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Beauty — 16 November, 2018


9 Makeup Products to Enhance Your Natural Beauty and Shine

Current beauty obsession: An enhanced version of the ”natural” look with glowy…

Beauty — 20 August, 2018

NOTO Botanics Is in Truth a Beauty Brand of the Future

NOTO botanics believes that healthy and well made cosmetics shouldn’t be a…

Beauty — 6 July, 2018

Opt for a Toxic-Free Summer Manicure With Nail Polish from Kure Bazaar

French brand Kure Bazaar has changed the way we think of nail…

Beauty — 19 June, 2018

The Beauty Edit: Lush Lips and Glowy Skin

Come summer, we love a lush and glowy complexion, boosted by some…

Beauty — 13 May, 2018


Have a Look in My Makeup Bag

When traveling in the summer, this is what Emma brings in her…

Beauty — 23 April, 2018


Susanne Manasi On What Might Be The Most Ambitious Beauty Brand Yet

Manasi7 merges wildy harvested and certified organic ingredients with high performance. Make…

Beauty — 19 March, 2018

A Conversation About Organic Beauty With Pernilla Rönnberg

We asked Pernilla Rönnberg—founder of organic beauty brand Estelle & Thild—to share…

Beauty — 31 December, 2017


My New Year’s Look With Retro Eyeliner

For special occasions like these, Emma puts on her signature party makeup.

Beauty — 15 November, 2017


Conditioning Mascara

Emma is exploring the world of natural mascaras and might finally have…

Beauty — 21 October, 2017


Plant Based Mascara

Emma has found a vegan mascara that really does the job.

Beauty — 20 August, 2017

Getting My Glow On

Emma's two favorite things of the moment.

Beauty — 18 June, 2017


I Need a Touch Up!

See the latest addition to Emma's beauty routine!

Beauty — 25 May, 2017


12 Organic Makeup Brands To Know

We’ve listed 12 organic and natural make up brands—for a more sustainable…

Beauty — 29 April, 2017

Take a Look in My Bathroom Cabinet

Emma shares the secret to her all-natural beauty look. No surprise she…

Beauty — 26 April, 2017

Miild Has Made the World’s First Swan-Branded Make Up Line

Finally there is safe-to-use make up—for everyone. Here is the Danish make…

Style — 18 April, 2017

The Edit: Smokey Eyes

Four ways to get smokey eyes using conscious makeup only!

Beauty — 9 January, 2017


The Beauty Edit #8

Our favorite organic eyeshadow right now