?

Style — 16 June, 2015

Basic Swimwear

Camilla searched the internet for basic swimsuits that she would happily wear…

Style — 15 June, 2015

Lisa’s favorites from Tradera Trend

Lisa's favorite from Tradera Trend!

Style — 15 June, 2015

Our favorite brand’s first downloadable collection

It's here – the world’s first downloadable collection, designed to be printed…

Style — 14 June, 2015

Our kind of it-bag

Made by artisans in Kenya, the bags have encouraged skill development and…

Style — 12 June, 2015

Softer than silk

Bolt Threads claims to have invented an artificial silk that's machine washable…

Style — 11 June, 2015

DIY jumpsuit

I decided to paint it!

Style — 11 June, 2015

How they make it last: Martine Langatta

The artist tells Make it last about her style and sense of…

Style — 11 June, 2015

Secondhand find

I love a good bamboo heel

Style — 11 June, 2015

Baja East has a new unisex aesthetic

Baja East has a fresh take on post-gender style – and big…

Style — 10 June, 2015

Teddy boys, Sapeurs and Coco Chanel

Browsing the resort collections, we've fallen in love with Edun's new aesthetic.

Style — 9 June, 2015

Three favorites

My three favorite sustainable pieces out in store now

Style — 4 June, 2015


Organically tanned

Style — 2 June, 2015

Current obsession

My dream coat

Style — 1 June, 2015

Ask the expert: What is “circular fashion”?

What is a "circular fashion consumer"? Make it last's sustainability expert Anna…

Style — 1 June, 2015

Painted denim with a purpose

The 90s influenced unisex street style collection is made from reworked second…

Style — 30 May, 2015

Gender-bending bridal wear

With Ireland’s recent yes to legalising gay marriage in the midst of…

Style — 29 May, 2015

Eighty cotton, twenty lin

Perfect all year around

Style — 29 May, 2015

The ethics of faux fur

Is faux fur more harmful to the environment than naturally renewable real…

Style — 28 May, 2015

Fashion insiders’ flea market on 14 June in Stockholm!

Make it last’s flea market is back and some thirty fashion insider…

Style — 28 May, 2015

Tradera trend: Crochet

Summer days in crochet

Style — 27 May, 2015

Eternal Flame: Sophie Buhai

Beauty is seeing unusual details in uncommon places, says Los Angeles based…

Style — 27 May, 2015

Canvas, continued

Canvas is still having a moment and lately we have seen major…

Style — 26 May, 2015

Tradera Trend: Lisa’s weekly favorites

Not a week without a Chloé banana!

Style — 26 May, 2015

How they make it last: Brianna Lance

Buy as much ivintage as you can, says designer and creative director…

Style — 25 May, 2015

Another leading online store offering a “Conscious” section

We love online fashion forum LN-CC’s “Conscious” section dedicated to brands with…

Style — 23 May, 2015

“We wanted to create the defining watch brand of our generation”

TID wants their watches to be hard to date.

Style — 21 May, 2015

Tradera Trend: The leather jacket

The perfect leather jacket.

Style — 21 May, 2015

Valentino’s charity collection

Valentino's Cash & Rocket capsule collection is launched to raise money for…

Style — 20 May, 2015

A night with Make it last and Peak Performance

Yesterday Make it last teamed up with Peak Performance for a night…

Style — 20 May, 2015

Ask the expert: H&M and sustainability

H&M recently launched its Conscious Actions. Make it last reads it.

Style — 20 May, 2015

Africa – the future hub for sustainable premium fashion?

Helen Jennings means that the continent has an unrivaled opportunity to be…

Style — 19 May, 2015

Spring adventures with Peak Performance

We’ve teamed up with Peak Performance to pick our ten favorites –…

Style — 19 May, 2015

10 favorites from Peak Performance spring 2015

The criteria of functionality, sustainability and fashionability isn't easily met

Style — 19 May, 2015

Prada Raw

We are excited to see Prada’s high end take on wooden sunglasses…

Style — 18 May, 2015

How they make it last: Anna Teurnell

I ask my colleagues to tell me if I start to smell…

Style — 15 May, 2015

What made Paris the fashion capital of the world?

Well – foreign influences has definitely played a big part. How?

Style — 14 May, 2015

Tradera Trend: Lisa’s weekly favorites

No-one's perfect, right?

Style — 14 May, 2015

Design your own stylish shoes with Amend Atelier

Know exactly how you want your shoes to look – only, you…

Style — 14 May, 2015

On our minds: subtraction cutting

We are always on the lookout for progressive ideas with a conscious…

Style — 14 May, 2015

Weekend bag

See you all on Monday again and have a great holiday!

Style — 13 May, 2015

How they make it last: Daria Shapovalova

The creative mentor of fashion in Ukraine cannot see herself in any…

Style — 13 May, 2015

This is our Story

We are excited to discover Story, a New York retail outlet sporting…

Style — 12 May, 2015

Another fashion week… really?

Is there really a need for a pre-collection fashion week in London?

Style — 12 May, 2015

Beautiful Base range

We can't stop thinking about Base range, a brand which speaks to…

Style — 7 May, 2015

Tradera Trend – now live!

Now live: Tradera Trend – Sweden’s best destination for pre-owned fashion.

Style — 7 May, 2015

Tradera Trend: 70’s inspired denim

The biggest trend this season is the 70's.

Style — 7 May, 2015

Amandah Andersson: Not a load of crap

Swedish EcoChic Design Award nominee Amandah Andersson doesn't think it’s fine to…

Style — 6 May, 2015

Tradera Trend: Shop the perfect staples

Shop our favorites on Tradera!

Style — 6 May, 2015

12 minutes of Margiela

YOOX’s documentary unfolds at least some of the mystery behind Martin Margiela.

Style — 5 May, 2015

Helena Fredriksson: I’ve worked with sustainable fabrics without naming it as such

It’s who I am and what I believe is the way to…

Style — 4 May, 2015

No dirty gold

Jeweller Golpira ensures the sourcing process is done in an ecologically and…

Style — 4 May, 2015

Tradera Trend

I'm so exited about our new project here on Make it last

Style — 1 May, 2015

Matt & Nat’s

For SS15, cruelty free bag label MATT & NAT has merged sharp…

Style — 30 April, 2015

How they make it last: Andi Potamkin

Boutique-meets-gallery owner Andi Potamkin reveals her most revolutionary fashion memory.

Style — 30 April, 2015

Futuristic footwear

The brainchild behind Rombaut is a Belgian 26-year-old with a past at…

Style — 29 April, 2015

Thanks for coming (and congrats, Filippa K)

Yesterday, we teamed up with Filippa K to celebrate the newly launched…

Style — 29 April, 2015

The striped sweater

My number one garment

Style — 29 April, 2015

Other events

Style — 29 April, 2015

Store events


Style — 29 April, 2015

Tradera Trend – Sweden’s best destination for pre-owned fashion

Because style isn't about money and buying pre-owned adds personality!

Style — 28 April, 2015

Eternal Flame: Sofia Wood

Sofia Wood often wonders who wore her Eternal flame before her.

Style — 28 April, 2015

Noorin Khamisani: “I love styles that are lost in time”

With an eye to the future

Style — 28 April, 2015

Marc O’Polo is a “Fur Free Retailer”

On our minds is Marc O'Polo's recent alignment with the "Fur Free…

Style — 27 April, 2015

Maiyet names new creative director

The socially conscious brand has hired Declan Kearney, previously at Alexander Wang.…

Style — 27 April, 2015

White shirts

Style — 25 April, 2015

Alternity wear

In response to the hyper-feminine clothing offer for pregnant women, the brand…

Style — 24 April, 2015

Stella wants to know: #whomademyclothes

Today is Fashion Revolution Day – which raises awareness of the true costs…

Style — 24 April, 2015

The fashion exhibition on everyone’s lips

With the general Seventies sentiment around it does perhaps not come as…

Style — 23 April, 2015

How they make it last: Taylor Lashae

Do what you have to do and have fun in between!

Style — 23 April, 2015

Footwear for the future

United Nude’s new concept merges 3D printing innovation and the minds of…

Style — 22 April, 2015

Prada tells all

A special (and timely) emphasis is placed on femininity and power –…

Style — 21 April, 2015

Hello from the studio

Style — 21 April, 2015

Same outfit every day to save time, stress and money

Matilda Kahl wears theame outfit every day to save time, stress and…

Style — 21 April, 2015

Mary McCartney: “I try to do it but I know I’m not perfect”

The more you learn, the more you like the good feeling about…

Style — 20 April, 2015

How they make it last: Camilla Engström

Artist Camilla Engström usees coconut oil for everything.

Style — 20 April, 2015

GAP and Levi’s take a stand for equality

GAP and Levi’s fresh dismissal of Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act suggests…

Style — 19 April, 2015

“A pastel pink poke-in-the-eye”

With a narrow but well-defined girl room aesthetic, the brand is undoubtedly…

Style — 19 April, 2015

Fashion round-up: 5 things you need to know this week

Make it last sums up the most important news of the past…

Style — 18 April, 2015

Ann-Sofie Johansson, H&M: “I think genderless fashion could be the future”

More and more fashion is getting timeless, says H&M Creative Advisor Ann-Sofie…

Style — 17 April, 2015

Raw silk for the summer

Polish brand THISISNON’s freshly launched collection Raw Silk is shaped by its…

Style — 16 April, 2015

Pharrell Williams to ”make sustainability cool”

We think this could be a good strategy to make sustainability more…

Style — 15 April, 2015

Eternal Flame: Celine Irgens Aagaard

Celine Irgens Aagaard's Eternal flame reminds her of her dad and his…

Style — 13 April, 2015

Win an outfit from Gina Tricot

Gina Tricot's sustainable collection

Style — 11 April, 2015

Tencel details with Gina Tricot

Since I'm such a denim girl this is one of my favorite…

Style — 10 April, 2015

Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy

This spring I'm inspired by Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy's style. Here are some classic…

Style — 10 April, 2015

Ask the expert: New business models

Providing new services such as second hand, rent and repair makes sense…

Style — 10 April, 2015

Fashion round-up: 5 things you need to know this week

Freeing the nipple, catching the repair truck and truly changing the norm…

Style — 10 April, 2015

Join the Worn Wear wagon tour with Patagonia

The American outdoor brand hits the roads of the US in a…

Style — 9 April, 2015

Gina Tricot launches sustainable collection (and I’m a part of it!)

I've styled my favorites from Gina Tricot's new collection of sustainable garments

Style — 9 April, 2015

Is the leather-fashion love story about to fade?

While the fur industry is often questioned, the leather industry is escaping…

Style — 9 April, 2015

A future with edible dyes and skin-free leather

Imagine this: an algae-based textile dye so environmentally sound that it can…

Style — 8 April, 2015

Perfect Docs for the festival season

We've fallen in love with these reworked docs – a collaboration between Dr Martens,…

Style — 6 April, 2015

Pick of the day

Spring jacket, Margaret Howell. I have the same problem every year when it comes…

Style — 6 April, 2015

Fynda bästa modet från Tradera

Make it lasts redaktörer säljer sina egna och vänners plagg på Tradera.

Style — 6 April, 2015

Denim of the moment

The unisex universe is expanding in the form of Nudie Jeans’ new…

Style — 5 April, 2015

Had enough of Karl Lagerfeld yet?

The fashion exhibition fever is prolonged with a new showcase on Karl…

Style — 3 April, 2015

The Ballet Flat

All Camilla wants to wear everyday this spring and summer is the…

Style — 3 April, 2015

More of Audrey, Brigitte and Jane

We love this attempt to praise fashion by giving it a bit…

Style — 2 April, 2015

Lea T for Åhléns

Åhléns is one of the first high street retailers to appoint a…

Style — 1 April, 2015

Fashion round-up: 5 things you need to know this week

Stella McCartney and Nafisa Kaptownwala both have leading roles in this week's…

Style — 1 April, 2015

Stella McCartney: “Something is better than nothing”

We love to see Stella McCartney encouraging her peers to explore vegetarian…

Style — 1 April, 2015

Eternal Flame: Stephanie Gundelach

"Every time I look at this jacket it brings back memories of…

Style — 29 March, 2015

Interview with artist and designer Skyler Brickley

Make it last writer Camilla Engström visits Skyler Brickley in his studio…

Style — 28 March, 2015



Style — 27 March, 2015

Pick of the day

Time to put on your suit-jama

Style — 27 March, 2015

The innovators: Séfr Séfr

Discover a hidden gem for designer vintage.

Style — 27 March, 2015

What do you think of Patti Smith’s All Stars?

The Converse campaign deserves praise for highlighting the emotional connection to fashion.

Style — 26 March, 2015

Who cares about shoe care?

We like Bally’s recent effort to shake up the outdated field of…

Style — 25 March, 2015

An unusual move from a high street retailer

We are quite curious to see the consumer response to the challenging…

Style — 25 March, 2015

Three names to watch

The LVMH prize finalists include three of our favorite acts.

Style — 25 March, 2015

Fashion round-up: 5 things you need to know this week

This week's guide to the must-read sustainable fashion articles.

Style — 24 March, 2015

Esprit comes clean

When Greenpeace is campaigning for toxic-free fashion, Espirit takes the leading role.

Style — 23 March, 2015

On our minds: The true cost

Commentary from ethical fashion scene including Stella McCartney and Livia Firth.

Style — 22 March, 2015

How they make it last: Donya-Patrice Campbell

The stylist has a habit of customizing vintage finds – and always finish…

Style — 21 March, 2015

On our minds: Veer NYC

In a perfectly balanced appreciation of quality, ethics and seasonlessness this brand…

Style — 21 March, 2015

On our minds: Genderless is more

Selfridges has launched a genderless pop up shop named Agender.

Style — 20 March, 2015

Pick of the day

Perfect for a night on the town

Style — 20 March, 2015

On our minds: Oldest – and best?

We want to go to the Alber Elbaz-curated exhibition on Jeanne Lanvin…

Style — 18 March, 2015

On our minds: better than Wayfarers

We're browsing through the sunglasses offering for SS15. Here's a definite favorite.

Style — 17 March, 2015

Fashion round-up: 5 things you need to know this week

Gender neutrality at Selfridges, Rihanna x Dior and swappable sunglasses. This week's…

Style — 16 March, 2015

H&M Conscious Exclusive – the collection in full

In one month, the 2015 edition of H&M Conscious Exclusive sees the…

Style — 13 March, 2015

Hi from my Brooklyn studio

It’s Friday, the sun is shining and I just made myself a…

Style — 13 March, 2015

Ask the expert: What is a “closed loop” – and does the approach work?

There's a lot of talk about “closed loops” for the fashion industry.…

Style — 12 March, 2015

What do you think of the newest Stella McCartney bag?

Stella McCartney has designed a limited edition bag for Canon. What do…

Style — 12 March, 2015

New collection from RAW for the Oceans

Jeans made out of pastic bottles? You better believe it.

Style — 11 March, 2015

Fashion round-up: 5 things you need to know this week

Top 100 Green Initiatives 2015

Style — 9 March, 2015

Who runs the world?

We are so very thrilled about Stella McCartney's AW15 collection showcased earlier…

Style — 9 March, 2015

Luxe knits for everyone

Rachel Kibbe of eco-friendly online store Helpsy joins forces with Hortensia Handmade's…

Style — 9 March, 2015

On our minds: a favourite from Paris fashion week

For AW15, Junya Watanabe recontextualises the traditional art of origami – a venture…

Style — 6 March, 2015

If you go to one fashion exhibition this year…

Candid images from the unpolished fashion world – of Alexander McQueen's collection…

Style — 5 March, 2015

Eternal Flame: Paulina Liffner von Sydow

"You need to find your own funky boots, whatever funky means to…

Style — 5 March, 2015

Celia Pym gives you: the world’s best mending tips

While invisible mending is keeping tailors and seamstresses busy around the world,…

Style — 5 March, 2015

On our minds: Fully Fashioned with Pringle of Scotland

On our minds is Pringle of Scotland’s recent knitwear exhibition in London.

Style — 5 March, 2015

Pick’s of the day: Antique white

the cashmere and cotton sweater will never go out of style.

Style — 4 March, 2015

Fashion round-up: five things you need to know this week

If you want to catch up on your fashion and sustainability knowledge…

Style — 4 March, 2015

On our minds: Made in the UK

In light of the upcoming Fashion Revolution Day we look to garment…

Style — 3 March, 2015

Like Vestiaire or Ebay? Maybe you should try Used-A-Porter

Used-A-Porter gives you the chance to buy nice designer pieces with their…

Style — 3 March, 2015

On our minds: Sustainability on the agenda at Burberry

We are pleased to hear about Burberry's latest moves towards becoming a…

Style — 2 March, 2015

On our minds: Timeless MaxMara

MaxMara works with the slogan "Timeless is now" – and the AW15…

Style — 27 February, 2015

Ask the expert: Can I follow trends and be sustainable?

A more sustainable wardrobe means mixing your favorites, may they be rented,…

Style — 26 February, 2015

Fashion round-up: 5 things you need to know this week

Most important news from the past week.

Style — 26 February, 2015

On our minds: bye 70s, hello 80s!

There are things we like about the 80s comeback visible in the…

Style — 25 February, 2015

On our minds: Edun does it again

EDUN proves again to be one of the most interesting ethical brands…

Style — 24 February, 2015

On our minds: Red Carpet Green Dress

In light of the Oscars, our minds are set on Suzy Amis…

Style — 24 February, 2015

On our minds: Benetton gives in

Though long overdue, we are happy to learn that the Benetton has…

Style — 23 February, 2015

On our minds: Hood By Air

Shayne Oliver, maker of Hood By Air, knows that people are not…

Style — 23 February, 2015

On our minds: mental sustainability in fashion

We cheer Dazed’s recent article highlighting the psychological pressures suffered by fashion…

Style — 21 February, 2015

Killer clothes that don’t kill the environment

Reformation spots trends and gets them onto store floors in a matter…

Style — 21 February, 2015

Hat trick

Emma loves her new hat!

Style — 20 February, 2015

Pick of the day

Cotton and cashmere polo shirt, Margaret Howell. If your looking to invest in…

Style — 20 February, 2015

On our minds: Clothes for heroes

20 pieces made from archival fabric from Westwood's Gold Label collections.

Style — 20 February, 2015

Fantastic sustainable four

Trench, Lindex. Shirt, Filippa K.  Sandals, Vivenne Westwood.  Bag, Stella McCartney. The other day when…

Style — 19 February, 2015

Beckmans College of Design: the quest for something new

It’s important to feel proud of your home and it’s fashion scene

Style — 19 February, 2015

On our minds: Suno FW15

Suno's presentation at NYFW caught our eyes once again - this time…

Style — 18 February, 2015

Filippa K launches three sustainability concepts

Filippa K announces big news about its sustainability approach.

Style — 18 February, 2015

Fashion round-up: 5 things you need to know this week

A line of digital printed textiles

Style — 18 February, 2015

Ultramarine by Hermès

Emma is inspired by the photographer Zoë Ghertner.

Style — 18 February, 2015

On our minds: McQueen the play

Journey into the visionary imagination and dark dream world of Alexander McQueen.

Style — 18 February, 2015

The Sustainable Style Icon: Neil Young

The emperor of effortless swag.

Style — 17 February, 2015

Timeless x 3

Emma bringing her three top things to Cape town.

Style — 17 February, 2015

Eternal Flame: Veneda Budny

"It's been seven years and I don't go anywhere without it."

Style — 16 February, 2015

The innovators: Mia Larsson

The Swedish jewelry designer loves eccentric materials – like recycled fish skin.

Style — 16 February, 2015

On our minds: Ryan Roche FW15

Ryan Roche, another one of our favourites, showcased a collection at NYFW…

Style — 16 February, 2015

How they make it last: Cora Hilts & Natasha Tucker

Founders of sustainable style online store rêve en vert reveals their inspirations.

Style — 16 February, 2015

On our minds: Conspicuous canvas

We're happy to see Balenciaga exploring new materials for their hand bags.

Style — 13 February, 2015

Ask the expert: turning waste into fashion

Make it last's sustainability expert about five inspirational designers who turn waste…

Style — 13 February, 2015

On our minds: Minna Palmqvist SS15

New ideals fit in, and old are questioned.

Style — 12 February, 2015

Margaret Howell SS15

Three words I try to live by.

Style — 12 February, 2015

Snapshot from yesterday

Here is a little sneak-peak from yesterday’s shoot with Gina tricot. All…

Style — 12 February, 2015

On our minds: Margaret Howell at LFW AW15

Appropriating British heritage since 1970.

Style — 11 February, 2015

On our minds: Hope x Märta Måås-Fjetterström

A passion for genuine handcraft.

Life — 11 February, 2015

Tuscan tan

Emma have a new favorite color for spring!

Life — 10 February, 2015


The Good project

Style — 10 February, 2015

Eternal Flame: Mona Johannesson

"It's 10 years old now, and I still use it."

Style — 9 February, 2015

Fashion round-up: 5 things you need to know this week

This week's fashion round-up at your service.

Style — 9 February, 2015

On our minds: John Patrick Organic’s valentine’s edit

A bittersweet early-Hole Courtney Love.

Style — 9 February, 2015

On our minds: Indiska x Myrorna

An extension of Indiska's sustainable aspiration.

Style — 9 February, 2015

On our minds: Yves Saint Laurent + Halston: Fashioning the 70’s

A dream that can be put into context.

Style — 8 February, 2015

Backstage with Corinna

Emma sharing the moodboard for a shoot she did a few weeks…

Style — 6 February, 2015

On our minds: Linen 2.0

We are happy to witness the increased use of linen.

Style — 6 February, 2015

Not just a fling

Can I see myself wearing it when I'm 70 years-old?

Style — 5 February, 2015

Pick of the day

Coat, Hermès.  Like all Swedish people I’m longing so much for summer…

Style — 5 February, 2015

On our minds: Orphan Bird

Timeless elegance with a retro-futuristic twist.

Style — 4 February, 2015

Fashion round-up: 5 things you need to know this week

We are pleased to present Make it last's new format "industry news"…

Style — 4 February, 2015


Sometimes you are lucky enough to find the perfect vintage 501’s in…

Style — 4 February, 2015

On our minds: Faustine Steinmetz receives COTTON USA sponsorship

Make it last favorite Faustine Steinmetz receives a prestigious sponsorship from COTTON…

Style — 3 February, 2015

Eternal Flame: Frances Malcolm

"You don’t need a well-heeled granny to get your hands on stunning…

Style — 3 February, 2015

On our minds: Reformation’s budget line

Equally made with great attention to sustainable details.

Style — 2 February, 2015

The innovators: Clare Lissaman

I wanted to save the world and overcome poverty.

Style — 2 February, 2015

New Styleby

The new issue of Styleby are out in stores this week!  

Style — 2 February, 2015

On our minds: Onar AW15

The brand draws from traditional craft of Finnish and Greek artisans.

Style — 30 January, 2015

Weekend & lace

Finally weekend again!

Style — 30 January, 2015

Ask the expert: the importance of ethics

Make it lasts sustainability expert Anna Brismar talks about ethics in relation…

Style — 29 January, 2015

On our minds: Indiska – we fight for change

My grandpa called it common sense. Today, it's often called CSR.

Style — 29 January, 2015

On our minds: Eastpak and Jean-Paul Gultier for designers against AIDS

The limited edition collection features a range of backpack designs.

Style — 28 January, 2015

Best of Stockholm Fashion Week: Day 3

People should not have to react to this, but they do.

Style — 28 January, 2015

Diana Orving: “Once I started creating I was like this self-playing piano”

In an intimate interview, Diana Orving talks to Make it last about…

Style — 28 January, 2015

Odd Molly

Part of online campaign

Style — 28 January, 2015

Vintage Vuitton

Clutch, vintage Louis Vuitton. I never been much for logos and such,…

Style — 28 January, 2015

Best of Stockholm Fashion Week: Day 2

It’s easy to forget to look at the great basics.

Style — 28 January, 2015

Filippa K AW15

Filippa K AW15.

Style — 28 January, 2015

On our minds: Sweatshop – Dead cheap fashion

We love the concept for visualising the barrier between worker and consumer.

Style — 27 January, 2015

Best of Stockholm Fashion Week: Day 1

It's a new beginning – and we like it

Style — 27 January, 2015

Dagmar: “It feels like a very good start to our ten years anniversary”

It feels like a great start to our ten years anniversary to…

Style — 26 January, 2015

On our minds: The EchoChic design award

Swedish shooting star.

Style — 26 January, 2015

Ida Sjöstedt “Pretty babies growing up to be iron ladies”

I have a love/hate relationship to fashion week

Style — 24 January, 2015

How they make it last: Nhu Duong

I want fashion to be meaningful

Style — 23 January, 2015

Elin Nyström Alemdar, Stylein: “A year characterized by lust”

I feel a bit allergic to the word 'trend'

Style — 23 January, 2015

On our minds: ATP Atelier at Net a Porter

Well played, ATP Atelier!

Style — 22 January, 2015

Nina Bogstedt, Filippa K: “It’s been a bestseller for a long time”

There is a focus on knitwear and a handcrafted, luxurious feel to…

Style — 22 January, 2015

On our minds: AMAZE


Style — 21 January, 2015

On our minds: Deadwood Jeans Pre Launch 2015

Now, they have taken the brand to a new level.

Style — 21 January, 2015

The innovators: Orsola de Castro

Every small change matters

Style — 21 January, 2015

On our minds: Fall for DIY

Make things that are beautiful and bang on trend.

Style — 20 January, 2015

Bamboo hoop earrings

Bamboo Hoop Earrings, John Hardy.  I have a thing for bamboo. Especially…

Style — 20 January, 2015

Eternal Flame: Lina Wall Borgenbring

I was really sad when I thought I'd lost them forever

Style — 20 January, 2015

Three wardrobe must haves

Shirt, Margaret Howell. Sandals, ATP. Watch, Vintage Hermès.  Three things that makes me…

Style — 20 January, 2015

On our minds: Pinatex

These prototypes made from pineapple fibre caught our eye.

Life — 19 January, 2015

True classics

Emma did get some nice Christmas gifts.

Style — 19 January, 2015

On our minds: Stella McCartney pre-fall 2015

Stella – the master creator of oversize and greige.

Style — 17 January, 2015

On our minds: Renting

Style Society enables users to rent items from other users’ wardrobes.

Style — 16 January, 2015

Ask the expert: predictions for the future of sustainable fashion

What will happen in the fashion industry in terms of sustainability in…

Style — 16 January, 2015

On our minds: M.Patmos pre-fall 2015

This luxurious two piece is our favourite from M. Patmos latest collection.

Style — 15 January, 2015

On our minds: The Fara Workshop

We like the sound of The Fara Workshop’s latest initiative in London…

Style — 14 January, 2015

Alpin Lyx

Emma want to go skiing again!

Style — 14 January, 2015

Pick of the day

T-shirt, Organic by John Patrick.  I hope you don’t find these posts…

Style — 14 January, 2015

How they make it last: Carin Rodebjer

I want to own things that make my life easier

Style — 14 January, 2015

On our minds: Galliano’s debut at Margiela

We are beyond excited to see Galliano’s much anticipated debut collection for…

Style — 13 January, 2015

Eternal Flame: Ji Nilsson

I had never dared to wear a crop top and thought it…

Style — 13 January, 2015

On our minds: Anita Ekberg

Through the fountain scene in Fellini’s La Dolce Vita Anita Ekberg became…

Style — 12 January, 2015

Pick of the day

Dress, Stella McCartney. Got back home this morning after 36 hours of…

Style — 9 January, 2015

On our minds: fast food fashion

Jeremy Scott's Moschino debut collection was not very wearable and rather fad-ish.

Style — 8 January, 2015

The sustainable style icon: Joni Mitchell

They paved paradise and put up a parking lot.

Style — 8 January, 2015

On our minds: Samuji

We absolutely love this Finnish brand and were no less impressed by…

Style — 7 January, 2015

How they make it last: Greta Eagan

Some is better than none

Style — 7 January, 2015

Pick of the day

If there is one piece I would like to invest in this spring…

Style — 7 January, 2015

On our minds: Barney’s transgender campaign

Looking back at 2014, one highlight was Barney's spring campaign featuring 17…

Style — 6 January, 2015

Here Today Here Tomorrow

I would love to visit this London based shop that Emma Lundin wrote…

Style — 6 January, 2015

Eternal Flame: Jonna Bergh

A pair of great classics saves your money in the long run

Style — 6 January, 2015

Pick of the day

Shoes, Hermès. I really am a sucker for this kind of brandy…

Style — 5 January, 2015

On our minds: nostalgia

We’d like to see it as a commentary on fast fashion's ever…

Style — 2 January, 2015

On our minds: denim patchwork

On our minds is this lovely patchwork composite denim top from our…

Style — 1 January, 2015

On our minds: Forever vintage at Museum of Bags and Purses

We want to see the exhibition that explores why some styles never…

Style — 31 December, 2014

How they make it last: Ruth Vega Fernandez

Sustainability is filling your life with essential matters like... love

Style — 31 December, 2014

On our minds: vintage Gucci

The heavily 70s inspired SS15 collection from Gucci made us browse through…

Style — 30 December, 2014

On our minds: it’s a wrap

We love Diane von Furstenberg's iconic ageless garment brought to existence from…

Style — 30 December, 2014

Eternal Flame: Ida Sjöstedt

My dad used to wear it when I was a kid, and…

Style — 29 December, 2014

On our minds: 3D

2014 has been a year for technological innovation in fashion. From a…

Style — 27 December, 2014

On our minds: Reformation’s NYE collection

The twelve piece collection from Reformation makes us long for new year's…

Style — 26 December, 2014

On our minds: the art school shoe

This genius shoe is sourced and crafted in South Africa in a…

Style — 25 December, 2014

On our minds: Penelope Tree

Why we love the elfin faced rebellious rich girl turned David Bailey…

Style — 24 December, 2014

On our minds: Normcore

However one evaluates the concept of "normcore", the trend is essentially a…

Style — 23 December, 2014

On our minds: Saint Laurent faux leather trousers

We wouldn't mind if Santa would give us these perfect black faux…

Style — 23 December, 2014

Eternal Flame: Nicole Walker

I became obsessed with collecting them

Style — 23 December, 2014

How they make it last: Efva Attling

I’m like Pippi Longstocking going for a treasure hunt!

Style — 23 December, 2014


Emma's best stocking tip!

Style — 21 December, 2014

The innovators: Here Today Here Tomorrow

What can only be described as Britain's best bobble hats

Style — 20 December, 2014

My shoe wardrobe?

Just had Elle Denmark in my apartment the other week to shoot…

Style — 19 December, 2014

New Styleby out in stores!

The new issue of Styleby just hit the store! Here is my…

Style — 19 December, 2014

The master of the white shirt

Jane Birkin is my number one source of inspiration this holiday! She…

Style — 19 December, 2014

On our minds: Jane Birkin

On our minds (at present and much of the time really) is…

Style — 18 December, 2014

Travel in style

A few things that make long travels a bit easier. Here are…

Style — 18 December, 2014

On our minds: Zady’s sweater collection

After selling other brands' sustainable pieces, the people behind Zady decided to…

Style — 17 December, 2014

How they make it last: Trine Kjaer

We just landed in Frankfurt waiting for our transfer. Right now I’m…

Style — 17 December, 2014

On our minds: Olivia von Halle PJs

We wouldn’t mind spending the upcoming holidays lounging around the house in…

Style — 16 December, 2014

On our minds: Rachel Comey pre-fall 2015

We love the quilted linen in Rachel Comey’s pre-fall 2015 collection.

Style — 15 December, 2014

Ask the expert: all these new clothes

How can we do more with less?

Style — 15 December, 2014

On our minds: Shaina Mote

This young LA based designer distances herself from fast fashion by providing…

Style — 14 December, 2014

Pick of the day

Second hand jacket, Isabel Marant/Vestiaire Collective.  One of the key garment in…

Style — 13 December, 2014


Life — 13 December, 2014


Backpack, Vintage Gucci. Handmade sandals, K.Jacques. Only four more days until it’s time…

Style — 12 December, 2014

The dress

Style — 12 December, 2014

Rodeo winter 2014

The winter 2014 issue of Rodeo has reached the stores. It’s a favorite.…

Style — 12 December, 2014

Dries tweed

Would not mind this Dries van Noten embroidered tweed coat from the…

Style — 12 December, 2014

On our minds: The Manon Garritsen shopper

We love this clean marble grey felt shopper from Manon Garritsen.

Style — 11 December, 2014

Olivia Wilde x H&M Conscious Exclusive

Olivia Wilde is H&M's new Conscious ambassador

Style — 11 December, 2014

How they make it last: Trine Kjaer

We wash our clothes way too much in the Western world, and it's bad…

Style — 11 December, 2014

On our minds: Designers Against AIDS

Antwerp based Designers Against AIDS launched an online charity shop featuring an…

Style — 10 December, 2014

The Tuxedo shirt

A sans collar and with a smooth bib panel

Style — 10 December, 2014

Back to basic: The tuxedo shirt

A sans collar and with a smooth bib panel

Style — 10 December, 2014

On our minds: Whistles and the gang

The retailer and the contemporary knitting brand has joined forces over an…

Style — 9 December, 2014

The winners!

Look around and let the things find you

Style — 9 December, 2014

Eternal Flame: Maria Nilsdotter

I fell in love with the city as well as the ring

Style — 9 December, 2014

On our minds: Maiyet pre-fall 2015

The pre-fall 2015 collections are rolling in and we were excited to…

Style — 9 December, 2014

Pick of the day

Boots, Saint Laurent.  Since I have this minor obsession with the 70’s…

Style — 8 December, 2014

The weekly list

Today’s weekly list is all about christmas gifts. To give to loved…

Style — 8 December, 2014

Emma Elwin: The weekly list

All I want for Christmas is a comb for life and a…

Style — 8 December, 2014

On our minds: Emma Watson at British Fashion Awards

Emma Watson claimed the only award voted for by the public at…

Style — 8 December, 2014

How they make it last: Sharin Foo

Most of the time my style is the antithesis of a style-icon.…

Style — 5 December, 2014

The sustainable style icon: Alicia Silverstone

Alicia is using her stardom to highlight the health issues of our…

Style — 5 December, 2014

On our minds: Myla Dalbesio

Myla Dalbesio thinks categorising women according to sizes devalues their individuality.

Style — 4 December, 2014

Helena Helmersson: “We should try to be good citizens”

We need to make it easier for customers to grasp what is…

Style — 4 December, 2014

Three is the magic number

Hat, Córba Rybaka. Trench coat, Margaret Howell. Sunglasses, Kaibosh AQO. Under the name…

Style — 4 December, 2014

On our minds: Horst

In today’s disposable fashion context, Horst’s photographs reminds us of the dreamy…

Style — 3 December, 2014

The innovators: Everlane

Find the best factories, produce limited runs, keep no retail stores

Style — 3 December, 2014

Swopping finds

Do I have to tell you that I’m SUPER happy with the…

Style — 2 December, 2014

Eternal Flame: Cecilia Steiner

These bangles have become a part of me

Style — 2 December, 2014

On our minds: Chinti & Parker cashmere

We love this crewneck from carbon neutral label Chinti & Parker.

Style — 28 November, 2014

On our minds: Joan Jett

On our minds is Joan Jett of The Runaways, whose classic rock…

Style — 28 November, 2014

Ask the expert: Colors and prints

What should one avoid when it comes to coloring and prints on…

Style — 27 November, 2014

A very powerful message

Aesthetics don’t come second to ethics.

Style — 27 November, 2014

On our minds: Schmidttakahashi

We love Schmidttakahashi's playful but clever way of constructing garments from patchwork.

Style — 26 November, 2014

How they make it last: Cécile Togni

Anna Dello Russo because she’s crazy and I love that

Style — 26 November, 2014

On our minds: Jillian Mercado

In a manifesto published by i-D Magazine, Jillian Mercado shares her dedication…

Style — 25 November, 2014

Second Hand First

We're arranging another flea market again – on Sunday!

Style — 25 November, 2014

Fashion insiders’ flea market on Sunday in Stockholm!

Make it last's flea market is back!

Style — 25 November, 2014

Eternal Flame: Chrystelle Eriksberger

I spent two hours in that shop trying out at least 100…

Style — 25 November, 2014

On our minds: The Pierre Cardin Museum

Make it last are happy to hear about the recent launch of…

Style — 24 November, 2014

Give us your best thrift shopping tip!

Win a gift voucher at Myrorna!

Style — 21 November, 2014

On our minds: Everlane on Snapchat

Make it last embraces the idea and looks forward to an unedited…

Style — 20 November, 2014

On our minds: Paul Poiret relaunch

Make it last would love to see a revival of the label…

Style — 19 November, 2014

How they make it last: Carin Wester

This week, Swedish designer Carin Wester shares thoughts on sustainability within the…

Style — 19 November, 2014

Tropezienne sandals

There are a few brands that I have faith in when It…

Style — 19 November, 2014

On our minds: Marni faux leather tote

In our continuous search for credible cruelty free alternatives to leather shoes…

Style — 18 November, 2014


Style — 18 November, 2014

On our minds: Patagonias “Truth to materials”

Make it last loves Patagonia's capsule collection "Truth to materials".

Style — 18 November, 2014

Emma Elwin: The weekly list

Great vintage finds and a sugar smelling body polish

Style — 17 November, 2014

On our minds: Stella McCartney receives Women’s Leadership Award

Stella McCartney's dedication to moving the industry in the right direction does…

Style — 14 November, 2014


Sweater, Chinti and Parker. Sunglasses, Stella McCartney. Coat, Margaret Howell. Gloves, Stella…

Style — 14 November, 2014

Ask the expert: Leather or what?

Is it ok to use leather or not?

Style — 14 November, 2014

On our minds: Diarte

Diarte uses natural fibres from European suppliers and produces their garments in…

Style — 13 November, 2014

Back to basic: The black bag

A bag that goes with everything in your closet

Style — 12 November, 2014

Yes we did

Style — 12 November, 2014

Back to basic: The black bag

A bag that goes with everything in your closet

Style — 12 November, 2014

On our minds: the fluffy jumper

its are very much on trend this season. Here's one of Make…

Style — 11 November, 2014

Fringed back

Emma found some treasures at the Filippa K outlet.

Style — 11 November, 2014

Eternal Flame: Emilia De Poret

As long as I can remember I have been a fan of…

Style — 11 November, 2014

On our minds: Weekend Max Mara

Not only does the Max Mara initiative save tons of plastic from…

Style — 10 November, 2014

The Weekly

The very relaxed everyday casual kind of look its the inspiration for…

Style — 10 November, 2014

On our minds: Ryan Roche

Make it last were thrilled to see Ryan Roche nominated to the…

Style — 10 November, 2014

The Style Cycle

I’m really exited about the Vestiaire Collective’s launch of StyleCycle. It’s a…

Style — 7 November, 2014

New staples

I’m so happy with my finds I got at Filippa K’s outlet.…

Style — 7 November, 2014

Best of basics: The perfect white shirt

Three things to look for in a shirt

Style — 7 November, 2014

The Sustainable Style Icon: Meryl Streep

We vote daily with our credit cards.

Style — 7 November, 2014

The perfect shirt

It was about 4 years ago. I felt a bit lost, both…

Style — 7 November, 2014

Ask the expert: are there any guarantees for sustainability?

Companies with more transparent supply chains can normally provide better guarantees.

Style — 7 November, 2014

On our minds: Women Fashion Power

We're excited about the show, exploring how influential women have used fashion…

Style — 5 November, 2014

Back to basic: The wool coat

Keeping warm is easy

Style — 5 November, 2014

How they make it last: Funda Christophersen

Danish blogger Funda Christophersen reveals her best eco-friendly product.

Style — 5 November, 2014

On our minds: Patent finish jacket

Today we are obsessing about this leather-looking patent finish jacket from PETA…

Style — 5 November, 2014

Want this jacket

Style — 4 November, 2014

Styleby #29

Styleby #29 out in stores this week! Filled with the best party…

Style — 4 November, 2014

Eternal flame: Randa Saome

I will surely pass it on to my future children

Style — 4 November, 2014

On our minds : Kering + London College of Fashion

We are happy to learn about luxury fashion family Kering’s sustainability project…

Style — 3 November, 2014

Emma Elwin: The weekly list

Emma Elwin's favorite green picks of the week

Style — 2 November, 2014


Lisa Corneliusson loves the new Céline campaign, and then there was the…

Style — 1 November, 2014

Pick of the day

Shirt, Carin Wester Spring SS15. Normally I’m not that big a fan of…

Style — 1 November, 2014

Knits obsessions

I don’t think any of you guys missed the big knit-feast that’s…

Style — 31 October, 2014

On our minds: RE/DUN

RE/DUN hand picks, deconstructs and resews jeans into new timeless and unique…

Life — 30 October, 2014

Four reasons not to buy new clothes

Best vintage stores in New York.

Style — 30 October, 2014

Is Fashion Getting Slower?

As consumers adjust their appetites, they benefit by seeing their clothes in…

Style — 30 October, 2014

Best of UK

This is my favorite source of inspiration right now. I love the…

Style — 30 October, 2014

On our minds: Maiyet x Met

Combining the brand’s craft-based production practices with digital prints inspired by work…

Style — 29 October, 2014

Back to basic: the shirt

The shirt is the greatest garment of all times.

Style — 29 October, 2014

How they make it last: Stella Kim

Stella Kim is the creative mind behind Sundays with Stella. To Make…

Style — 29 October, 2014

On our minds: Thea Porter’s 70s bohemian chic

We are excited to hear about the upcoming exhibition on the works…

Style — 28 October, 2014

Pam for Stylein

Style — 28 October, 2014

Eternal Flame: Viola Holmgren

From there it spiraled downward, or upward?

Style — 28 October, 2014

On our minds: Margiela’s recycled cd clutch

A timeless add to the brand’s redefined remake pieces which can be…

Style — 27 October, 2014

The weekly list: A perfect base

This week I’ve been inspired by the wardrobes base. It might not…

Style — 27 October, 2014

Emma Elwin: The weekly list

Building the perfect wardrobe that will last for years starts with a…

Style — 27 October, 2014

On our minds: Lottie

Could this environmentally minded beauty be the new face and force of…

Style — 24 October, 2014

Ask the expert: The future of fashion

This week, Make it last's sustainability expert predicts fashion business models for…

Style — 24 October, 2014

On our minds: Freedom

Right now, we're craving the new collection by Bruno Pieters for Honest…

Style — 23 October, 2014

On my mind

Parfume, Agonist. Jeans, Weekday. Shirt, Hope SS15. Luminizer, Rms beauty.  I’m really…

Style — 23 October, 2014

Back to basic: The crew neck

Check out this week’s back to basic which is my favorite garments…

Style — 23 October, 2014

On our minds: quilted backpack

The sportswear influence in fashion is a consistent one – here's a backpack…

Style — 22 October, 2014

Back to basic: The crew neck

Choose your sweater with care – Emma Elwin picks favorites from the fall…

Style — 22 October, 2014

How they make it last: Pamela Bellafesta

I'm working on having just five stars.

Style — 22 October, 2014

Word, Wintour

I usually wear the same dress 20 times

Life — 21 October, 2014

The basics

Soft cashmere sweaters and a pair of corduroy trousers.

Style — 21 October, 2014

Eternal Flame: Sabrina Meijer

As I grow older, it’ll grow with me

Style — 21 October, 2014

Pick of the day

Bag, Balenciaga. On of my favorite things in my wardrobe is my…

Style — 21 October, 2014

High five, high street

A great step ahead on the road towards a more ethical high…

Style — 20 October, 2014

On our minds: Maiyet with Daria Werbowy

We cannot get enough of Daria Werbowy – or Maiyet

Style — 20 October, 2014

The weekly list

Since I got my as kicked yesterday surfing, I’ve been looking and…

Style — 18 October, 2014

Pick of the day

Peacoat, Margaret Howell. On a cold saturday morning like this I would…

Style — 17 October, 2014

Hi Sofia!

Have you read how the founder of Underoursky.com and the street style favorite Sofia Sanchez Barrenechea makes…

Style — 17 October, 2014

Filippa K x Saskia Diez

Today Lisa and me got invited to the launching lunch of the jewelry…

Style — 17 October, 2014

Saskia Diez for Filippa K

My work is all about creating beauty

Style — 17 October, 2014

Current obsession: Cher

Massive envy!

Style — 17 October, 2014

Today’s meetings

Started my day, not in the woods with Bobbie as usual, but…

Style — 16 October, 2014

On our minds: Olivia Hegarty for Traid Remade

Charity shop remake designer collabs? Yes please!

Style — 16 October, 2014

Josefina Larsson: “I have a lot of energy these days”

The starting point was a very intriguing Araki portrait.

Beauty — 16 October, 2014

Getting serious

Since its only 62 days left now until the surf trip to…

Style — 15 October, 2014

On our minds: Marques’Almeida for Topshop

Distressed denim, faux-fur bags, neon blazers

Style — 15 October, 2014

Back to basic: The t-shirt

A fine knitted jersey stitch.

Style — 15 October, 2014

The perfect organic t-shirt

Find the perfect shirt in todays Back to basic on Make it…

Style — 15 October, 2014

Sofia Sanchez Barrenechea

Hi friends. Today’s How they make it last interview here on Make…

Style — 15 October, 2014

How they make it last: Sofia Sanchez Barrenechea

I turn off every light when I leave a room

Style — 14 October, 2014

On our minds: Mr Larkin

A brand that has caught our eyes recently is Danish Mr Larkin

Style — 14 October, 2014

The Innovators: Swedish Stockings

A beautiful, environmentally friendly hosiery brand

Style — 14 October, 2014

Once in New york

This is my first throwback Thursday here on the blog! Found this…

Style — 13 October, 2014

Ask the expert

When buying new woolen sweaters we should look for organic wool or…

Style — 13 October, 2014

Emma Elwin: The weekly list

Recycled denim and sustainable luxury handbags

Style — 13 October, 2014

Pick of the day

Bag, Okapi. The other week I got a tip about this South…

Style — 13 October, 2014

On our minds: Nanushka coat

Statement coats are key this season

Style — 13 October, 2014

Dries van Noten’s green carpet

The coziest runway in Paris

Style — 12 October, 2014

On our minds: faux-leather loafers

We love these Stella McCartney faux-leather loafers

Style — 10 October, 2014

Weekday’s MTWTFSS goes all sustainable denim

Same product – less impact on the environment

Style — 10 October, 2014

The future of fashion is now

We wish we were in Rotterdam

Style — 9 October, 2014

Recycled Rodebjer

These images make me smile

Style — 9 October, 2014

The Sustainable Style Icon: Linda McCartney

I would travel only by horse, if I had the choice.

Style — 9 October, 2014


Yesterday In the studio I just had to take a picture of…

Style — 9 October, 2014


Last week Madelen de la Motte stopped by the office and I…

Style — 9 October, 2014

On our minds: premium canvas

Like Fendi did with this amazing canvas shopper tote

Style — 8 October, 2014

Complete with the marks

Complete with the marks where he keeps his cigarette packet in the…

Style — 8 October, 2014

Take me back

The late 60’s -70’s trend going on this fall makes me wanna…

Style — 8 October, 2014

Eternal flame: Sophie Bille Brahe

My mother gave me this little blue Chanel bag

Style — 8 October, 2014

On our minds: Samuji

The perfect polo and cashmere shawl

Style — 7 October, 2014

How they make it last: Bea Szenfeld

Do we have a choice? It would be walking around naked...

Style — 6 October, 2014

Make ‘em pop!

These are my favourite jeans

Style — 6 October, 2014

Emma Elwin: The weekly list

Upcycling of both interior and fashion

Style — 5 October, 2014

Can’t believe he’s making me write about him

Does it mock any real struggle?

Style — 4 October, 2014

Top story

In between reports on the newly appointed Swedish ministers, and most importantly…

Style — 3 October, 2014

Pick of the day

Just a few days ago I found the brand of Margaret Howell…

Style — 3 October, 2014

Meet Josefin

Both of us started to think differently about what concludes a good…

Style — 2 October, 2014

Today’s must read

Sustainability is embedded in the very concept of luxury

Style — 2 October, 2014

Fantastic four

Shirt made by organic cotton, Esprit. Bag made by recycled materials, Matt…

Style — 2 October, 2014

H&M Conscious Denim launch in Stockholm

Go green wear blueMake it last teamed up with H&M to launch…

Style — 1 October, 2014

Hi, Anna Brismar!

This will make a great leap for a more sustainable fashion industry

Style — 1 October, 2014

Anna-Sara Dåvik: “Now, I’m ready”

I needed my work to serve a purpose, and now I have…

Style — 1 October, 2014

The tee

I have been looking for the letter I got with this t-shirt…

Style — 1 October, 2014

Filippa K launches “Long Lasting Simplicity”

We look forward to presenting this project to our customers

Style — 1 October, 2014

Make it last meets Bruno Pieters

There's no 'sustainable fashion'. There's only fashion, and some of us produce…

Style — 1 October, 2014

Going bananas

Take me back to the Chloé banana

Style — 1 October, 2014

The weekly list

Every week I will list what’s inspiring me right now when it…

Style — 30 September, 2014

On our desk: 30 september 2014

Vintage glasses, starship bracelet and Christian Dior

Style — 30 September, 2014

Eternal flame: Linn Hägglund

The minimalistic yet luxury aesthetic appealed to me as candy to a…

Style — 30 September, 2014

On our desk: 1 October 2014

Vegan sneakers and foot cream for the fall

Style — 30 September, 2014

On our desk: 30 september 2014

Candlelights, body creams and tiny pens

Style — 30 September, 2014

Ask the expert: three steps before purchase

Three steps that should, at best, be taken before making a purchase…

Style — 30 September, 2014

Emma Elwin: The weekly list

Emma Elwin's favorite green picks of the week

Style — 30 September, 2014

The sustainable style icon: Daryl Hannah

Once a mermaid, always a mermaid!

Style — 30 September, 2014

Vestiaire Collective – the “second hand Net-a-Porter”

Make it last talks to co-founder Fanny Moizant about sustainability, unwanted designer…

Style — 29 September, 2014

Something for fall

John Patrick has actually given us a manifest

Style — 29 September, 2014


I love me some shrimps.

Style — 29 September, 2014


Jag blev så glad när H&M frågade om jag ville styla deras nya…

Style — 29 September, 2014

Best of Milan fashion week spring 2015

We love the label’s beautiful use of sustainable materials

Style — 29 September, 2014

The best part of Maison Martin Margiela spring 2014

Why we love Maison Martin Margiela

Style — 29 September, 2014

Vintage muse: Jean Shrimpton

The it-girl who personified the mod aesthetic

Style — 29 September, 2014

The sustainable style icon: Jane Goodall

“You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on…

Style — 29 September, 2014

Shrimps for everyone

The faux fur brand on everyone’s lips

Style — 29 September, 2014

How they make it last: Sofia Hedström

”No one is flawless, the main thing is that you do things…

Style — 28 September, 2014

Fall favorites with Cecilia

Our favorite fall looks.

Style — 28 September, 2014

Eternal flame: Natalia Altewai

With this sketch pen I write down all my ideas!

Style — 27 September, 2014


Det har blivit många timmar på kontoret den senaste tiden. Just idag…

Style — 26 September, 2014


Min favorittröja just nu kommer från Pharells kollektion för G-star raw. RAW for…

Style — 25 September, 2014

Eternal flame: Yvonne Koné

I think I will wear them still when I'm 80

Style — 25 September, 2014

The innovators: John Patrick

Educate – illuminate – go deep and be strong – find out what you think…

Style — 25 September, 2014


Nu börjar jag nästa skämmas över hur dålig jag varit på uppdateringen…

Style — 24 September, 2014

H&M Conscious Denim x Make it last

In collaboration with H&M, Make it last picks favourites from the new…

Style — 23 September, 2014


Här kommer lite backstage bilder från förra veckan. En dag med fina…

Style — 18 September, 2014


Tittar ni förbi på lördag?

Style — 16 September, 2014

“A place where things are slower”

Can we move the house to a place where nothing ever happens…

Style — 16 September, 2014


Jag blev verkligen så glad när jag fick reda på att H&M…

Style — 15 September, 2014


Tröja, Asos. Klänning, Acne Studios. Glasögon, Monki. Väska, Prada. Mössa, Filippa K.

Style — 12 September, 2014


Här kommer en bild på helgens inspirations-läsning! Kommer bli mycket jobb men…

Style — 7 September, 2014


När vi ändå pratar skepparrock kan jag inte låta bli att lägga…

Style — 4 September, 2014


Har ju helt kommit av mig och missat att visa er bilderna…

Style — 3 September, 2014


Dagens inspirations moodboard.

Life — 28 August, 2014

All black

Lisa, jag, Columbine & Nike. Så då var modeveckan slut för den…

Style — 27 August, 2014


Pullover, Organic by John Patrick.  Nu så här mellan två säsonger är…

Style — 27 August, 2014

PASS IT ON part 2

Nu säljer jag mina Balmain-boots på Blocket. De är i nyskick och…

Style — 23 August, 2014


Linne & byxor, Totême. Kappa, H&M. Väska, Stella McCartney. Ljus, Le Labo. Bronzer,…

Style — 21 August, 2014

PASS IT ON part 1

Jag säljer min älskade axelremsväska från Burberry i lack. Den är i…

Style — 20 August, 2014


Känner ni igen den här fröken på framsidan av How to be…

Style — 17 August, 2014


Polo, H&M. Väska & skor, Stella McCartney. Nagellack “Siletto”, Kure Bazaar. Kjol,…

Style — 15 August, 2014


  Tröja, Stella McCartney. Just nu tänker jag på kvällar framför en…

Style — 12 August, 2014


Jacka, Organic by John Patrick. Solglasögon, Finds. Bok, Rizzoli. Jeanstvätt, The Laundress.…

Style — 11 August, 2014


En av fördelarna med att dela kontor med två andra stylister är…

Style — 8 August, 2014


En av mina favorit inspirationskällor just nu är Blank Mag. Älskar man…

Style — 8 August, 2014


Spana in de väldigt fina glittriga sandaler Lisa hade på sig i…

Style — 7 August, 2014


Hatt, Stella McCartney. Jag vet att det sista ni tänker på just…

Style — 6 August, 2014


Senilsnöre, Weekday. Skinnjacka, Blkdnm. Parfym, White woods, Clean. Kuvertväska, Saint Laurent. Solglasögon, Thierry Lasry.…

Style — 1 August, 2014


Våtdräkts tröja, Rip Curl. Bikinitrosa, Stadium. Handduk, Tôteme. Saltvatten spary, Lavett &…

Style — 31 July, 2014


Sist jag var i studion och plåtade var de Minnetonkas-fest. Har försök…

Style — 17 July, 2014


Kjol, ORGANIC by John Patrick.

Style — 17 July, 2014


Här kommer lite backstagebilder från Emma från i tisdags. Klicka på mer…

Style — 16 July, 2014


Badolja, Susanne Kaufmann. Tröja, Stella McCartney. Bambutrosor, Base Range. Nagellack “Heather Blush”,…

Style — 14 July, 2014


Bomullsblus, 299 kr, H&M CONSCIOUS.  

Style — 13 July, 2014


Boots, Acne Studios. Inför hösten har jag hittade det perfekta Chelsea bootsen,…

Style — 8 July, 2014


V-neck, ORGANIC by John Patrick. Såg att det var rea hos ett…

Style — 1 July, 2014


En dag som denna vill jag bara krypa in i en stor…

Style — 30 June, 2014


The perfect bag

Style — 24 June, 2014


Här kommer lite backstage bilder från gårdagens plåtning av Jewel Rocks höstkollektion.…

Style — 22 June, 2014


Topp, Stella McCartney. Skor, Alexander Wang. Väska, Maison Martin Margiela. Solglasögon, Dries…

Style — 19 June, 2014


Jag blev så glad när den här klänningen hängde i Stella McCartney…

Style — 18 June, 2014


Gråa dagar som dessa så känner jag mycket för svart och vitt.

Style — 16 June, 2014


Väska, Proenza Schouler.  

Style — 12 June, 2014


  Sandaler, Tiger of Sweden.  

Style — 12 June, 2014


Här kommer lite skjortinspiration från en av mina favoritbloggare. 

Style — 10 June, 2014


  Väska, Marc Jacobs.  Något som jag aldrig är bra på att…

Style — 9 June, 2014


Just nu drömmer jag om ett par bruna pumps likt dessa.

Style — 5 June, 2014


Slippers, Oscar de la Renta.  Är så arg över att dessa reafynd…

Style — 4 June, 2014


Nu ligger det jobbet som jag stylade för Vestal mag uppe! foto…

Style — 2 June, 2014


Tröja, Simeon Farrar. Jag älskar de här trycken från Simeon Farrar. Det finns…

Style — 2 June, 2014


  Den här veckan vill jag klä mig i stora stickade tröjor,…

Style — 30 May, 2014


Miniklänning, Weekday. Knälång klänning, Elizabeth & James. Långklänning, Theory.  Inför midsommar och…

Style — 29 May, 2014


Väska, 5 590 kr, Celiné.  För den som letar efter en tidlös…

Life — 28 May, 2014


Emma have booked her vacation for the summer.

Style — 28 May, 2014


Sandaler, Deichmann.  

Style — 27 May, 2014


Klänning, Denim & Supply. Jag provade den här långklänningen i förra veckan…

Style — 27 May, 2014


Jag är så glad över hur mycket snygga sneakers man man hitta…

Style — 26 May, 2014


Tröja i organiskbomull, Filippa K. Vet inte varför jag alltid fastnar för…

Style — 24 May, 2014


Nu har kampanjen jag stylade i Kapstaden släppts. Längtar tillbaka så mycket…

Style — 22 May, 2014


Ikväll ska jag på utställningen av Svenskt mode på Sven-Harrys. Har hittat…

Style — 21 May, 2014


Espadriller, Soludos.  Just nu när värmen slog till längtar jag efter dagen…

Style — 20 May, 2014


Ryggsäck, Bill Amberg. Just nu är jag väldigt inspirerad av draperade klänningar  i…

Style — 19 May, 2014


Bomber, Carin Wester. Just nu är jag lite besatt av tanken på…

Style — 17 May, 2014


Dagens önskeplagg: Vit jumpsuit i bomull och ett par boots.

Style — 8 May, 2014


Här kommer lite bättre bilder på snickarbyxorna.  Jag kommer matcha dem med…

Style — 7 May, 2014


Väst, Carin Wester. Jag älskar den här typen av plagg, låt oss…

Style — 3 May, 2014


Dagens önskelook står detta modejobb fotograferat av Karim Sadli på vackra Daria.

Style — 3 May, 2014


Boots, Miu Miu.  Hittade dessa online på 40% rea. Väldigt fina eller…

Style — 2 May, 2014


  T-shirt, Weekday. Shampoo, Shu uemura, Väska, Balenciaga. 

Style — 2 May, 2014


Här kommer mitt moodboard från gårdagens plåtning. Älskar verkligen att jobba med…

Style — 29 April, 2014


Skor, Acne studios. Byxor, H&M. T-shirt, Organic by John Patrick.  Väska, Stella…

Style — 29 April, 2014


En bild med mitt 50 mm objektiv från Canon på Hammarby sjöstads…

Style — 17 April, 2014


Är så nöjd med denna klänning som jag fyndade på Topshops rea.…

Style — 15 April, 2014


Väska och sandaler, & Other stories.

Style — 12 April, 2014


Tröja, Zoe Karssen.  

Style — 10 April, 2014


  illustration JONNA RU Här kommer lite mer inspiration från Beckmans designhögskola…

Style — 10 April, 2014


  Sandaler, & Other stories. Väska, Zara. Igår när jag plockade för…

Style — 9 April, 2014


  Sandaler, Ancient Greek Sandals. Tröja, Dries van Noten. Halsband, Maria Black.  Sandaler…

Style — 8 April, 2014


  Ekologiska sneakers, Marc O´Polo.  Hittade den här notisen hos Cafe och…

Style — 7 April, 2014


Kul för honom att han lyckats hitta den perfekta ull hatten. Någon…

Style — 3 April, 2014


Om två dagar ska jag visa er vad jag råkade klicka hem…

Style — 3 April, 2014


Dagen inspiration kommer från Hanna Björklund Olsson. Kunde inte låta bli att…

Style — 2 April, 2014


Sandaler, Topshop.com Jag ljuger inte när jag säger att jag är väldigt…

Style — 1 April, 2014


Vet inte om ni har sett detta men nu kommer de ännu…

Style — 31 March, 2014


  Cardigan, Organic by John Patrick. Skinnjacka, Saint Laurent. Klänning, Stella McCartney.…

Style — 31 March, 2014


Efter en helg av sol vaknade jag tidigt i morse till en…

Style — 30 March, 2014


När inspirationen tryter så finns de några böcker som jag alltid återkommer…

Style — 27 March, 2014


Ett shoppingmåste här i stan är Iracema Boutique. Här hittar du små…

Style — 25 March, 2014


Bok, Thames & Hudson. Skjorta, H&M. Klänning, Organic by John Patrick. BH,…

Style — 21 March, 2014


Här kommer en bild på världens skönaste Jessica och hennes snygga jeansskjorta.…

Style — 17 March, 2014


Det är så skönt när man har letat efter något så länge…

Style — 15 March, 2014


Just nu: Pennkjolar, surftidningar och sandaletter från MICHAEL Michael Kors.

Style — 11 March, 2014


Hittade den här bilden på Bons hemsida som jag tog på Anya…

Style — 10 March, 2014


Kjol, Burberry Prorsum.  Jag hittade den här kjolen på Burberrys hemsida för…

Style — 6 March, 2014


Bh, Abecita. Skjorta, Gant.  Nu har jag äntligen hittat en bh som funkar…

Style — 5 March, 2014


  film: STEFAN SEGOLSON musik: LUKE REILLY Här kommer en lite backstagefilm…

Style — 5 March, 2014


Metall-sneakers, Vans.  Therese frågade mig i en kommentar vilka lågskor att satsa…

Style — 5 March, 2014


Här kommer en bild jag knäppte på en av Elles modeassistenter Gustav…

Style — 4 March, 2014


  Jeansskjorta, Monki. Byxor, 1205. Bomullssjal, Kappahl. Trenchcoat, Topshop. Sandaletter, & other stories. Parfym “White…

Style — 3 March, 2014


  Jag återkommer efter fyra koppar extrastark måndags-kaffe. Då ska vi prata…

Style — 1 March, 2014


Style — 28 February, 2014


Hur skönt är det inte med helg? Sitter just nu med lite…

Style — 28 February, 2014


Här kommer lite fredagsfin inspiration från franska Marine Vacth. Älskar hur hon…

Style — 27 February, 2014


Plånbok, Alexander Wang. Vet inte vad det är med den här färgen,…

Style — 27 February, 2014


Har äntligen hittat de perfekta svara ballerinaskorna för våren. Kommer en bild…

Style — 25 February, 2014


Här kommer lite backstage bilder som underbara fotografen Stefan Segolson tog. På…

Style — 21 February, 2014


Sandal med stenar, Tibi. Sandal med öppentå, Gianvito Rossi. Sandal, Alexander Wang. Pumps, Stella McCartney. 

Style — 20 February, 2014


Här kommer lite inredningsinspiration från min Brasilienresa. Det här var en bungalo…

Style — 19 February, 2014


  Solglasögon, Prada. Tröja, Chloé. Tidning, Rika Magazine. Armband, H&M. Plånbok, Kappahl.…

Style — 17 February, 2014


Måste bara ge Net-a-porters webbtidning The Edit en applåd! Varje gång jag…

Style — 17 February, 2014


Tröja, Rika.com Spanade runt lite på Rikas rea online och hittade den…

Style — 14 February, 2014


Igna, jag och Philip. Här kommer en lite backstage bild från gårdagens…

Style — 12 February, 2014


Dagens önskelook och önskehår. Jag tycker det är så fint med detaljerna…

Style — 7 February, 2014


Är så nöjd med mitt senaste garderobs inköp! Den här jackan är…

Style — 2 February, 2014


picIMAXTREE Nu längtar jag tillbaka till Bahias varma sommar. Nu ska Stella…

Style — 31 January, 2014


foto: Adam Katz Sinding Collan och jag blev fångade på bild på…

Style — 30 January, 2014


Missade tyvärr Whyreds visning i måndags. Men jag han ta en snabb…

Style — 30 January, 2014


1. Dröm-skateborden för våren från Stopitrightnow. 2. Bästa reafyndet just nu, Acne…

Style — 28 January, 2014


foto JULIA LINDBERG Här kommer lite backstagebilder från Stylein visningen. Har ni…

Style — 28 January, 2014


pic COULDIHAVETHAT Hittade en ny favoritblogg här om dagen!  Älskar hennes outfits…

Style — 25 January, 2014


Igår började jag med stylingen av Stylein visingen som ska vara här…

Style — 23 January, 2014


Nu har jag bytt ut mina vita bomullsklänningar mot en vit skjorta.…

Style — 22 January, 2014


Rock, Rag & Bone. Penna & Nyckelring, Ordning & reda. Korthållare, Valextra.…

Style — 21 January, 2014


Hur fint var det inte att matcha militärgrönt med magenta-rosa? pic IMAXTREE

Style — 21 January, 2014


Sandaler, K.jacques. Solglasögon, Saint Laurent. Mobilskal, Tre details.

Style — 20 January, 2014


Tröja, Haider Ackermann. Solglasögon, Gucci. Baddräkt, Karla Colletto. Byxor, Current Elliott. Väska,…

Style — 18 January, 2014


pic: IMAXTREE Hittade den här bilden på Saskia de Brauw från höstens…

Style — 17 January, 2014


Har ni hunnit spana in ELLE nr 1? Om jag så såg…

Style — 16 January, 2014


  I somras var jag i Tyskland och stylade Closeds lookbook för…

Style — 16 January, 2014


Hur fint var det inte med en knallröd kostym?

Style — 15 January, 2014


Mitt nyårslöfte kommer innebära att jag behöver lite nya träningskläder. Älskar det…

Style — 12 January, 2014


 Älskar allt med den här looken. Svart matchat med marinblått. Välskräddat med…

Style — 12 January, 2014


Jeans & hatt, Zara. Notebook, Smythson. Skärp, Jil Sander. Tröja, Stella McCartney.…

Style — 11 January, 2014


Jacka, Acne. För den som inte har en så här varm kompis…

Style — 9 January, 2014


Dagens inspiration är mönsterlek. Något som jag aldrig riktigt får till på…

Style — 7 January, 2014


pic: IMAXTREE Älskar verkligen den här siluetten och tonerna av grå.

Style — 7 January, 2014


Rock, Marc Jacobs. Linne, Rick Owens. Bok, Chloé. Kjol, Lindex. Ring, Maria…

Style — 6 January, 2014


Jag älskar verkligen hur hon har matchat det här blåa flarejeansen. Blir…

Style — 2 January, 2014


Style — 2 January, 2014


Plånbok, Givenchy. V-ringat, Zara. Skärp, Isabel Marant. Sjal, H&M. Väska, Nagellack, Chanel.…

Style — 30 December, 2013


Kimono, H&M. Halsband, Mango. Klänning, Stella McCartney. Skor, Jimmy Choo. Matta strumpbyxor,…

Style — 29 December, 2013


Halsband, VICKISARGE. Det ultimata festhalsbandet?

Style — 28 December, 2013


Det ultimata sättet att matcha sina 501:or på ?

Style — 27 December, 2013


T-shirtklänning, Topshop. Här har ni den perfekta t-shirtklänningen som kan vara lite…

Style — 27 December, 2013


Just nu sitter jag och letar lite inspiration för nyårsafton. Fastnade för…

Style — 26 December, 2013


pic IMAXTREE Det här kan vara den ultimata julklänningen.

Style — 24 December, 2013


God Jul på er!!! Önskar att jag hade en sån här fin…

Style — 22 December, 2013


Style — 19 December, 2013


Här kommer backstage-bilderna från vår plåtning i Paris. Alla fina skor och…

Style — 19 December, 2013


Nu ska jag snart bege mig till Elle kontoret och styla helgens…

Style — 17 December, 2013


Skor, CC skor. Är så nöjd när jag hittade det här skorna…

Style — 13 December, 2013


pic IMAXTREE Dagens inspiration i studion.

Style — 12 December, 2013


Just nu sitter jag och letar jeansinspiration. Fastnade lite extra för den…

Style — 11 December, 2013


Dagens inspiration är svartvit. Älskar hatten och bensminket! pic: IMAXTREE  

Style — 11 December, 2013


Är väldigt förtjust i det här armbandet från Saint Laurents cruise kollektion.…

Style — 10 December, 2013


Jumpsuit, Étoile Isabel Marant. Det är inte riktigt samma som den längre…

Style — 10 December, 2013


Idag är en sån där dag jag önska att man hade en…

Style — 9 December, 2013


Boots, Isabel Marant for H&M. Har ju inte hunnit visa er vad…

Style — 8 December, 2013


Skärp, Club Monaco. Vad som kan vara de snyggaste skärp-hängarna jag sett.

Style — 6 December, 2013


Poloptröja, The Row. Vantar, Åhlens. Halsduk, Beaumont Organic. Mössa, Topshop. Nu när…

Style — 5 December, 2013


Har alltid varit väldigt svag för Milla Jovovich. Tror att den kommer…

Style — 4 December, 2013


Tröja, ZARA. Parfym “grey flower”, REISS. Nagellack, KURE BAZAAR. Halsduk, LINDEX. Kudde,…

Style — 4 December, 2013


pic GARANCE DORÉ Men hur snygg är inte Garance på sin pressbild…

Style — 3 December, 2013


Just nu är jag så sugen på en riktigt fin hatt! En…

Style — 2 December, 2013


Jag vet att det inte riktigt är sandal-säsong just nu men jag…

Style — 1 December, 2013



Style — 29 November, 2013


Läppglans, Dior. Selfservice magazine. Hörlurar, Frends. Vantar, Topshop. Favoriterna i väskan just…

Style — 28 November, 2013



Style — 28 November, 2013


Rock, Carven. Tänkte lista vad jag tycker är vinterns fem viktigaste nyckelplagg…

Style — 26 November, 2013


pic: IMAXTREE Har legat nerbäddad hela dagen med feber. Längtar ihjäl mig…

Style — 26 November, 2013


Tack för alla sandal-tipsen! Har nu fått hem ett par i ljusbeige…

Style — 22 November, 2013


  Dags att fylla på med lite saker i boppisen igen, lite…

Style — 21 November, 2013


Handskar, Max Mara. Byxor, Acne. Skjorta, Mih. Skor, Miu Miu. Väska, Stella…

Style — 21 November, 2013


pic: IMAXTREE Sitter och tittar igenom vårens visningar och fastnade lite för…

Style — 20 November, 2013


Mc-boots, Kurt Geiger. Det verkar som allt jag har i mitt huvud…

Style — 19 November, 2013


Crossbodyväska, Stella McCartney. Älskar den rutiga-trenden som man hittar över allt denna…

Style — 19 November, 2013


pic: IMAXTREE Nu har jag äntligen landat i vardagen efter jetlag och…

Style — 18 November, 2013


Pic: GARANCE DORÉ Man kan alltid lita på Garance Dore när det…

Style — 13 November, 2013


Här har ni två bilder på Signe som var en av modellerna…

Style — 11 November, 2013


Nu ligger intevjun som jag gjorde med Club Monacos chefdesigner Caroline Belhumeur…

Style — 6 November, 2013


Tröja, Stella McCartney. Är så nöjd med min tjocktröja jag köpte från…

Style — 1 November, 2013


Solglasögon, Prada.

Style — 1 November, 2013


Nu ligger en modestory som jag gjorde med Sara Bille uppe på…

Style — 31 October, 2013


Rock, Topshop. Strumpor, Monki. T-shirt, LPD New York. Bh, Monki. Jeansjacka, Rag…

Style — 30 October, 2013


Skärp, Dries van Noten.  

Style — 30 October, 2013


En bild jag tog på snyggingen Josefin på en plåtning i våras.…

Style — 29 October, 2013


T-shirt, Hope/Rädda barnens webbshop.

Style — 27 October, 2013


Väska, & Other stories. Finaste väskan i butik nu. Tidlös men ändå…

Style — 25 October, 2013


Nu har jag precis kommit till ro här på mitt hotellrum i…

Style — 22 October, 2013


Jacka, by Malene Birger. Jeansskjorta, Stella McCartney. Hittade den här test-bilden från…

Style — 20 October, 2013


Jacka, J.Crew. Eyeliner, Le Metier de Beaute. Mössa, The Elder Statesman. Väska,…

Style — 18 October, 2013


foto via: LE FASHION Dagens inspiration hämtar jag från den här fantastiska…

Style — 18 October, 2013


Skor, Dries van Noten.

Style — 17 October, 2013


Farfarströja, Lee/JC. Ett plagg som jag hade jämt när jag gick i…

Style — 16 October, 2013


Shorts, J.Crew. Om exakt åtta dagar så ska jag till Brasilien på…

Style — 15 October, 2013


Här kommer lite bilder på dagens smycken som kommer från Antikt, gammalt…

Style — 14 October, 2013


Givenchy <3 Chanel.

Style — 14 October, 2013


Skinnjacka, Golden Goose. Jag kan inte med ord beskriva hur fantastiskt det…

Style — 11 October, 2013


Bild, Saint Laurent. Hej på er och hej igen Stockholm! Ska göra…

Style — 10 October, 2013


För några veckor sen fick jag den väldigt roliga uppgiften att styla…

Style — 7 October, 2013


Älskar att fota i Paris! Man hittar saker och människor att plåta…

Style — 3 October, 2013


Marinblått, vinröda naglar och geni-glasögon. Exakt så här vill jag se ut…

Style — 30 September, 2013


Tröja, Maska.

Style — 30 September, 2013


Blus, Sportmax. Skor, Miu Miu. Väska, Rochas.

Style — 25 September, 2013


Tidlös ring från Sandberg. Har precis upptäckt det här smyckemärket och deras…

Style — 24 September, 2013


Vassa pumps från Christian Louboutin. Önskar att jag skulle fira dagen med…

Style — 23 September, 2013


Farligt snygg väska från Chanel. När vi ändå pratar om Chanel så…

Style — 19 September, 2013


Den perfekta höstjackan hittar ni just nu hos Bruuns Bazaar.

Style — 18 September, 2013


Rock, Max Mara. Skor, Vans. Halsduk, Acne. Väska, Louis Vuitton. Visst är…

Style — 13 September, 2013


Om lite mer än en vecka fyller jag år. Så när jag…

Style — 12 September, 2013


Det är svårt att hålla i pengarna när man HELA tiden är…

Style — 11 September, 2013


Igår var jag och hälsade på hos Intro//muse och blev helt kär…

Style — 9 September, 2013


Jacka, Bikbok. Byxor, Fendi. Skor & armband, Givenchy. Klocka, Michael Kors. Parfym,…

Style — 8 September, 2013


Sneakers, Kenzo & Vans. De är verkligen ful-snygga. Men jag gillar ändå…

Style — 5 September, 2013


pic IMAXTREE Lite mer rosa inspiration till hösten från Rochas. Älskar hur…

Style — 4 September, 2013


Loafers, Stella McCartney. Den perfekta vardagsklacken kan man väl ändå säga? Åh…

Style — 2 September, 2013


Halsband, Isabel Marant. Just nu står det här halsbandet högst upp på…

Style — 1 September, 2013


Louis Vuitton & Rochas. Ligger med en dunderförkylning och sörplar te. Så…

Style — 30 August, 2013


Här kommer lite backstages bilder från när vi plåtade Lindex modejobb i…

Style — 27 August, 2013


Pic: IMATREE Byxan som jag väljer i höst.

Style — 27 August, 2013


På modeveckan i våras passade jag och Emma på att plåta ett…

Style — 25 August, 2013


Skor, Zara. Nu sitter jag på bussen hem från Berns där jag…

Style — 20 August, 2013


JCs höstkampanj som jag stylade hänger nu ute i butiker. Skjortan som…

Style — 9 August, 2013


Det är inte riktigt dags för att plocka fram höstjackan, än. Men…

Style — 7 August, 2013


1. Weekday  2. Prada 3. Acne 4. Rodebjer 5. Dries van Noten.…

Style — 3 August, 2013


Kjol,Cos. A-formad kjol är något som jag kommer hålla fast vid även…

Style — 31 July, 2013


 Är så nöjd med mitt klänningsfynd jag gjorde på Beyond retro för…

Style — 30 July, 2013


1. Saint Laurent. 2. Gianvito Rossi. 3. Christian Louburtine. 4. Reed Krakoff.…

Style — 29 July, 2013


Det finns inget bättre ställe att leta sommarklänningar än secondhand! Den här…

Style — 29 July, 2013


T-shirt, LPD New York. Sandaler, Saint Laurent. Halsband, H&M. Är inte helt…

Style — 25 July, 2013


Tröja, Cheep Monday. Kjol, H&M. Väska, Charlotte Olympia. Skor, Saint Laurent. Kvällens…

Style — 24 July, 2013


Necessär, Bottega Veneta. Bok, Rizzoli Carine Roitfeld. Kjol, H&M. Halsband, Lulu Frost.…

Style — 21 July, 2013


Smycken från H&M, Punktshop, Antikt gammalt & nytt.

Style — 19 July, 2013


pic: Caroline de Maigret. Vid klädpanik – Underskatta aldrig hur snyggt det…

Style — 17 July, 2013


Baggage, H&M. Skjorta, Mih. Solglaögon, Saint Laurent. Skor, Aquazzura. Sjal, Tiger of…

Style — 15 July, 2013


Enärmad t-shirt, PRAIRIE by Matthew Ames. Nagellack, Coco blue Chanel. Kuvertväska, Charlotte…

Style — 8 July, 2013


Snyggast på gårdagens plåtning var Christel i sina nya Acne skor!

Style — 7 July, 2013


Sitter och kolla inspiration till hösten (japp vi håller på för fulla…

Style — 5 July, 2013


Något som jag verkligen älskar att leta efter under reorna är det…

Style — 4 July, 2013


Väska, Tiger of Sweden. Bikiniöverdel, Zara. Blus, H&M. Gingham sjal, Zara. Bikinitrosor,…

Style — 3 July, 2013


Har ni fyndat något på rean ännu? Jag har fyndat tre grejer…

Style — 2 July, 2013


Lyckan i att hitta dessa tidningar i bokhyllan här på nya kontoret.…

Style — 29 June, 2013



Style — 26 June, 2013


Plånbok, Louis Vuitton. Jag behöver verkligen hitta en ny plånbok då min…

Style — 26 June, 2013


Har precis fått hem den här boken på posten och är så…

Style — 25 June, 2013


foto EMMA SVENSSON hår & make FILIPPA/MIKAS I de senaste numret av…

Style — 25 June, 2013


Klänning, & Other Stories. Kavaj, H&M. Skor, Celine. Väska, Chanel. Ju mer…

Style — 17 June, 2013


Har som ni tidigare sett här på bloggen varit lite små besatt…

Style — 16 June, 2013


Någon som ha hunnit spana i Gaultier modejobbet i senaste numret av…

Style — 13 June, 2013


 Lite foto- och sommar inspiration. Freja kan vara mina favoritmodell of all…

Style — 10 June, 2013


Här ser ni våra nya tavelramar i bakgrunden. Men vem tittar på…

Style — 7 June, 2013


Letar du efter en bra vardagsväska? Då måste jag tipsa om den…

Style — 6 June, 2013


Här kommer lite backstage bilder från idag i studion. Det gick så…

Style — 4 June, 2013


Har ju som jag skrev förra veckan en lite svaghet för leopard…

Style — 2 June, 2013


 Sandaler från Nilson shoes.

Style — 2 June, 2013


Dagens inspiration: Leopard detaljer.  pic IMAXTREE  

Style — 30 May, 2013


Otroligt cool/varm t-shirt, Christopher Kane. Så snygg. Så dyr. Men drömma kan…

Style — 28 May, 2013


pic IMAXTREE Vilken sommardröm! Så skulle jag vilja se upp på min…

Style — 28 May, 2013


Ballerina, Chloé. Förlåt Collan (du var ju SÅ fin i dina.) Men…

Style — 24 May, 2013


1. Tees, Acne. 2. Jeansjacka, H&M. 3. Halsband, Givenchy. 4. Solglassögon, Zara.…

Style — 22 May, 2013


Baddräkt, 2 355 kr, Shimmi/Net-a-porter.com I sommar så ska jag försöka hitta…

Style — 20 May, 2013


Skriver så här: Någon som är sugen på en denna klassiker från…

Style — 19 May, 2013


Har funderat på hur jag nästa gång ska matcha min klänning i…

Style — 17 May, 2013


Igår stylade jag en visning för Specsavers med deras nya kollektion Selected…

Style — 17 May, 2013


Väskor i härliga godisfärger från Rochas.

Style — 15 May, 2013


Slits emellan någon slags hat-kärlek för det här stora 70tals bågarna. Älskar…

Style — 15 May, 2013


Backstage Dries van Noten. Den perfekta lilla partyväskan i sommar? Matcha med…

Style — 14 May, 2013


Nytt i garderoben: Flätat bälte från Hunky Dory. Vad tycker ni?

Style — 14 May, 2013


Copy – Paste! Lanvin SS 13. En annan sak jag vill hitta…

Style — 12 May, 2013


Sitter och bläddrar igenom höstkollektionerna för inspiration!

Style — 10 May, 2013


Ironisk strass och bling bling är något som jag känner lite extra…

Style — 10 May, 2013


    Composition No. 6 Roll-on parfym, Joya. Jeans t-shirt, PRAIRIE by…

Style — 9 May, 2013


Vet inte vad det är med mig och denim. Men varje vår…

Style — 8 May, 2013


Dagens inspiration kommer från Saint Laurets lookbook med massa härliga 70-talsvibbar. Klicka här…

Style — 6 May, 2013


Sitter och drömmer mig bort med Miu Mius backstagesbilder. Åh vad jag…

Style — 6 May, 2013


Skor, Emilio Pucci. Är det någon här som skulle tacka nej till…

Style — 6 May, 2013


Väska från Little Liffner. Perfekt vår– och sommarväska i canvas som går…

Style — 29 April, 2013


Ny scarf från Monki. Perfekt för dagar man bara vill kamouflera ansiktet!…

Style — 26 April, 2013


Är super sugen  på ett par klumpga svart vita skor nu till…

Style — 25 April, 2013


Just nu är jag helt förförd av & Other stories skor för…

Style — 25 April, 2013


Drömlinnet i sommar är från Pierre Balmain. Inte så dumt eller hur?…

Style — 23 April, 2013


Har suttit och gjort fin planering för hösten och samlat lite inspiration.…

Style — 23 April, 2013


Örhängen, väska, skor & solglasögon. Allt från Dolce & Gabbana. Efter bikiniplåtningen…

Style — 19 April, 2013


Igår plåtade Emma och jag en grej som ska vara med i…

Style — 18 April, 2013


  Den här veckan har det varit pressvecka här i Stockholm. Imorgon…

Style — 18 April, 2013


Älskar skorna, älskar capen och klänningen. Till och med hårbandet med rosett!

Style — 16 April, 2013


Sara L/Stockholmsgruppen. Kavaj, Zara. Ytterligare en bild från plåtningen vi gjorde förra…

Style — 11 April, 2013


Dagens streetstyle inspiration: den färgstarka kappan!

Style — 5 April, 2013


Tre favoriter just nu: Marc Jacob randiga skor. Raybans gula solglasögon och…

Style — 3 April, 2013


Som jag önskar att jag hade Carins fuskpäls från Max Mara hängandes…

Style — 2 April, 2013


Har alltid älskat sättet Audrey Hepburn bar sina skjortor omlott. Har dock…

Style — 2 April, 2013


  Det finns en klänningsmodell som funkar till nästan alla tillfällen -skjortklänningen.…

Style — 1 April, 2013


Rock, Cos. Linnekavaj, Zara. Quiltad jacka, H&M. Parka, Monki. Här kommer 4…

Style — 31 March, 2013


Nu när det är varmare och man blir mer och mer sugen…

Style — 30 March, 2013


Blus, 399 kr, Zara. Jag säger som Sofi: Copy – Paste! Spanade…

Style — 22 March, 2013


Väska, Karen Miller. Överdel, Asos. Klänning, Rodebjer. Tröja, Asos. Krage, Marni. Skor,…

Style — 21 March, 2013


Måste tipsa om det här söta rosetterna som jag hade på en…

Style — 21 March, 2013


Lager på lager. Fint med lurex och grå melange. Klä ner glitterbyxor…

Style — 18 March, 2013


Älskar den här mannen stil som jag lyckades fång på bild utanför…

Style — 16 March, 2013


Style — 12 March, 2013


Reseadappter & mobilfodral, Diane von Furstenberg. Örhängen & krage, H&M. Sjal, Ysl.…

Style — 10 March, 2013


Ännu en inspirationsbild från Paris gator. Den här damen inspirerar mig till…

Style — 10 March, 2013


En detaljbild från Paris. Är inte nyanserna av grå väldig vackra?

Style — 8 March, 2013


När Emma och jag trosade runt i Paris så sprang vi på…

Style — 7 March, 2013


Som säkert vet så finns det en sak som jag älskar att…

Style — 7 March, 2013


Snyggt med en stor jeansskjorta och svarta jeans.   Här har ni…

Style — 6 March, 2013


Något jag älskar med Paris är att man hela tiden stöter på…

Style — 5 March, 2013


Skor & bälte, Isabel Marant. Jacka, Alexander Wang. Jeans, Mih. Nagellack, H&M.…

Style — 2 March, 2013


Det blev de svarta skorna. Kanske lite tråkigt i vissas ögon. Men…

Style — 1 March, 2013


Nu måste jag fråga er om råd: Svart eller silver, vilka tycker…

Style — 1 March, 2013


Nu ska vi snart bege oss till visningarna, så kul! Ska bli…

Style — 28 February, 2013


Om det är någon accessoarer som jag suktar efter i vår så…

Life — 25 February, 2013


I det senaste numret av Danska Elle kan ni hitta en intervju…

Style — 22 February, 2013


Åhhh håååå! Här kommer lite fredags-ögongodis!

Style — 20 February, 2013


Äntligen hemma! Men jobb dagen är inte riktigt slut ännu… Puh! Här…

Style — 18 February, 2013


Modevecka inspiration!

Style — 17 February, 2013


Igår var jag hemma på hos finaste Josephine och kunde inte låta…

Style — 15 February, 2013


Loafers från Céline. Kan inte säga så mycket annat än att det…

Style — 14 February, 2013


Var precis inne en snabbis och valde en väska till nästa månads…

Style — 11 February, 2013


Fina skor från Rodebjers höstkollektion. Love it!

Style — 11 February, 2013


Blazer, Stella McCartney.

Style — 7 February, 2013


pic IMAXTREE Om man ändå kunde gå runt så här idag! Älskar…

Style — 4 February, 2013


Skor, Bruuns Bazaar. Ett par skor som jag är väldigt sugen på…

Style — 3 February, 2013


Skjorta, zara. Väst, Dries van Noten. Skjorta, Monki. Klänning, H&M. Kjol, Zara.…

Style — 30 January, 2013


Hittade den här klänningen på H&M här om dagen och kunde inte…

Style — 29 January, 2013


Hann inte fixa klart med bilderna från Carin Westers visning men jag…

Style — 26 January, 2013


Klädinspiration från Anja Rubik.

Style — 25 January, 2013


Dagens önskelook: Vita trasiga jeans och pojkfrisyr.

Style — 24 January, 2013


Vår, blommor, humlor, bin och korta pojkfrisyrer.

Style — 23 January, 2013


Copy & paste! foto IMAXTREE & LUISAVIAROMA Ett enkelt sätt att kopierar…

Style — 20 January, 2013


De perfekta skinnbyxorna är ungefär lika krångliga att hitta som de perfekta…

Style — 16 January, 2013


Enda sedan jag fick äran att bära en av Alterwai.saome fantastiska skapelser…

Style — 16 January, 2013


Igår hittade jag mina drömboots som jag suktat efter i snart två…

Style — 15 January, 2013


1. Hängselbyxor, Monki. 2. T-shirt, Topshop. 3.Skjorta, Weekday. 4. Väska, Proenza Schouler.…

Style — 15 January, 2013


Ligger hemma och är sjuk men ska försöka få lite jobb gjort.…

Style — 9 January, 2013


Stella var som sagt med i studion igår och fastnade trots sitt…

Style — 9 January, 2013


pic: Stefan Segolson Känner att jag behöver lite mer bling i mitt…

Style — 8 January, 2013


Nu ligger både Stella och jag raklånga på golvet i lägenheten. Hon…

Style — 6 January, 2013


Jeans, Current/Elliott. Creepers, McQ Alexander McQueen. Kuvertväska, Rochas. Solglasögon, Alexander Wang. Skjorta,…

Style — 5 January, 2013


Väska, Burberry. Sandaler, Dr. Martens. Två saker som jag skulle vilja hitta…

Style — 5 January, 2013


Har under hösten varit väldigt sugen på ett par klassiska boots. Så…

Style — 2 January, 2013


   Här kommer bilderna från Partyspecialen som var med Elle nr 12. Stylat…

Style — 2 January, 2013


Då var de dags att börja jobba igen. Skulle nästan kunna vara…

Style — 31 December, 2012


HAR fortfarande ingen aning om vad jag ska ha på mig ikväll.…

Style — 31 December, 2012


Hittade den här bilden hos Luxuryshoppers. I mina ögon en perfekt outfit…

Style — 27 December, 2012


HAR ni hunnit rea fynda något ännu? Här kommer i alla fall…

Style — 23 December, 2012


Har tänkt lite på Elle galan kläder idag och grävt runt lite…

Style — 21 December, 2012


  Hittade lite backstage bilder som jag tog på min första Elle…

Style — 20 December, 2012


Har ni hunnit bläddra i de senaste numret av ELLE? Om ni…

Style — 15 December, 2012


#INSPIRATION #ELLEGALAN #OUTFIT Nästa säsong så kommer den enarmade överdelen stort igen.…

Style — 14 December, 2012


Nagellack, YSL. Väska, Mulnerry. Nyckelring med usb, Marc by Marc Jacobs. Solglasögon,…

Style — 13 December, 2012


Pic EMMA SVENSSON Den här looken stylade jag i Elle nr 10…

Style — 12 December, 2012



Style — 11 December, 2012


Jacka, Hunky Dory. Tröja, Weekday. Jeans, Acne. Skor, Nilson skor. Måste bara…

Style — 6 December, 2012


pic IMAXTREE VALENTINO AW12 Älskar den här looken. Långa shorts med ett…

Style — 1 December, 2012


Äntligen är de December! Sååå jag har längtat efter att på riktigt…

Style — 30 November, 2012


Oxblodsröd & pasteller. Inte alls en självklar kombination. Men åh så fint!…

Style — 29 November, 2012


pic: IMAXTREE Har ni hittat en vinterjacka ännu? Om inte så kommer…

Style — 27 November, 2012


Clutch, Zara. Kavaj, Lindex. Handskar & halsduk, Weekday. Byxor, Christophe Lemaires for…

Style — 26 November, 2012


Kan inte få nog utav den här färgkombinationen! Så snyggt!

Style — 25 November, 2012


#BRODERI #INSPIRATION Älskar den här näsduken som var inspirationen till att börja…

Style — 24 November, 2012


Har tagit upp broderi som min nytt tid fördriv. Just nu övar…

Style — 23 November, 2012


Hittade den här klänningen på Zara här om dagen. Älskar mönstret och…

Style — 21 November, 2012


Skorna som jag blev kär i förra hösten! Lyckan var total igår…

Style — 20 November, 2012


Jeans från Zara. Har länge varit på jakt efter ett par bruna…

Style — 17 November, 2012


Så enkelt, så snyggt!

Style — 13 November, 2012


Blå potatisen “blå congo”. Tröja, Acne. Serveringsfat, Ikea. Underlägg, Svensk tenn. Bricka,…

Style — 12 November, 2012


Finaste inspirationsbilderna och mönstret hittar ni i vår hos Rodebjer! Ska om…

Style — 11 November, 2012


När jag spelade på Gina Tricots presskontor förra veckan passade jag på…

Style — 9 November, 2012


Dagens färginspiration!

Style — 6 November, 2012


Sjal, Zara. Byxor, Miu Miu. Jacka, Zara. Fluggor och Skjorta, H&M. Väska,…

Style — 4 November, 2012


Här kommer två bilder från fredagens plåtning. Här har ni finaste Josefin…

Style — 2 November, 2012


Nu har vi plåtat nio looks till Elles februari nummer nu har…

Style — 1 November, 2012


Vilken dag, är helt slut! Ska sitta resten av kvällen med en…

Style — 1 November, 2012


1. Anteckningsböcker, Leuchtturm1917. 2. Skjorta, Isabel Marant Etolié. 3. Vantar, Monki. 4.…

Style — 29 October, 2012


Trenchcoat, 13 500 kr, Burberry. Polotröja, 250 kr, Weekday. T-shirt, 700 kr,…

Style — 28 October, 2012


Trots att jag egentligen planerat att köpa något nu när jag var…

Style — 27 October, 2012


Den här lådan fick följa med mig hem från Barney’s i förrgår.…

Style — 26 October, 2012


Blir för varje gång jag ser någon med en röd väska lite…

Style — 24 October, 2012


1. Rock, Etolie Isabel Marant 2. Leopardmönstrad kappa, H&M. 3. Vid kappa,…

Style — 21 October, 2012


Såg att Monki jackan jag fick låna med mig till Köpenhamn finns…

Style — 19 October, 2012


Necessär, 250 kr, Cos. Hittade precis de här gänget fina necessärer i…

Style — 18 October, 2012


De var kärlek vid första ögonkastet när de här byxorna kom promenerades…

Style — 17 October, 2012


1. H&M. 2 Weekday. 3. Monki. 4. Monki. 5.Weekday. 6 Zara. 7.…

Style — 17 October, 2012


Tröja, Wood Wood. Jeans, Levis. Det är verkligen farligt för plånboken att…

Style — 16 October, 2012


Har snott den här bilden från Mytheresas inköpare Justins instagram. Hur fina…

Style — 15 October, 2012


Skulle inte de här skorna vara de perfekta nyårsklackarna? #Prada

Style — 15 October, 2012


1. Weekday. 2. Zara. 3. Monki. 4. Zara. 5. Monki. 6. Jc.…

Style — 13 October, 2012


1. Weekday. 2. Carin Wester. 3. Zara. 4. H&M. 5. Zara. I…

Style — 13 October, 2012


1.  Rumssprayen “Nazareth”, Cire Trudon. 2. Böcker, Assouline. 3. Body Lotion, Diptyque.…

Style — 11 October, 2012


  Här kommer lite bilder från igår då vi plåtade första delen…

Style — 9 October, 2012


Bilderna är snaps från mitt egna arkiv. Idag är sista dagen inför…

Style — 8 October, 2012


Dags att fylla på med lite saker i boppisen igen! Den här…

Style — 2 October, 2012


NOIR ET BLEU: Rock, Zara. Skor, Pierre Hardy. Ring, Matthew Williamson. Halsduk,…

Style — 30 September, 2012


Hittade den här bilden som Jenny pa mig när luggen var nyklippt…

Style — 26 September, 2012


Hittade den här kritstreksrandiga kostymen igår på H&M som påminner ganska mycket…

Style — 22 September, 2012


Tidigare i höstas fick jag den stora äran att styla den här…

Style — 22 September, 2012


1. Zara. 2. Rodebjer. 3. Gucci. Om de finns ett plagg i…

Style — 20 September, 2012


Gud vad tiden går snabbt. På måndag så fyller jag 23 och…

Style — 16 September, 2012


Efter att de blev ett hål i mina leopardballerina där man kunde…

Style — 13 September, 2012


Kjol från by Malene Birger ss13. I vår så vill jag ha…

Style — 12 September, 2012


Älskar den här inspirationsväggen som jag tog en bild på när Hermine…

Style — 9 September, 2012


Väskor från Viktoria Beckhams höstkollektion. Vet inte vad de är men jag…

Style — 8 September, 2012

5 UNDER 500

Halsband, 199 kr, Mango. Jeans, 400 kr, Monki. Bok, 400 kr, Alexander…

Style — 7 September, 2012


Har under sommaren tröttnat på mina Converse och suktat efter något liknande…

Style — 6 September, 2012


Hade med de här snygga bältena från Hunky Dory på min förra…

Style — 5 September, 2012


Jag blev tvungen att sno den här fina bilden från Little Liffners…

Style — 4 September, 2012


Jeansskjortan tillhör verkligen ett av mina favoritplagg. Man kan enkelt klä upp…

Style — 4 September, 2012


Älskar den här bilden på Micheal Kors snyggaste look från SS 11.…

Style — 4 September, 2012


Här har ni finaste Tilda (på moderedaktionen även känd som en av…

Style — 1 September, 2012


1. Sjal, Acne. 2 Parfym, Ralph Lauren. 3. Nättröja, Back. 4. Sneakers,…

Style — 28 August, 2012


Jag har inte hunnit med så mycket streetstyle de här dagarna tråkigt…

Style — 27 August, 2012


Brrrr! Har ni sett vädret idag? Man skulle kunna tro att de…

Style — 26 August, 2012


Om vi hade haft en större lägenhet så hade jag satt upp…

Style — 25 August, 2012


Style — 24 August, 2012


Här kommer lite backstagebilder från när vi fotade kapp-specialen som ni kan…

Style — 23 August, 2012


pic: Imaxtree Navy + flare jeans = true.  

Style — 23 August, 2012


Just nu sitter jag och väljer bilder från gårdagens plåtning. Här är…

Style — 21 August, 2012


Måste bara tipsa om dessa snygga klackar som jag sprang på idag…

Style — 19 August, 2012


Sneakers, Nilson Shoes. I helgen har jag hoppat runt i det här…

Style — 17 August, 2012


Maison du poshs “Bite me” bag. Skor, Celiné. Catwalkbild, Stine Goya SS…

Style — 16 August, 2012


Kappa, Topshop. T-shirt, Zara. Ipadfodral, Mulberry. Loafers, Zara. Byxor, Stella McCartney. Väska,…

Style — 15 August, 2012


1. Sjal, Gucci/net-a-porter.com. 2. Halsduk i ull, Acne. 3. Leopardmönstrad sjal, Mango.…

Style — 8 August, 2012


Här kommer lite fler bilder från gårdagens plåtning. Är väldigt kär i…

Style — 7 August, 2012


Är just nu väldigt förtjust i den här kepsen från Monki. Perfekt…

Style — 6 August, 2012


Rock, Topshop Unique. Skor, Mango. Jeans & tröja, Mih. Väska, Givenchy. Parfym,…

Style — 5 August, 2012


Inspirationsbilder som sitter på min vägg just nu. Längtar faktiskt lite tills…

Style — 4 August, 2012


Har jag visat er de blå läderbyxorna som jag fyndade på Acne…

Style — 1 August, 2012


Blazer, topp & byxor, Acne. Väska, Hope. När vi ändå pratar om…

Style — 1 August, 2012


pic: IMAXTREE Säsongens snyggaste lilla svarta (väskan) kommer i höst från Valentino.

Style — 29 July, 2012


  Jag har rensat ut både garderob och vind och hitta lite…

Style — 22 July, 2012


Tänkte tipsa om en blogg som jag går in på nästa dagligen.…

Style — 18 July, 2012


Ända sen jag förälskade mig i Carrie Bradshaw och alla hennes skor…

Style — 17 July, 2012


T-shirt, Topshop. Örhängen & kjol, Mango. Skor, Christian Louboutin. Har grävt runt…

Style — 13 July, 2012


Måste bara välja skor sen blir det bröllop för hela slanten.

Style — 1 July, 2012


Just nu är jag på jakt efter metalltår att pimpa skorna med…

Style — 30 June, 2012


Att jag såg ut så här idag. Bilden är från See by…

Style — 25 June, 2012


Åhhh. Denna fina väst på världens finaste modell.  

Style — 25 June, 2012


pic: Imaxtree Om man ändå fick se ut så här idag. Looken…

Style — 24 June, 2012


Ett par blåa skor du. Det skulle verkligen vara något i sommar…

Style — 15 June, 2012


Det finns nog inget roligare än att vara på plats och se…

Style — 10 June, 2012


Här kommer lite bilder från plåtningen jag var på i torsdags.  Klicka…

Style — 7 June, 2012


Fin accessoarer som kommer finnas i butik i höst. Här kommer två…

Style — 4 June, 2012


Så här ser det ut på min inspirationsvägg för hösten här på…

Style — 3 June, 2012


1. T-shirt, H&M. 2. Väska, Marni. 3. Läppglans, Ysl. 4. Örhängen, Topshop.…

Style — 29 May, 2012


Fin väska som kommer i butik till hösten från Accent. Härlig färg…

Style — 28 May, 2012


Sitter och fixar med bilderna från helgen och längtar tillbaka till picknick…

Style — 23 May, 2012


Sitter och planerar klädval inför ett bröllop som jag ska på i…

Style — 22 May, 2012


Nu kan ni följa mig på Instagram! @emmaelwinelle Hoppas vi ses där!…

Style — 22 May, 2012


Dagens fynd är de här örhängena som ni hittar hos punktshop för…

Style — 19 May, 2012


Är väldigt nöjd med min nya virkade klänning från Emmaoclothing. Har alltid…

Style — 17 May, 2012


Fyndade ett par snygga loafers i läder hos Sko uno förra veckan…

Style — 17 May, 2012


Snygga solglasögon och en ännu finare sjal. Väskan som jag förmodligen kommer…

Style — 14 May, 2012


Kalender från Letts. Polotröja från NN07. Jag har en ny färg crush -vinrött.…

Style — 11 May, 2012


Älskar mina nya boots från Sko Uno. – Love my new boots…

Style — 10 May, 2012


Hittade ett dessa väääldigt korta jeansshorts idag på Topshop. Längtar verkligen tills…

Style — 9 May, 2012


Igår blev jag fotad för en tysktidning, här står jag & fotografen…

Style — 7 May, 2012


Hittade den här bilden med dessa härligt kitciga örhängen från H&M som…

Style — 2 May, 2012