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Editor's Pick

Style — 15 September, 2018

Editor’s Pick: Fall’s 11 Best Linen Pieces

Among the plant-based textiles, linen ranks really high on our list. Here’s…

Style — 26 August, 2018

Editor’s Pick: A Fall Blazer

You already know it: oversized, classically tailored, neutral color – the perfect…

Style — 12 August, 2018

Editor’s Pick: Mid Blue Denim, Forever!

We've made a selection of responsible jeans, skirts and jackets in our…

Style — 5 August, 2018

Editor’s Pick: Straw Basket Bags

Inspired by Emma's surf-chic vacation wardrobe, we've selected 9 beautiful straw basket…

Style — 22 July, 2018

My Sustainable Summer List by Lisa

Curious to have a look inside the Make it last founders’ summer…

Style — 13 July, 2018

Editor’s Pick: Voluminous Sleeves

It’s been going on for so long, we no longer consider it…

Style — 8 July, 2018

Summer Pick: Botanical Evergreens

We got the botanical inspiration straight off Emma’s Instagram, and here’s how…

Style — 1 July, 2018

Editor’s Pick: 11 Perfect Everyday Bags in Black

We give you two of our favorite pieces from Kindred Black, and…

Style — 24 June, 2018

Summer Pick: Precious Pinks

When not doing black, white or beige, we can definitely be tempted…

Style — 16 June, 2018

Summer Pick: Basic Bikinis

To complete the mindful vacay wardrobe: here are 10 basic bikinis in…

Style — 1 June, 2018

Summer Pick: Perfect Underwear

We've picked out sustainable underwear by some of our favorite brands—all made…

Style — 18 May, 2018

Summer Pick: Flowy Maxi Dresses

Dealing with an unexpected heat wave, here are some of the dresses…

Style — 14 May, 2018

Spring Pick: The Perfect Lauren Manoogian Bag

Discover the world of gorgeous knitwear and bags that is Lauren Manoogian's.

Style — 7 May, 2018

Spring Pick: 3 Pieces of Jewelry That Would Make My Life Shine

Three pieces of jewelry that Lisa cannot stop thinking about.

Style — 30 April, 2018

Spring Pick: Jade Figa Necklace

Why subtle but standout jewelry is all we need.

Style — 14 April, 2018

Spring Pick: The White Shirt

Loving our basics, we now look to update the wardrobe with a…

Style — 3 April, 2018

Spring Pick: All Dressed in White

Timeless, yet on-trend—here are some of our favorite whites and the gold…

Style — 8 March, 2018

Spring Pick: The Perfect White Tee

We've listed 7 perfect white T-shirts made from 100% organic cotton.

Style — 23 February, 2018

Spring Pick: The Chino Redoux

Trying to figure out why we have this sudden chino obsession, we're…

Style — 1 February, 2018

Spring Pick: 9 Perfect Trenchcoats

Let's pretend spring is almost here! Here are nine perfect sustainable trenchcoats.